Jul 8th, 2010

ComScore just dropped their Mobile Subscriber Market Share report for March through May 2010, and just as the sun rises each morning, Android’s place in the smartphone market continues to grow. In fact, if we made a report about all of the various reports that are reporting the growth of the smartphone market, an emerging trend in said report on smartphone reports would be that Android continually sees the largest growth month over month.


In comScore’s latest figure, Android (they simply call it Google) is up 4 percent over February’s 9 percent figure. In fact, Android was the only platform to see growth for the months of March to May. Among those platforms to see declines were RIM and Apple, who still place first and second respectively. They still hold a lead over Android by a wide (but narrowing) margin.

Now we can expect the figures for the three months comprising the summer launch season to shake up these results even more. Samsung, who already holds the top dog position for manufacturers according to comScore, will surely see growth with the launch of their Galaxy S line, while Apple will no doubt see increases in their market share thanks to the iPhone 4 launch. A few HTC handsets such as the Incredible and EVO 4G, plus new iterations of the Motorola Droid will also do well to continue the positive growth trend for Android.

[Press Release, via TechCrunch]

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