Android Now at 160,000 Activations Per Day, 65,000 Market Apps



At last months Google I/O, it was revealed that new Android devices were activated at a rate of 100,000 per day. The number of apps in the Android Market was also pegged at 50,000. Just a few weeks later Andy Rubin has reported in with a set of updated figures showing Android’s rapid growth. At today’s Motorola Droid X event it was revealed that new phone activations are coming in at 160,000 per day. That’s over 100 new activations per minute.

The number of apps in the market also continues to grow, up 15,000 apps from the last reported figure. Sitting at 65,000, the past few months have brought a slew of tried and true mobile favorites to the Android platform as well as many new and exclusive apps.

In the face of the summer of iPhone 4, Google isn’t backing down at all, and handset partners like Motorola and HTC are making it hard to keep Android devices out of smartphones users’ hands.

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  1. I’m glad to hear this :) I hope Google will one day destroy Apple.

  2. Congratulations Android and Google

  3. Congratulations popalex for being the first to Congratulate Android and Google

  4. Congratulations JO for being the first the to congratulate popalex on congratulating Android and Google.

  5. Wait a minute…That’s roughly 58.4 MILLION phones per year!


  6. You know even with all the new evo vs droid x rants that are sure to come along ( some of which I have also partaken in) its still great to see Android growing so fast and moving onward. Regardless of which manufacturer is selling the most phones or which manufacturer has the first “hit” feature. Its just great to see that android can maintain friendly competition within its ranks. But collaberate together to bring IMO the best mobile operating system EVAR! Like everyone else has already said. Congratulations Google!

  7. Congratulations Khalid for… oh nevermind.

  8. I hope Apple stays strong. Nothing is better for future innovation than stiff competition. The iPhone4 is a great phone. But my EVO is better. :-)

  9. Whoa, unstoppable.

  10. This just seem a lot to me.
    I wonder what they mean by activations? I had a G1 that I gave to my wife. So I activated it once and my wife activated it again using her email account. Does that count as 2 activations?
    Or are they actually counting the number of handsets? I think they would use the term “number of handsets” if that was the case.
    Number of activations != Number of Handsets running android.

  11. Congratulations android! I also hope you come at top one day. I have never used anything better than android…keep up the good work.

  12. 65,000 apps is a cool number but I’d wager 95% (or more) are just plain crap. The number of apps may be an indicator of the popularity the OSs popularity but other than that, it seems like a useless number (apart from bragging/marketing).

    I want to know how many apps there are on the market with 4 or more stars and at least 5,000 votes.

  13. i would trade 64,995 for Skysports Score Centre!!!

  14. Sadly 71.4% of those apps have been downloaded less than 1000 times.

  15. Which still leaves us with about 19,000 users consider quality apps, and that’s an ok #

  16. Hmmm… activations… Does that count when I flash a new ROM and reactivate? Because if that does, then yeah, thats a very very skewed figure.

    Congratulations to Google and affiliates; I love my Moto Droid

  17. How many of those apps runs on all versions of Android?

    How fragmented is the Android market when split up by OS versions?

    How many Android phones can be upgraded to the latest Android version?

    How much money does the app developers make?

    Just asking…

  18. @Johnathan 90% of everything is crap. Books, movies, tv shows, everything 90% of it is always crap.

  19. Wow…………impressive numbers looks great for marketing reasons. This reminds me of cable tv and when you could have more than 100 channels……..a majority are crap and the rest were of good quality. I applaud Google for their innovation and hard work. Personally its not the quantity of apps a market has but the quality.

  20. Does anyone know how many iPhones are out there? I thought it was a ton when I heard there were 600,000 new iPhones upon their pre ordering or launch day or whatever i don’t follow it closely…but in ten days android would already have sold more to make up for the once a year event for apple….androids eat apples for breakfast!!!!

  21. what I am interested in is the # of developers.

  22. I got myself a N1 three weeks ago and I am very please with the experience. My Idevice is still in a comma and I do not miss it for a second. I will wake it up soon and put it on Ebay or Craiglist. Google and Android rock.

  23. I’m glad! Personally I love Google as well as the android platform I’m hoping that one day soon android will be on top

  24. 160000 is an awesome number really. It is insane.

  25. Great news, but how many of those are lame-ass soft-porn “sexy girl” apps that clutter the market? Do people actually install these glorified slideshows?

    Anyway, great to see the Android revolution gaining momentum. Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait until September before I can join in the fun – my carrier needs a few months to cripple the Galaxy S before they release it.

  26. Great……. Thanks for sharing with us.

  27. @Come to Papa

    About the same ratio as there is iFart apps on the iPhone, I’d imagine.

  28. Android does not need Apple for competition.
    Android is open. Competing OEM’s, and the open source community will provide adequate competition. Every OEM wants to outdo the others. Ditto for the carriers. Apple not needed. If they get to complacent, those who root their phones can shame any of Google, OEM’s or Carriers by what they with all their resources cannot do but that the open source community can do.
    I hope Google and its OEM partners utterly and completely destroy Apple. Maybe then AT&T will wake up.

  29. Android now runs on much more than phones! So I would expect this number to jump significantly soon!

  30. Iphone 4 is the perfect phone for apple. It has everything covered…Android on the other hand, alot of phones are missing features..its either this or that missing..For me the perfect Android phone would of been the Galaxy S if it wasn’t for flash on the camera and front facing camera.

  31. Where can I find some sites for app for the Android phone.

  32. domain is important

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