Kiss Your Unlimited Data Goodbye: Verizon Wants Tiered Plans with 4G


In a move that is sure to offend customer while keeping Verizon’s pockets deep, CEO Lowell McAdam stated in a conversation with investors that he doesn’t see unlimited data plans as making sense when their 4G network rolls out. Purchasing a set data bandwidth per month is what he sees as the logical model moving forward.


Puh-lease. What part about serving up bandwidth in capped blocks makes sense for a network with higher data speeds and more smartphone users taking advantage of those speeds? I guess it does make great sense for investors and Verizon who will be able to easily tag on overage fees, but they’ll have a hard time selling this to customers. People are having a hard time enough swallowing the extra $10 a month for usage of 4G with the HTC EVO 4G. Data served in this model will mean contracts that ultimately don’t go in favor of the consumer. /rant

The light at the end of this tunnel? Verizon is moving forward with their 4G plans with conviction. By the first half of 2011 they plan to carry three to five 4G handsets, with LTE calls via VoIP by 2012.

As a long-time VZW customer the new billing policy that will arrive sooner rather than later is disconcerting, but the fact is Verizon won’t be alone in this shift in data coverage costs. We all knew “unlimited” could only last so long.

[via Financial Times]

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  1. Leave it to “big red” to squeeze as much out of you as they can.

  2. 3G is good enough for me. what do you need 4G for? download porn 24/7???

  3. I don’t have a problem with data caps inherently. I think they could be used to the consumer’s benefit, the problem is they won’t. I’m betting the lowest bucket will be at least as much as the current “unlimited” with a rediculously small allotment of data. That’s where the problems come in. The carriers use the caps as a way to genterate more revenue from the high bandwith users but never to reward the low bandwith users with lower prices.

  4. I’d actually be OK with this. But here’s the deal, VZW. If I buy 100Gb a month from you (as an example) that 100Gb is MINE. I’m using it on my 4g Android phone AND on my EVDO access card. And I’m probably dropping my voice contract with you as well. After all, voice is just data, and you already said you’re gonna carry my calls over VOIP anyway. So yeah, I’m cool with buying a chunk of data from you monthly to use HOWEVER I see fit on WHATEVER device I see fit. All on the one chunk of data. No more separate data plans for the phone and the Mifi.

    Still wanna talk about selling me data?

  5. @z
    lol, well 4G is also more efficient bandwidth wise i think, and so it would allow more devices on at once, and also its just a natural process to make the internet faster, it will come in handy with voice calling, downloads, or anything else you can think of

  6. @Douglas Hunley, what are the odds that VZW will do that? Chances are they’ll segment the data and make you pay separately for your phone and wireless card data. If that were the case, it wouldn’t be a bad deal, except they’ll most likely overcharge for it.

  7. My bet is that AT&T will soon follow suit. Any one want to take any bets??

  8. Okay, I work for Sprint.. I have Verizon Fios+Cell, My wife has the Droid Incredible.. And we have nearly everything that can be stamped by BIG RED!

    I for one, Take it with no lub, as all Verizon Custys do.. We pay the $30 for data and then the rest is a add-on.. So for what it is at sprint 79.99/With the 4G (Unlimited) and then 129.99 at Big RED.. This is a battle that is won..

    Now, Understandibly.. We dont use this “unlimited” service at all.. We all only use a few MB out the month.. So this is only half-truth that we dont need the full unlimted.. Yeah, maybe 5GB-10GB is enough.. So this will work well when it’s made right..

    Let’s see?

    I take Verizon Over any carrier any6 day. But, please we need to pay according to what we recieve.. If we have LTE home and vehicle services along with Android LTE/Wimaxx Devices..

  9. Looks like I’ll be leaving Verizon when they launch LTE. They don’t have the spectrum to compete with Clearwire and Sprint.

  10. For anyone pondering about waiting for the Droid shadow, you have your answer. You now have enough information to know you will be financially raped by Verizon for all your waiting. The decision to switch to Sprint and EVO is even CLEARER than before.

