Jul 27th, 2010


The window on pre-registration for the Dell Streak pre-sale is closing today, July 27th, and while an actual street date remains absent from the list of things we know about the Dell Streak’s US release, we can now check off on and off-contract pricing. Those that signed up to be part of the pre-sale will receive an email with a link to pre-order to the phone/tablet for $299.99 on an AT&T two-year contract or for $549.99 without any commitment.

In other news, just when we thought the Dell Aero had fallen into obscurity, details are emerging that suggest anything but this fact. Dell isn’t so coy on a date for this one, letting it be known that it will be available on August 9th for $99.99 on-contract or $299.99 off. So if you want Dell to be the manufacturer of your new Android smartphone, pick your poison. The day is drawing near.

[via Engadget]

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