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38 has been your #1 news source for all things Android since 2007. With nearly 150,000 members, provides a treasure trove of information and is home to the largest and most active group of Android enthusiasts . But where do you go for all your Android App needs?

We’re proud to announce the third member in our Phandroid Family:!

You can search for apps, browse apps, filter apps based on a ton of different criteria, scan QR codes to help you download apps/games right to your phone, rate apps, and much more. One specific feature we’re really, REALLY excited about is application and game reviews.


While star ratings, number of downloads, and Market comments are helpful, they are extremely limited in terms of depth and quality – they can’t help you determine whether an app or game is just what you’re looking for. We hope you enjoy reading our app and game reviews at, but what if ALL our readers could submit their OWN reviews? What if the 150,000 members at AndroidForums (who are already spilling their guts about everything Android related) could post in-depth app/game reviews of their own, complete with pictures and videos?

That’s exactly what we’ve aimed to do at but we’re able to take it a step further. In addition to posting reviews, we allow the community to thumbs up or down individual reviews to help identify the ones that are most helpful. Or you can discuss a specific review in depth by clicking through to the forum thread for that particular review. You can also browse a forum list of all review discussions for both Applications and Games.

With the help of our awesome members, we’ll quickly become the go-to resource for the best Android App & Game Reviews, provided by the most knowledgeable Android enthusiasts in the world… YOU! It doesn’t hurt that we’re giving away a ton of free phones to members who submit the best reviews with our “Phone-A-Day Giveaway” Contest.

Find, Browse & Learn

In many cases, you might already be thinking about an Android application or game and simply want to find more information. No more wild goose chases! makes it easy to track down the information you want:

  • Quick search – type a search term in the big blue navigation bar, press enter, and quickly get the results you want!
  • Browse – Our Apps and Games tabs make it easy to peek around in sections you know you’re interested
  • Filtering & Sorting – The fact that Android is “Open” means a lot of rubbish finds its way on board. Filter it out by setting minimum requirements for stars, downloads and more!
  • Power Search – want to search the market by developer name? No problem. That and mostly every other criteria you could imagine in one powerful search make this a feature that many people are sure to love.
  • Phandroid Integration – from now on, whenever you read an article about an application or game on Phandroid, the bottom of the article will have information such as  title, icon, stars, downloads, QR Code and a link to the listing on


It’s impossible to know about EVERY application/game on Android Market (unless you’re Doogie Howser), and oftentimes the apps and games you would love the most remain hidden. Please… allow us to uncover them.

Our “Hot” tab is designed to help show YOU what other members CURRENTLY think is HOT. We take the applications that meet certain minimum criteria that are also receiving the most “thumbs up” from members and share them with the group. This feature works best with the participation of people like you, so if you test out an app and love it, swing by the app page on Android

Love it? Thumb it up! Hate it? Thumb it down!

Right now this is a generic way of showing you EVERYTHING that is HOT at THIS particular moment with OUR members. But in the near future we’ll be introducing features that customize the experience for what you specifically might like.

From Beta To Beyond

Keep in mind that currently should be slapped with a “Beta” tag. We know it isn’t perfect and hopefully, with your help, we’ll fix all the little bugs and issues. We also realize that right now we’re just skimming the surface. There is a TON more we could do with the power of,, and our Phandroid Android Application on Android Market.

And trust us… we’re just gettin’ started. We’ve got big plans and we hope all our fellow phans are as excited as we are about what the future holds. Keep your eyes peeled because the winds of change are-a stirring.

We’re incredibly eager to hear your feedback on and of course, we can’t wait to see all your entries to the HUGE Phone-A-Day Giveaway Contest!

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. This is awesome! I’ve been reading Phandroid’s posts religiously (ie: compulsively all day, every day) in preparation for my first Android phone, the Droid Incredible… which I’ll be receiving this week! is perfect timing. Very excited!

  2. PLEASE add classification for Adult Applications. I REALLY don’t like to see boobs and butts while looking for something useful. Come on. How hard can it be?!

  3. awe may-un! I don’t have an android powered phone.. So i can’t participate in another give-away.. noone never wants to pay me in a android phone LMAO. have fun guys looking forward to the apps when the Universe blesses me with a hero or something

  4. I agree with Estliina, classify Adult applications I don’t want nor need to see that stuff ether.

  5. says page is temporarily unavailable.

  6. nevermind…

  7. @Estliina/
    Well, if there are boobs and butts, pretty hard I guess…

    Glad for the new site.
    Thanks Phandroid.

  8. Page is temporarily unavailable?!?!

    Did we really need a 18 minute review of this site? Really?

  9. Congrats. PHANTASTIC. !!!!

  10. And there was me believing Steve Apple jobs when he said Android was only for PORN.
    Looks a very good setup and just goes to show that Android Rocks.
    Android > iphoney

  11. what does this offer in comparison to appbrain?

