Jun 2nd, 2010

After upping their early termination fee for smartphones, AT&T has announced two new data plans for mobile users. For $15 a month you can get the DataPlus plan with 200MB of data, or for $25 a month you can get 2GB of bandwidth on the DataPro plan. Gone is any plan featuring unlimited data.

att-logo-221x300Instead, if you are a DataPlus user you will be charged an extra $15 a month for each 200MB over your limit. DataPro users will be charged $10 per 1GB extra used. And if you thought you’d get tethering included in those fees, think again. You will need to be a DataPro subscriber and fork over an additional $20 per month. So for $45 per month you’ll have the pleasure of dividing 2GB amongst your smartphone and whatever devices you choose to tether it with.

The new plans go into effect June 7th, but if you are a current subscriber with an unlimited plan you can carry it over. Just hold on to your contract as long as possible, because you probably won’t get to renew that unlimited data when your deal expires.

We all knew changes in data pricing were coming. Verizon will be shifting toward tiered data pricing as well with the advent of their 4G network. For some users it is a blessing, allowing those who do not eat up a ton of bandwidth to pay a little less. For many smartphone users it looks like overage charges will become the norm. What do you all think of AT&T’s new pricing plans? Love ’em or hate ’em?

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