  11. people. i switched to sprint a few months ago to get the HERO. It’s been very solid since they are the largest player with the fewest users. The bandwidth is all mine!! I suppose I could share it with a few of you “phans”. Seriously, it’s all you can eat for $70. I don’t work for sprint but what are you waiting for? EVO is coming, need I say more?

  12. smh….and people were complaining about the $10 charge that sprint has for the evo? After reading this article those same people complaining, should be grateful. Unlimited data + text + mobile to mobile calling all for 79.99? If you ask me thats a steal…why complain about $10?

  13. Go ahead Verizon, give me a reason to go BACK to Sprint (by the way I was very happy with them, you just had the hottest Android phone with physical keyboard at the time).

  14. Not 24/7, maybe just 4hrs a day. what else am i supposed to do at work? Seriously though, how appropriate that you mention sexual topics when that is what verizon is doing: bending their customers over and doing what ever they want!

  15. Seems I will be switching carriers next year. . .

  16. Sprint sucks… EVO or no EVO. As far as coverage, from what i’ve experienced verizon is the best.

  17. ya i gotta say with 4 major players in the market surely one of them will have an “everything” plan or unlimited data at the very least. the competition in this market is great and if your a sprint customer you are royalty because of how well VZ and ATT have been doing subscriber wise. But to be honest a very well informed person should go with Sprint simply because its more bang for your buck, the network is great and when your not on Sprint’s network your roaming for FREE on Verizon’s even better network… how is this even a choice??

  18. Stephen,

    id guess you havent been on sprint’s network in the last 2-3 years? they have really improved their coverage and dropped calls issues. Might wanna check them out again. Im here on the EAST coast and have 0 issues. i travel all over the southeast mostly and hardly roam, but when i do its on Verizon usually and i pay $0 for it…

  19. Fine by me, Tmobile or Sprint here I come. I am sure that by the time my contract runs out they will have better coverage.

  20. 2. z wrote on May 27, 2010
    3G is good enough for me. what do you need 4G for? download porn 24/7???

    Isn’t that what smartphones were created for??…Porn on the go!

  21. Stephen, I hate blanket statements like that. Maybe it “sucks” in your area, but not in mine. Sprint was always great. PS: When it’s no great the phone roams, for FREE, on guess who’s network? VERIZON.

    I’m by no means knock big red, I have a droid and their service is pretty damn solid no doubt. But they enjoy raping and sodomizing their customers. Luckily my company pays my bill. I’m just waiting for the next hot phone to fulfill my addiction. Oh and it has to have a keyboard!! A real one. We don’t need no stinkin’ on screen only keyboard.

  22. Sprint any mobile-to-mobile plan FTW!

  23. yeah, i had sprint several years ago and was so disappointed/frustrated with the service that i left and have never looked back. I’ve also had Verizon and Tmobile, but VZ got too expensive, so I went back to tmobile both b/c of cost & the N1 :)
    if it’s really improved how much you say it has i might try changing over when the EVO comes stock w/ Froyo :)

  24. also, sprint is supposed to be “great” in my area… I live in KC right near one of Sprint’s big hq buildings

  25. Hmmm…$90 to break my contract with Verizon, $100 to me for switching to Sprint from Verizon. I was wavering, but the choice is getting CLEAR. Pretty sure when the EVO comes out, I’ll be getting one…buh bye V…

  26. The Mobile Carriers continually shoot themselves in the foot. Here we are, poised at the precipice of unexplored regions, the Mobile market about to explode with a slew of new handsets and capabilities and for the first time, eager customers ready to jump into the pool because the temperature is just right… and here comes the big boy fat cats who have had enough… crying about the loaf of bread the couldn’t eat as they run down the street with their arms full of bread. Unreal… But hey, more customers for Sprint then, who since I’ve been with them, have had the BEST value/basis plans out there. Yeah, Verizon has better coverage, but for the most part, only when I travel to the edge of the known world. Otherwise, it’s the same. The $10 bump on EVO plans are a drop in the bucket. But with plan pricing continually dropping from competition, this move kinda makes you scratch your head, no? Almost as bone head a move as Apple’s exclusivity agreement with AT&T. Anyway… Guess I’ll be with Sprint for a while longer, happily no doubt. :)
    My $.02

  27. Verizon always sucked. Money hungry. Use common sense people.

  28. Sprint’s marketshare is about to skyrocket. First to market, unlimited data plans. If they can keep quality of service up they will become the Southwest Airlines of the cellphone service industry.

