Android Gaming Challenge: Compete in Android Games, Win a Phone


Listen up, gamers: the interactive entertainment lovers over at DroidGamers.com are striking up a cool competition for anyone that takes their Android gaming seriously. The Android Gaming Challenge is the first mobile gaming challenge and tournament of its kind.


Users play games that take pure skill and will submit scores. After 5 days, the top 40 gamers will be thrown onto a bracket pitting all of them against each other until everyone’s eliminated and a champion is crowned. That champion will win an Android phone of their choice and a slew of other items.

Full rules and details can be had over at their site. It sounds like a fun ordeal that’ll get your competitive juices flowing and might even land you a new Android phone (those Samsung Galaxy S phones are great gaming devices, I hear). Have at it!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. im there!!!!

  2. How long until people complain that you can’t win a phone if you don’t already have one?

  3. Where do I download game?

  4. @Tyler
    Yeah no kidding…I love how yet another “win a new Android phone but only if you already have one” sweepstakes are all over but the ability to win one by any other means is apparently sacrilege.

  5. Lol yeah seriously. That’s almost as stupid as wasting food. Like giving a lifetime supply of cupcakes to the fattest person. Haven’t you already had enough to eat?

  6. lol, cool contest but i agree with you guys. give everyone else a chance. have a contest we can all participate in…i wanna little green robot buddy of my own. i wish there was andoid gigapet/nanobuddy. there you read my random though. :)

  7. it’s a cool contest for those who want to upgrade their android device, or those who have friends/family who would like to get an android phone. as for me, i have the vibrant. i’m wouldn’t mind winning one for my brother who has been wanting an android phone!

  8. What game is it though? What game do we need in order to participate

  9. nice contest to win android phone. Time to get one of them to your pocket.

  10. Bring on the wall!

  11. Not got an Android phone?

    Use the emulator. ;)

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