Lumigon Invites all to Attend Unveiling Party for First Smartphone



Back in February Lumigon teased the world with sleek looking renders of their upcoming Android smartphones touting features such as HDMI output that looked to really rock the mobile world…had at least one of the handsets met the announced July release date. Now Lumigon is preparing to finally unveil their T1 Android phone, and they are getting their invitation out early to make sure no one who wants to attend the official unveiling party will miss out. That’s right, come October 20th, if you should find yourself in Copenhagen you too could be partying with more than just the super-sexy T1 phone, which regardless of whether the specs remain as impressive as when first announced will surely give most other hardware a run for its money in terms of sheer simple beauty.

[via Engadget]

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  1. That keyboard looks stupid. I was hoping this would have a full qwerty.

  2. yeah. i agree. i don’t see beauty with this phone, at least when it is open and shows the keyboard

  3. I like the white on black combination, but a keypad rather than a full qwerty. I fail to see the logic in this decision.

  4. So, what makes this sexy again? I do appreciate that they gave it a cookies and cream color scheme, but it isn’t very attractive besides that, especially not with that keypad. I think I’ll take the red interior of my Evo, thanks.

  5. There are two models !
    The one on the right is not a slider but touch only, like desire, N1 X10 etc.
    And i do look forward to this phone, it seems to have massive specs.

  6. Once again, a keyboard designed by graphic designers…

  7. “Ultra small form factor smartphones with built-in remote controller, ultra-fast Freescale 1 GHz i.MX51 3D processor, TFT screen with capacitive touch, Wifi and bluetooth, A-GPS, 720P HDMI out, accelerometer, 5 mega pixel autofocus camera with flash, 3.5 mm jack for audio, FM receiver and FM transmitter.”

  8. THOSE ARE 2 DIFFERENT PHONES!! the 1 on right would be sexy to have, and if ari-free’s specs are right than sign me up asap lol

  9. Jeez! you people dont know what beauty is! Ive always wanted a phone as sexy as this or the xperia x10. I guess here in america we are used to the typical black tablet design. I really cant think of another “pretty” phone here in the states besides the apple phone. i’m just saying. in terms of looks, we dont really have a phone here that will win any beauty contests.

  10. i agree with you uly. these phones are beautiful. now with a few refinements in the production and we will see an aesthetic beast!

  11. Look,to those who continually blab about no qwerty,honestly? boo hoo,I think the T9 keypad phone is a great addition to the Android family,finally there is a choice for ppl who still want a keypad and don’t want the large form factor of a qwerty or a pure touch screen. this is the perfect android replacement for the HTC touch dual form factor which I loved.the phones going to be a great intermediary for non smartphone users still stuck on nokias,samsungs etc still on a numeric keypad and non touch screen.not to mention some ppl like my gf is a horrendous touch screen typer and keys are so needed. please please tell me its priced in a reasonable range!

  12. “The phones have foundation in the Scandinavian heritage of contemporary design, coupled with the finest materials such as steel, aluminum and scratch-free glass. These uniquely designed phones are furthermore packed with features not seen in mobile phones before”, states Pekka Kotiranta, VP of Sales and Marketing, Lumigon.

  13. Those 3 screenshots dont mean it has its on UI.
    Just looks like a screenshot of DeskClock, 3D Gallery and News and Weather App.

    Non Slider looks really nice. Not so keen on the sliders keyboard tho. Some may like a dedicated dialpad tho.

  14. The irony is that I will be in Copenhagen this year… in late August instead of late October. Sadly I don’t think I can hang around that long. :-)

  15. Meh, I think its ok. I can see the appeal of a standard dial-pad instead of a full keyboard (your phone should be a phone first after all). I dont think it is the be-all end-all, but it does look like a nice phone with decent specs. I wouldn’t kick it out of bed.

  16. @eddie

    You couldn’t be more right. An Android on T9 is waaayy overdue. I would personally make the switch in a heartbeat. Think about it… how long does it take to dial a phone number on a typical android phone? how many clicks and screens do you go through? with this device it becomes a phone again, thank GOD! I’m super excited to see this come to market and hope it is available to a large number of audiences.

  17. Finaly a normal T9. Could not agree more. I don’t want ‘haptic feedback’ I want a normal key pad. This will be my new phone!

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