  29. What Steven said pretty much summed it all up:

    Sprint: Good prices, worse coverage.
    Verizon: Great coverage, no-vaseline treatment to your wallet.

    It’s a catch-22 for the consumer. The US cell phone system needs reform like Wall Street.


  30. Yes, by all means, like a dog returns to its vomit, let’s return to a FAILED BUSINESS MODEL.

    Failed dozens of times, in fact.

    The day this happens, Verizon is banned by my company. NO company accounts, and we will get personal and business discounts with another provider for our personnel. It might seem like a drop in the bucket to them, but that’s at least $100,000 they won’t get from me.

  31. Well Sprint has a no questions asked 30 day return policy, so it can’t hurt to see if the service in your area is good.

  32. It’s like VZW is just telling all of its customers to run to the EVO 4G!

  33. It’s fascinating that people think the $10 charge is for 4G verbatim. I’m under the impression, correct me if I’m wrong, that the $10 charge is for a capless experience – which consequently means 3G and 4G. I’d rather pay an extra 10 bucks for zero caps (ie. 5GB, 10GB etc) then to wine about an inevitable cap that’ll be progressively easier to surpass given the media content these days.

  34. *whine. LOL, talk about a lush.

  35. Leave it to big red, wow I gotta say tmobiles network is not as good, but atleast my switch gave me a nexus one and a bill that dropped by 70.00. and now i have unlimited everything. SCREW U RED

  36. Drop Verizon and I will join AT&T with 3G HSPA+, I just don’t want to have the restriction like that.

  37. Verizon big wigs are saying that it makes sense to use staggered data plans but it makes no sense if you want happy customers. Data usage is nowhere near as easy too determine as minutes and texts are for most consumers. They will face many upset customers if they go this way. Plus it will most likely discourage potential smartphone buyers.

  38. This bothers me because I’ve been with VZW for three years and haven’t minded the small rate hike because the service where is live is exceptional. They were the first to have 3G where I live. But as far as 4G goes, as long as these tiered plans are for future 4G usage only I’m okay, but I will have to reassess other carriers when it times for my 4G upgrade. I’m glad to have the incredible and will be fine with its outstanding speed on 3G until I am able to see what else is out there. By that time 4G will be in full force and many of its early issues hopefully sorted out. I just hope VZW doesn’t get too stupid and makes the prices unrealistic, if it turns out that way….I’m loyal to one thing along, VALUE.

  39. FYI DAVE- any mobile carrier has a 30 day return policy.. sprint just marketing that as part of their edge over other companies.. Call them all I dare you.. they will say that if for some reason you are not satisfied with a phone or service you have 30 days to cancel..HOWEVER you MUST Pay for your usage EVEN on SPRINT! They will all gladly give you money back for a phone but payment for what you used is required by all U.S. cell phone carriers! This policy protects the carriers in case of poor service in the area of usage.

  40. It’s not really surprising, given the shift from landlines and home Internet to making calls and accessing the web on mobile devices. While I’m not defending the price itself, if you look at the cost of unlimited talk and data, it’s about comparable to what you’d pay for unlimited calling and Internet in your home. My issue with the tiers is that the carriers need to also recognize this shift. Sprint talks about it in its commercials (people do more with phones than make a call). I think a savvy carrier would market unlimited plan as an alternative to traditional landline-based products. I’d probably be willing to go with just my mobile device for calls and Internet if I could get unlimited calls and no data cap for a reasonable price. The 5GB/month cap is unworkable for people thinking about using a mobile device as a WiFi hotspot for computers and other devices.

