Dell Streak Priced For at Least One Retailer


We’ve just learned that the Dell Streak will be free on any tariff worth 25 pounds or more, courtesy of retailer Carphone Warehouse. You will also be able to get the phone for 35 pounds per month with an unlimited data plan, or you can buy it for full price at 429 pounds.


As we were able to confirm last week, the phone will be available in the United Kingdom June 4th (this Friday!). If you need something to help pass the time between now and then, be sure to check out one good reason why you’ll never need a protective carrying case for your new 5-inch phone.

[via Androinica]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

Dell Streak Has a Gorilla Glass Screen, Tests Makes Me Whimper [Video]

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  1. pounds? tariffs?

  2. pounds = currency
    tarrif = contract

  3. Doesn’t the Zune HD use this same type of glass?

  4. Too big to be a phone, too small to be a tablet.

  5. @Ratnok – What if you wear a suit all day and whip out that bad boy from your front jacket pocket. People will have to listen to you.

    “I really don’t think your investment plan makes any… oh. oh yes. YES SIR.”

  6. @ratnik much more portable than a tablet and you would obviously use a Bluetooth with it

  7. @Ratnok…

    You are totally missing the point of the device. 5″ is about as big as you can get as still be “mobile” (ie. will fit in a pocket, rather than need to tote a gadget bag). It is almost exactly what I want… the biggest device I can still always have available.

    As such it is a marvellous device. Phone function works great with a headset or car dock, which is certainly required where I live and becoming law in many parts of the world. I also spend almost no time actually talking on my smartphone, in comparison to the amount of time I use its data functions or use it as an ereader.

    Big tablets are great as couch surfers, but as soon as it does not fit in a pocket I might as well carry my subnote and have a real keyboard.

  8. anyone convert that to $U.S.??? or do you think that the pricing will be completely different for those of us waiting on an out from the iphone?? I love my att service just fed up with all the bloatware and really just ready to move on from the iphone

  9. I want it anyone have a currancy converter to tell me how much it will be us bucks ? Can I get a euro contract in us if so ill do that hahah but I doubt it… yet

  10. I hope they price it similar for att :)

    People need to stop trying to make this a tablet, its a phone foremost that has a nice screen to handle your smartphone needs.

    The question isnt streak vs ipad,
    Its streak vs IPHONE or similar phones.

    The streak might be a little larger then others… but it will still fit in my pocket, so its a phone in my book.

    @kevin yea i think the zune does.. i actually think few of the smart phones already have this type of glass, it just hasnt been advertised that much i guess. (iphone does not have this type of glass though, its only scratch resistant)

    @shrey thanks for the translation… i was confused as hell.

  11. 630 full price

  12. move your white lazy asses and google (XE Currency Converter)

  13. Any size comparisons with the evo?

  14. A photo with them side by side that is.

  15. I just want to say thank you to all that understand that the streak has nothing to do with the ipad. This will be a great phone.you can get it soon unlocked for like 500 bucks.but in july I’m sure it will be cheaper with a plan.

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