CyanogenMod to Target Droid Incredible, Too


After many of you expressed woes regarding the lack of support from Cyanogen and company (Koush, Chris Soyars, etc) for the HTC Droid Incredible, it’s been discovered that they will be supporting the device after all.


The device was finally rooted recently – albeit with a very risky method – but it’s now just as free as any other phone that’s been rooted. The news comes to us as one of our tipsters spotted a recent commit to the project’s github source tree that shows a makefile named “cyanogen_inc.mk” (alongside the other supported devices) which – sure enough – contains build configuration information for the HTC Droid Incredible.

The team behind CyanogenMod (also known as #TeamDouche if you follow them on Twitter [profiles linked above]) is hard at work on their latest version – CM6 – which will bring the AOSP version of Android 2.2 to a plethora of devices. It makes me happy to see that our friends with the Droid Incredible have not been forgotten, as well.

[Thanks Chris, Phases!]

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  1. I’m almost embaraced to say but I don’t really understand what a MOD is. What I think I know is that it can modify the OS and is a custom version of the OS(?). What is a MOD and why would I be interested in it?

  2. In ROM Manager, there is a test version of cyanogenmod 5.0.8 for the Incredible. From my understanding, there is some work to do on BT, pinch zoom in maps, GPS, camera only showing up to 3mp and some graphics glitches. Definitely good start though but I’m waiting on CM6 before I drop Sense.

  3. I am probably in the extreme minority here – but am I the only one that would rather have SenseUI over FroYo? I understand FroYo is going to bring some BIG advances to our phones, but I actually love the look and feel of Sense that much.

    Probably because I’ve never really used vanilla android (although I did take a look by turning sense off on my Evo) but stock seemed unrefined after only using Sense.

    This is just a personal opinion – I wondered if there were many others that felt the same was that I do?

  4. @JinxDroid Sense is overstated eye candy. Froyo is features and speed improvements, which is something you can take to the bank. I’d say you’re in a very small minority.

  5. Yea Sense is slowly but surely turning out not to be all its cracked up to be in my opinion. Its not that its bad but it could just be done better.

    Thank you Cyanogen. I was getting a bit dissapointed that the Incredible was not included. Now I may actually look forward to rooting my phone if the Froyo Sense version isn’t all that good.

  6. @JinxDroid. Sense is pretty awesome and adds a layer of simplicity that stock simply doesnt have. That said, because Sense is embedded into the OS we’re going to sit and watch as devices move to more refined revisions of the Android platform before HTC can get to us. Many of us simply don’t want to wait for HTC to do that. I am a fan of Sense but I also love my Droid’s ability to have a battery life that is almost triple what my dInc has. IF I have to choose between Sense and Battery life I would rather root my dInc and go with a stock droid UI. Aside from that I’m happy with Sense. However, I have made some changes to the UI, specifically downloading the dX multitouch keyboard which is just amazing by comparison to the HTC version. (found on XDA). I don’t think you’re in the minority, but I do think we’re in the minority of the folks who are able to root their droid. Given a choice I will root my dInc also.

  7. ( I can’t wait to see how much faster the dInc is on 2.2 than on 2.1) May make me want to stay with it instead of getting a DX

  8. One think I like about Froyo – go into Settings->Accessibility, and you can set the power button to be the end call button! Much nicer than using on on-screen button for that.


  9. I want Sense AND Froyo… It’ll happen…just have to be patient…just have to be patient…just have to be patient…just have to be patient. :P

  10. @Dwayne I agree with you man. I still haven’t rooted my Inc. but if Cyanogen makes a good enough ROM I just might.

  11. @JinxDroid I dont think you are in the minority. I know tons of people that actually prefer Sense over vanilla android. Me and my fiance were on CyanogenMod since real early versions on the mytouch. Now that she has tried Sense, she wont let me anywhere near her phone because she doesnt want me to root it lol. I like Sense and all of the slick looking widgets but I also like a feature full device too.

  12. Look into ADW launcher or launcher pro for better desktops.

  13. awesome news! No, INCREDIBLE news!

  14. Using ADW on my INC and lovin’ it… Looking forward to what these ROMs can pull off… For now, back to dreaming about FroYo.

  15. SENSE UI SUCKS. It’s nothing but a bit of eye candy that doesn’t improve functionality, at the cost of slow updates and worse battery performance.

  16. Thanks for the input guys and I really didn’t mean to hijack this post (as it is about Cyanogen and not Sense). Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait for FroYo (with sense) to be released. I may even root and try Vanilla for a while just to give it a fair shake.

    Not all do, but I put quite a bit of stock in “eye candy” or refinement. I understand it slows updates down and cost a little overhead on processor / battery. I just think it’s worth it.

  17. Totally agree with JinxDroid.

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