    As with most of the things discussed prior to any hard facts or numbers being revealed, I think we all should take a deep breath and see what comes. Would people even be affected unless they move to LTE devices? Regardless, I’ll be interested to see what pricing tiers VZW comes up with.

  41. Sprint is looking better and better everyday. Where are all the Verizon fanboys over-glorifying their network and making fun of the new EVO owners for having to pay an extra $10 (which is still cheaper than big red)?? Enjoy your new data plan packages fanboys.

  42. Yes, VZW are money hungry. I knew this whenever I had 2 cell phones and they were continuously charging me a monthly service for VZ Navigator for 2 lines, even though 1 line I had no data coverage, and told them I didn’t want this service and had canceled it online. Apparently though, I also had to delete the app off the phone, even though I never actually installed the app on the phone, it was just a link to the install page.

    Now if Tmobile or Sprint had the reliability that VZ does then it’d be great!

    Also w/ AT&T… true story, my girlfriend and I traveled to the great continental divide in colorado over the summer last year. On top of the highest peak, I had signal/service and she did not. At the time, I had VZ and she had AT&T. While they claim they have the best 3g network, their actual 3g coverage is small compared to VZ.

    So now we have to play the stupid “What do we actually need/want game”…
    Do we want incredible 3g and 4g coverage but have to pay out the butt for it, or
    do we want decent 3g and 4g coverage at lower costs, but not have as vast of a 3g/4g network as VZ.

    Price wise, tmobile and sprint would be the best bet… Or get one of the android phones coming to boost mobile lol

  43. I have an EVO and the speeds are not up to par with vzw. I often find myself using my evo with my vzw mifi if im streaming anything substantial.

  44. To me I think the pricing will be similar to the mobile broadband charges they have now. I mean cuz think about it…if you have a 4g phone and have the hotspot feature why would you even need a broadband card? You would just use your phone. And if im not mistaken the highest they charge for is 59.99 for 5 gb right now. Looks like broadband cards are a thing of the past.

  45. lol God you Verizon fanboys have nothing better to do then hype your stupid network. Get over it. You’ve lost two battles now. The EVO trumps the Inc. and Sprints $10 UNLIMITED 4G data plan trumps the non existant Verizon 4g capped packages. You’ve lost the battle. Regroup and maybe you’ll have a leg to stand on in 2011. See ya next year!

  46. I’ll also be interested to see if people can opt out/cancel contracts with VZW when the changes to data rates occur.

  47. Not sure you read your Verizon contract or not, but “unlimited” data plan (notice the quotes) is limited to 5GB per billing cycle. Initially, I was not happy about that, but I currently don’t come close to this limit, so I’m not going to get upset over it.

  48. As usual, the debate usually boils down to personal preference. I have Sprint, live in the Dallas Fort Worth area and haven’t had a single issue. For the record, I switched from T-Mobile. I don’t know what their 4g is like in the area, but I’m really excited to try it out. The 3g data is quick and the coverage is great. The voice quality definitely trumps that of T-Mobile’s.

  49. well, screw you, VZ. I’m moving to TMobile with HSPA+ as soon as my contract ends in 2 months.

  50. This will just break down to where you live and what kind of buyer you are. I for one if I didn’t work for Verizon could probably live with one of the cheaper carriers if I lived in a major market and never left bc most carriers have good coverage in all the major cities. However I’m that guy that would rather pay more for something that has proven itself to serve me better in the long haul. I may not travel much across the country but when and if I do I want to be confident my service will work in more places then not and until Verizon fails me in service I will stay bc I feel I’m getting what I pay for. And my statements don’t go with out testing. I have had T mo and sprint and used to work for ATT for a short and Verizons 3g coverage is far superior then all 3 its not a debate its a fact. Look it up. And I’m sure they will do the same with the 4g network. There is nothing wrong with getting paid for what your worth. If you know what your worth get paid for it. Everyone else does. Why should cell companies be any different. If a everyone thought a KIA was better then a Honda then no one would ever spend the extra money on a Honda……just my thoughts

