Acer Stream Gets Previewed at Computex


The Acer Stream became official only last week, but the device was on hand at Computex 2010 to show off its fancy AMOLED display and Snapdragon processor. Engadget got hands on with the device, saying that “build quality was remarkable, and the screen was downright luscious.” The phone also feels lighter in-hand than some of the other devices packing similar specs. Check out the video below.

[via Engadget]

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  1. ugly

  2. that guy doesnt even know how to use the phone.. either way that’s an ugly piece of equipment

  3. Still too many buttons to choose from.

  4. i like how he talks up the snappiness and it lags behind most of his input.

  5. Great looking screen…. fancy load graphics made things seems laggy.

  6. Hate the UI. Current Liquid is better.

  7. Im lovin this device.

  8. I think a chimp could navigate the phone better than that guy. Have you held an Android before buddy?

  9. coming out on October & still using 2.1? Another failure by acer…

  10. more key-less shite. hope you’re fingers can speak fluently touchscreen-ese and that car coming straight you at the crosswalk doesn’t run you over as you’re eyes are fixed to the device.

  11. It is a great phone…I am using it and loving it…no match

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