  12. I second the other people’s comments on porn. Not needed to be seen by everyone without choosing it.

  13. Another question. So who can actually buy these apps? No limitation by where you are at?

  14. Great idea! :( Fatal error on Chrome at the moment though.

    Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Zend_Cache_Exception’ with message ‘Invalid id or tag : must be a string’ in /home/apps/library/Zend/Cache.php:208 Stack trace: #0 /home/apps/library/Zend/Cache/Core.php(597): Zend_Cache::throwException(‘Invalid id or t…’) #1 /home/apps/library/Zend/Cache/Core.php(347): Zend_Cache_Core::_validateIdOrTag(NULL) #2 /home/apps/application/modules/frontend/controllers/AppsController.php(80): Zend_Cache_Core->save(Array) #3 /home/apps/library/Zend/Controller/Action.php(513): AppsController->hotAction() #4 /home/apps/library/Zend/Controller/Dispatcher/Standard.php(289): Zend_Controller_Action->dispatch(‘hotAction’) #5 /home/apps/library/Zend/Controller/Front.php(954): Zend_Controller_Dispatcher_Standard->dispatch(Object(Zend_Controller_Request_Http), Object(Zend_Controller_Response_Http)) #6 /home/apps/library/Zend/Application/Bootstrap/Bootstrap.php(97): Zend_Controller_Front->dispatch() #7 /home/apps/library/Zend/Application.php(366): Zend_Application_Bootstrap_Bootstrap->run() #8 /home/apps/ in /home/apps/library/Zend/Cache.php on line 208

  15. Mega kudo’s for creating such an incredible source for android apps. The more the market explodes, the more a site such as this is needed. Definitely worth the wait, you guys rocked it out!

  16. page unavailable

  17. New site epic fail….

  18. LOL epic launch fail indeed. We were expecting a lot of interest but this is insane. We’re working to fix the issue and obviously need to upgrade AA’s dedicated servers already.

    Thanks for your patience. We’ll get it fixed!

  19. agreed, need filter

    BUT it’d be nice to see a Android Forums dev section to host all the apps made by our fellow devs

  20. Trying to submit some reviews (I’ve been looking for a place to review apps that doesn’t limit my character count)
    It seems to have trouble logging me in. I have an account for the forums, and used it to try to login but I’m having no success. It either just reloads the page (still not logged in) or loads a blank page. Look forward to being able to login and submit reviews!

  21. Hmm, it says I’m logged in. “Welcome back, browncoatdave. Logout”

    Who the fuck is browncoatdave =/

  22. The search seems to employ an “OR” function instead of an “AND” function. So when I perform a search of the phrase “moon phase”, I get everything with “moon” in the description (like Sailor Moon wallpaper) along with everything with “phase” in the description (like WWII battle phase games), and it’s up to me to weed out everything that doesn’t contain both words.

    Or if I were of a mind to look for Sailor Moon wallpaper, entering “Sailor Moon” in the search also brings up everything “moon” related with no mention of “sailor”, and everything “sailor” related, like “Swearing Sailor”, even though “moon is nowhere in the description.

    Additional words in searches should narrow the search, not broaden it.

    Other than that, it’s very nice.

  23. Bonus points awarded for the grid layout.

    Don’t ban the “sexy” app devs, just corral them.

  24. ….be nice if the site retained the filtered selections.

    For example: Under the Apps tab, if I choose a category to the left and filter out by 4+ and Most Downloaded…if I change categories, the filtering is gone. Chances are I don’t want to make the selections again.

  25. Do you also have a comment system?

  26. thank god! or whatever is was called was diabolical! Maybe the chrome2phone type thing could even be implemented, just click install and it goes straight to your phone. would love it!

  27. Where’s iRT Calendar? Wanted to review it, but it’s not here…

  28. Hey, the example you used “The Weather Channel”, the QR code doesn’t seem to be working :)

    I could scan it using the barcode scanner app but once sent to the android market, it says apps not found :P

    tried on phandroid news apps and i could find it and install it :)

  29. Too bad nothing loads, tried Chrome then IE.

  30. Awesome. I’m a pretty good writer and I use a bunch of android apps, I’ll start writing reviews for a bunch of em.I would like to see the review system more improved though. Right now, you have to look through and click on each individual one. It works almost like comments.
    Other sites, such as Android Tapp have their staff write professional reviews of each and it’s much easier to read it over and see what the App is really like.
    Here’s my suggestion. I’m guessing somewhere on the site their is some disclaimer that anything a user posts anywhere on this site, reviews included, become the property of Phandroid. If this isn’t somewhere, it should be added.
    Then, the staff could take the better reviews and implement them better onto the site in the way that AndroidTapp does. Or Phandroid could take volunteers to write more professional reviews for them. This could really put up there above all the other Application review sites and would bring a lot more traffic.

  31. So what if the app I’m looking for isn’t there? I’d like to write a review of At Bat 200, but there’s no listing.

  32. So this will take another reg/account?
    Cant jump from forums to apps.

  33. When ever I click on a link to the site, (On Chrome) it says that the page doesn’t exist?? is it down??

  34. Great job Rob.

    Few tediuos issues:
    – can’t use ctrl to open in new tab (chrome)
    – this cause to go back using back browser button and get always “confirm resend module”
    – this made navigation not very handy

  35. no protected apps :-) R u guys running a froyo spider ? :-)

  36. My review: hilarious. I actually found an app with it before it went down though! I want new phone now plzk

  37. The website is available to view thru my droid. go to the website on your phone to view the apps and ratings. i hope this was a help!


  38. Site’s offline. :(

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