Dell Streak Is Out Today For O2 UK


For those of you not put off by the fact that this phone is massive in size, don’t forget that the Dell Streak is available today from O2 UK. You can make your way to O2’s site now to buy this Gorilla Glass-protected beast. The phone is free on an 18-month contract with a minimum required plan costing 40 pounds per month, while you can get it for free on a 24-month contract for 5 pounds cheaper.


The Dell Streak has a mind-blowing five-inch TFT-LCD capacitive touch-screen display with a resolution of 800×480, a 1Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, Android 1.6 (2.1 is expected to arrive sometime later this year) and comes in at just under 10 millimeters thin. If you want more details on the pricing and would like to put your order down, visit O2 now.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. There will be a 32GB version released – not sure if it is the same time as the 16GB or soon after.
    It will cost about £59 extra (based on the 16GB version being free on a tariff).

  2. You lost me at 1.6. Why oh why would anyone release those nice specs and then cripple them with 1.6 out of the box?

    BTW, what is the UI on this. pure Android or some Dell overlay? if it is Dell over android, what can you tell us about the Dell UI.

  3. This is why there is fragmentation out there that could be stopped. 2.1 has been out for quite some time now and yet they are releasing this with 1.6. I would be suprised if someone buys this knowing that it is outdated with 2.2 being relesed now. How long would you have to wait for 2.2 on this phone?

  4. I think rooting it is in order.

  5. they’ve [Dell] announced that the 2.2 OTA update will be out in a few months.

    The Dell overlay actually looks pretty nice from everything ive seen and not a single reviewer has complained but rather praised it. I actually think by the time it comes out in the US, it will have 2.2 already on it. Dell also may simply be waiting to see what the iPhone 4G will have spec-wise so that they can do tweaks if possible (this is all wishful thinking i guess, but it’s the only thing that makes sense to me)

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