Jun 23rd, 2010


At last months Google I/O, it was revealed that new Android devices were activated at a rate of 100,000 per day. The number of apps in the Android Market was also pegged at 50,000. Just a few weeks later Andy Rubin has reported in with a set of updated figures showing Android’s rapid growth. At today’s Motorola Droid X event it was revealed that new phone activations are coming in at 160,000 per day. That’s over 100 new activations per minute.

The number of apps in the market also continues to grow, up 15,000 apps from the last reported figure. Sitting at 65,000, the past few months have brought a slew of tried and true mobile favorites to the Android platform as well as many new and exclusive apps.

In the face of the summer of iPhone 4, Google isn’t backing down at all, and handset partners like Motorola and HTC are making it hard to keep Android devices out of smartphones users’ hands.