  51. @Don

    I completely agree with you that Verizon’s 3G network is the best. Hell, even Sprint “piggy-backs” off of that network when roaming (for free). But what makes you so sure that “they will do the same with the 4g network”? That’s speculation, not fact. It’s something that’s happening in the future, you have no basis for that comment. I do live in a major market and we have 4G coverage. I’m glad we’re getting a 4G handset. Is it the best one that will come out? No, I’m sure it’s not. But it is the first and I’ll take spotty coverage anyday to be one of the first people to get to enjoy this feature. You can tell is sometime in 2011 how much better Verizon is, blah blah blah, but for now, Sprint’s the only one that has it. I’m not worried about the future, I’m worried about now. My comment was directed towards ALL of the Verizon fanboys who were making fun of EVO users for having to pay $10 extra a month. People are OBVIOUSLY not happy about this. Go over to engadget and read all the people complaining. On Monday Goldman Sachs raised Sprint’s stock to a “Buy” status. I was considering temporarily investing in Sprint for the pre-EVO release, but now after seeing this article I went ahead and bit the bullet. Thanks Phandroid for keeping so up to date on your news!

  52. Sorry but I think you guys are jumping the gun a little. Tiered plans simply means multiple bundle options.

    FIOS TV/internet has a tiered bundle plan of: premium, extreme, and ultimate.

    This is what verizon means and will likely be the same for 4g where you have multiple options to choose from and one of those options is pay as you go web.

    Pay as you go web would be for users who simply want a smart phone but have no intentions of using any data.

    Guys this is good news until the tier options are more defined.

  53. I’m fine with Verizon doing this depending on how they do it. The “unlimited data” Verizon users have is capped at 5GB. I’m always using my phone and i barely even reach the 2G mark. Also, a major (possible)upside to 4G is that it’ll use bandwidth more efficiently so with the same usage, you’ll end up using less GBs. If this is the case, then having a 1GB cap as being the starting cap can/will fit the average consumer easily. But we’ll have to see how that goes and how Verizon plans on going about with these cap spaces

  54. Sorry, i left out one other point. A lot of people will want to use the tethering feature so that their phone may/can replace their home internet connection. You want to do the math and figure out how much data usage you do on your home computer and pay for that to your cellphone provider? If you do, good for you and you should probably get a hobby or something if you have that much free time. Sprint FTW (at least for now) :P

  55. @PeDe7

    Well tiered plans will liekly be the following:

    Premium: Pay as you go, no hot spot, no tethering, 350min, 250 txts

    Extreme: 5gb limit, no hot spot, tethering, 500min, 400 txts

    Ultimate: unlimited data, hot spot, tethering, unlimuted min, unlimited txts

    These would be example of a tiered plan.

  56. People like you guys will bitch and moan about this change, but it is the only logical path forward.

    The only way we as geeks will be allowed to do whatever we want with our connection is to have it rationed. Want Google Voice VoIP? Want to even be able to use BT? Want tethering built in(and not blocked by a carrier?) this is the answer. It will drive innovation, and drive the market into a new era of honest networking!

    I imagine a future at Verizon where they give you X GB/month, and you do whatever the heck you want. This sounds like a good future. I hope all carriers follow and turn themselves into the dumb pipes they are!

  57. The ignorance in the comments (and frankly the original alarmist story) is comical.

    Who gives a crap if they charge for use if it’s CHEAPER in the end. Show me the prices and than I’ll decide. Why do some people get prepaid phones without “free minutes”? Because it’s a better deal for them! All the major carriers have unlimited calling- how many of us are on those plans? A TINY FRIGGING FRACTION because it’s cheaper to buy a block of minutes for most users. It’s a rule of thumb that that 10% of users will use 90% of the bandwidth when bandwidth is free- which means NINETY PERCENT OF US WOULD DO BETTER PAYING FOR USAGE IF THE CARRIER CHARGED PER USAGE AND MAINTAINED THE SAME GROSS PROFIT. So stop with the idiotic replies until you see the actual fees involved you fools. If VZ decides to charge 50 bucks a month per 5GB chunk than it sucks- but if they decide to charge 5 bucks a month per 5GB it’s probably a better deal for most. The real numbers are likely in between.

