Jul 12th, 2010

If AndroLib’s data is accurate, then we can say that the Android market has just surpassed the 90,000 mark. Over 8,000 new apps (quality not being counted here, of course) have already been added this month and it’s only July 12th. If the trend continues (as the chart below illustrates) we could be seeing that number hit six digits by the time August rolls around.

It wasn’t but nearly a month ago that we learned the Android market had reached 65,000 apps to date. I probably wouldn’t have believed them if Google told everyone that the market could gain another 35,000 before this annoying heat wave passed us by. Even if only a good handful of these apps are truly worth the time, the long term benefits of attracting more developers cut from a bigger (and better) cloth will be worth the mess that the market seems to be becoming.

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