Jul 8th, 2010

We’ve been getting a lot of questions from our readers and users of AndroidApplications.com asking how to download apps they find there. We use QR codes on every market entry to provide a direct link to the app in the Android market. For that that don’t know what QR codes are, it’s pretty much just a weird looking barcode that you can actually scan using one of several apps from the Android market.

The code – once scanned with your phone – will actually shoot back a link to the app in question which you can use to be taken straight to the Android market to download it. In the video, I use Google Goggles as it’s the quickest solution and because it actually comes pre-installed with Android 2.2. If you’ve ever gotten lost while looking at one of those QR codes (which you should see below for Goggles and Barcode Scanner), then watch this video and all shall be right in the universe.