    Is unlimited automatically better- what if unlimited goes to 90 bucks a month so they can pay for 4G and make the profit they want? Shaking head at your puds.

    Next- ‘sprint customers can use verizon’s network anytime’- TOTALLY FALSEHOOD. That’s only true where sprint and VZ have worked out deals and that is only typically in places where sprint has zero coverage. Try using a sprint phone on a subway platform in NYC- you WONT ROAM even though the guy next to you on Verizon is having a conversation because vz’s 800mhz works in some stations. Free roaming is worthless in fringe areas. For most not an issue- but if you live, work, or travel through fringe areas than vzw is potentially better in many areas.

    My Favorite- a “failed business model” of charging for use. Yeah- boost mobil and all the prepaid carriers are in bankruptcy- NOT – they are where the real growth seems to be occurring in the market. Ask AOL how well the whole unlimited dialup worked out for them- nevermind that they are currently a mess- but back then they gained huge market share at the expense of spending tons more in leased lines. Capped broadband is also a failure- oh wait- Comcast’s cable modems and verizon’s aircards make them money hand over fists. Gee I guess it’s not such a business failure.

    Everyone take a deep breadth and wait to see how bad the prices are- many people- even some of us geeks who have bleeding edge phones MIGHT just have SMALLER bills!

    Oh and NO – Verizon doesn’t cap PHONE usage at 5GB- they removed that. That rule now only applies to aircards.

  58. @ G people are complaining about the $10.00 charge because they are not getting the service they being asked to pay for, like my self, i wouldn’t mind if i get charge when i get the service but here in my area we do not have 4g service yet and sprint is asking us to pay for it any way, that is why people are complaining is not the $10.00, get your fact strait.

  59. Of course my comment comes with the asterisk that Verizon isn’t going to be a dick and charge huge amounts of money if you go over. They better just charge you the next tier or something in between.

    Verizon should just be up front about what everything costs, then let consumers decide. I’m all for it. Can’t wait for LTE, 5-12Mbps sounds fantastic, and more than fast enough to replace my voice plan.

  60. @Moises: I was talking about Verizon. Sprint sucks, I don’t care. They are using Wimax, a tech dead-end. If Sprint just charged by the Mb then we wouldn’t have this issue would we :)

  61. I’ve been on Verizon for years using smartphones, and my current plan is voice and unlimited uncapped data. When I get my next phone, I am leaning towards Sprint’s EVO precisely because I can get uncapped 4G data for a fixed $10/month.

    The problem with the way Verizon treats data caps is that they sneak up on you and you suddenly find yourself over the cap and into the next billing cycle with no recourse other than to pay the outrageous bill. I know, I once had a $800 data bill for being over the cap. I now go over 5GB all the time, but it costs me nothing.

    If VZW had the interests of it’s customers in mind, they would rething data caps. The overage cost should not be any higher than the cap cost per MB. Keep it linear.

  62. oiy…..what you guys dont understand is that voice wont exist, so even if its tiered its going to be just one charge, you get X usage and it costs X, quit freaking out and use your heads. This is why so many people are in arms about &10 data for multimedia phone, cause y’all are not intelligent enough to interpret the coming changes….sillyness

  63. My friend says that this is only temporary to test out Verizon’s 4G LTE network.


  64. Before we get too worked up here, Is the unlimited data getting canned for all of verizon or just for 4G service whenever it eventually gets released and you sign up for it?
    Because If i upgrade me phone and i still have 3G with unlimited data then what is the big deal?

  65. i guess a better way to phrase what i said is, if we all have 3G and unlimited data and are not obligated to move into 4G service and data tiers, wouldn’t things be just how they are for everyone unless they sign up for 4G. (which isn’t going to be fully going for another year from now?)

    Because if the data tier isnt going to affect regular 3g customers and we are still getting good speed with froyo and fast phones then shouldnt this be not that big of a deal?

