Latest comScore Numbers Confirm Android Continues to Grow


ComScore just dropped their Mobile Subscriber Market Share report for March through May 2010, and just as the sun rises each morning, Android’s place in the smartphone market continues to grow. In fact, if we made a report about all of the various reports that are reporting the growth of the smartphone market, an emerging trend in said report on smartphone reports would be that Android continually sees the largest growth month over month.


In comScore’s latest figure, Android (they simply call it Google) is up 4 percent over February’s 9 percent figure. In fact, Android was the only platform to see growth for the months of March to May. Among those platforms to see declines were RIM and Apple, who still place first and second respectively. They still hold a lead over Android by a wide (but narrowing) margin.

Now we can expect the figures for the three months comprising the summer launch season to shake up these results even more. Samsung, who already holds the top dog position for manufacturers according to comScore, will surely see growth with the launch of their Galaxy S line, while Apple will no doubt see increases in their market share thanks to the iPhone 4 launch. A few HTC handsets such as the Incredible and EVO 4G, plus new iterations of the Motorola Droid will also do well to continue the positive growth trend for Android.

[Press Release, via TechCrunch]

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  1. wow….almost 50% of growth in 4 months!very well!

  2. I can hear the screams of 1 million iFools in unison right now. Nobody is really paying attention to that 160,000 a day activation rate but this seems to confirm it. Android is basically having an iPhone launch event every single week.

  3. hooo haaaa


  4. I have the incredible as I turned in my iPhone for this wonderful phone, but the battery lasts me only 2.5 hours of hard use.

    I though do not in anyway regret my decision. I have over 280 apps on my phone and I use all of them.

  5. With tons of new phones coming out every other day, this is no surprise.
    I wonder how much of the new sales are generated from people already hooked on Android buying new devices for retail locked into an existing contract?

  6. how does these reports deal with replacements? by this, i mainly mean someone, say, upgrading from a iphone 3g to a iphone 4. the same would apply to someone upgrading from a g1 to an htc incredible.

    if it doesn’t account for that, i’m not sure what its net effect would be on the market shares.

  7. Android had the field all to itself first half of this year. Lets see what happens in the back half. Lots of new players entering the race. Palm/HP, WinMo7, iPhone4…I have a feeling this is temporary..

  8. R2D2 here,

    As I have been saying now for multiples of your earth years: The Force is With Us! Soon, Droids will be everywhere in the galaxy.

    Droids Rule!

  9. @themole
    Android has the PR momentum with Droid and EVO. Not to mention the sheer number of android phones out there.
    Plus, it has more phanboys who constantly plug it.
    No one is a phanboy for winmo, and palm has like 7 apps.
    Blackberry is boring, slow, and ugly
    iPhone won’t loose anymore market share, but Android will continue to gain.
    You sir, are wrong.

  10. Apple has their loyal base but Google also created one of their own because of the open source movement. Microsoft is throwing out all of winmo’s apps and the whole idea of a pocket PC so we will see many winmo users switch to android. Android should also focus on BB users.
    If Android can appeal to BB and winmo users, it should be able to come out on top. I’m really really tired of debating iphone fans. They just don’t think the same way as WinMo/BB users.

  11. I’m a huge fan of Android, both for what it delivers and for shaking up the status quo in terms of OS options, but I won’t delude myself.

    Of course Android grew the fastest; it had the smallest installed base and the most product launches. It will surpass WinMo this or next quarter, but v7 will give WinMo a bounce, despite the app issue. Is it enough to let it keep pace with Android? Too early to say, but a buggy launch may settle that issue early on. Apple will grow slowly and maybe even lose share — at least until AT&T exclusivity ends. BB will keep shrinking like George Costanza after a dip in the pool.

    As for replacement buyers (e.g., 77% of iPhone buyers were changing versions, according to one survey), they’re not the big issue. It’s people moving from feature (still the majority) to smartphones and those bailing to another platform who will decide who wins.

  12. Nice and very true about android but let’s be careful here and pray apple doesn’t beat android to it. I am talking about the rest of the world. Just like like soccer is bigger than basketball or any of the american sports in the world so there is even more growth if google takes advantage of Nokia’s suicides. Google its time to open up the android paid apps to the whole world and just see how much growth android will grow. There r ppl (like me) who have given up Nokia for Android only to meet backs turned. Yes unless u r in certain developed countries u will never see paid android apps neither the best apps coz most of them cost money. Open the market up and dont give limited alternatives coz they r LIMITED!!!! The lion (Nokia) is wounded arise with ur partners and take on these orphaned ex-nokia users who r hungry for lunch with the green droid coz he gives openness, freedom(?) to chose and is innovative (thanks nexus one). Another thing is maybe Google should help the hardware makers with the re-cooking of Froyo (HTC) so it doesn’t take eternity to have the latest firmware or just give us the option to install vanilla till u r ready with ur customization (Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!) Ok enough but consider this oh google. ANDROID, ANDROID, ANDROID forward ever, backwards never!

  13. Pretty funny…if you add up all of the negative and compare it to Android’s growth…its almost the same -3.9 to +4.0. I don’t think the iphone’s market share will increase by much, if at all, since most of the people buying the iphone4 already have an iphone. Also, you have to figure that there are about as many people turning their iphones in for an Android phone as there are people buying iphones for the first time.

  14. @romma – something way wrong if you’re only getting 2 hours. I can browse on wifi for 5 hours before mine dies. Maybe you are using your phone on a week 3g signal? Like the Chinese couple with the new-born retarded child named “Sumsing Wong”

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