Get the Dell Streak Unlocked (UK) Straight From the Horse’s Stable


Third party retailers such as Carphone Warehouse have been offering the unsubsidized version of the Dell Streak in the UK for some time now, and O2 has already officially launched the device for those that want to grab it up free on contract, but Dell’s now offering the device straight from their factory themselves.


You can grab the Dell Streak for 449 pounds unlocked to use with any carrier you wish to use it with. The Streak has a nice 5-inch WVGA display, a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, a 5-megapixal camera with dual-LED flash and a front-facing camera. Not a bad package for a pretty sizable phone. Get it now over at Dell’s UK website.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. A quick google for carphonewarehouse and Dell Streak will tell you in plain english that the units the CPW are selling are not and never have been unlocked.

    The only way to get an unlocked Dell Streak at this time is via the Dell website which is why this news is important.

    Please in future do some research before posting utter nonsense like this.

    Hell, if it’s that difficult for you, send me an email and I’ll search Google for you before you go making an ass of yourselves.

  2. Any idea of when the US Release will be? With the Samsung Galaxy S (Various versions) and Motorola Droid X coming it out, Dell has to do something soon or it could lose all of it’s potential buyers.

  3. @Chris I do apologize for the wording I used. What I meant is that they were selling the phone unsubsidized, not unlocked, which – at the time of our reporting the story – they were.

  4. In fact, they are still selling it for 429 pounds.

  5. I think that Chris should be the one apologizing for using such severe language for such a minor mistake. Most devices in the UK which are off contract come unlocked anyway, they just encourage you to use a certain network, it’s not obligatory.

  6. Tom D, I agree. Maybe he’s related to coolmandingo?

  7. Streaklover, good point. Dell has not been pushing too hard in the US.

  8. You’ll find that if you wanted the phone unsubsidized you could head over to any O2 store and buy it for £399, or you can get exactly the same thing from the CPW for £429.

    This has been the case since launch.

    A number of people (not myself) have bought the handset sim free and ‘unlocked’ from the CPW only to find out later that not only is it locked to O2 but also, had they bought the handset direct from O2 they could have saved themselves £30. At some point they were misslead (CPW staff have been saying it was unlocked but so too have many websites) and thought the handset they were getting was ‘unlocked’ so it is important to report accurate information.
    You’ve corrected the small mistake though and in truth I did go overboard so you have my sincere apologies.

  9. I want the Streak to come out on T-mobile :(

  10. I put off getting the Streak on O2 because of their network problems and now that they’ve reduced their Data allowances for the Smartphone tariffs to 500mb.
    I’m hoping to jump on a T-mobile tariff before they copy the other UK networks and change their Data allowances as well :-(

  11. Android 1.6, though? We’re talking 2.2 here.

  12. tom keep my name out your mouth. i wasnt even on this post until you said my name. chill out!

  13. Coolman: I didn’t mention your name, Johnson did. I have no idea who you are.

    Chris: Apart from network issues, what do you think of the device, would you recommend it?

    I guess they are using the UK as a testing ground before going with global with it later on, probably when they get 2.2 working.

  14. A colleague has a Dell Streak, from CPW, on contract with O2… And it is NOT locked.

  15. @tom…. my fault! I haven’t really looked in this device.I don’t know about the 5 inch screen.but hopefully its succesfull their so that we have more great android devices to chose from.

  16. I totally agree with what Streaklover wrote . .. My friends all have Evo’s and Iphone 4’s while Im still holding onto my scratched up G1 awaiting the release of the Streak. I actually almost boought a MyTouch Slide this weekend to hold me over. (glad i didnt)

  17. @Tom D its a stunning device, not without it’s flaws such as gorilla glass not covering the entire face of the unit but for me there are no deal breakers. Besides that I haven’t met the perfect device yet…
    but I’ll keep searching ;-)

    For now, for me the dell is a good as it gets I think!

    It’s actually funny you mention the uk being the testing ground for the streak because jenn over at pocketables.net has just reported that a small group of students in the us are testing the device for dell!

    If only they had come to us! :-(

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