  66. Tried to go Sprint. Turns out the FCC has prohibited them from selling phones in Montana as part of some antitrust ruling. Could buy a phone in Washington state, but I would only be allowed to “roam” in Montana up to 30% of the time. Stuck with (and by) Big Red!

  67. I love how people think that AT&T 3G HSPA+ and Sprint WiMax or EVO is even going to compare to LTE. And to talk about spectrum ? You think that Sprint is going to have better than VZW or AT&T ? ha. They are bottom barrel using old slow tech, or boosting old slow tech, AT&T and VZW with 4G will be amazing, brand new network top to bottom. VZW is amazing, I would pay a bit more to have it work and perform as stated, I have never had a problem with VZW. VZW has the best network hands down…

  68. This is crap. I pay almost as much for my mobile internet on my driod as I do my home internet and my home internet gets 13mb down. Verizon can suck it if they try to charge more for the internet. I mean damn.

  69. I have to pay 80 bucks a month for 450 minutes absolutely ZERO texting (thank god for Google Voice) and unlimited data. Now they’re telling me that the only thing in my contract that was even remotely worth the money is going down the drain? Goodbye VZN, you won’t be missed. I’m going to Sprint where (in my area at least) the coverage and speeds are just as good if not better, and I’ll be getting my moneys worth thank you very much.

    …for those of you who are wondering why I didn’t settle with Sprint to begin with, it’s cause I’m not a fan of the Hero and there weren’t any other decent (IMO) Android handsets on Sprint at the time of the Droid launch…plus there was the peer pressure with all ya’ll thinking the Droid was the bees knees. It is pretty spiffy.

  70. Verizon will do whatever att does. There will be competition, and verizon is going to need to compete.

  71. Their plans are already a raping. And this way it will only be more of the same. I just hope they lose customers over this, because this is worse than the oil business. Well, maybe not, but it’s damn close.

  72. if you like spreading your ass cheeks for verizon go ahead and keep asking for seconds and thirds!verizon doesnt even have the decency to tell you they love you!

  73. VZW has the most spectrum in 750MHZ more than AT&T in the LTE rollout. 750MHZ is far better than WiMax 1250MHZ spectrum. 750Mhz is very good at solid barriers and coverage compared to 2mile radius coverage per WiMax tower. Sprint will need to build more towers which will be costly and irritating to consumers. I will go with LTE and with VZW no matter what.

  74. @ moises The $10 charge isnt for 4g service. Cuz not everyone has 4g coverage yet in their area. The $10 is for a premium data package that includes 4g. Bottom line is…you can either cry about the $10 charge and go over to verizion and get raped, and have a cap on ur 4g, go to AT&T or tmobile that have a terrible line up in android phones, or go to sprint and pay a measly $10. If its really that big of a deal dont get an Evo…go get a razor.

  75. Don’t they understand that doing such a thing would be a material breach of all our contracts, and thus render the early termination fee null. Any material breach is grounds for us to cancel service without penalty. If this happens ,and they do raise our rates as stated, I will be going elsewhere for my smart phone needs.

  76. Which one her is complaining about Bill shock on your electric bill, gas bill, prices at the gas pump. GIVE it a rest. The government is going after big business. Plain and simple. You claim prices should actully go down for less overhead to provide LTE.
    Verizon has taken over 2 years to get the ervice ready at a cost of over 10 BILLION dollars. They are not just going to waive that cost.This is the cost of updating the BEST BAR NONE. Wireless service available.
    Otheres have talked about unlimited. NO SUCH THING with any provider regardless of what they tell you. It’s throdled down at 5 gigs. Verizon users have many available ways of reviewing there usage. It’s there own fault if they don’t take advantage of the available self serve options.

    You say sprit is less with their 4g network. Sprint’s 4G (4th generation bases on standards regulated) does not meet true 4g they are running WiMax. It’s Nice. Run’s into more problems with RF interferance. But is by no means true 4G. And certainly NO COMPARISON to LTE (Long Term Evolution). Sprint has even admitted it is looking seriously at LTE to be on the edge with upcoming technology.

  77. Not that I care since VZ won’t be rolling out 4G in Western Mass for a long time. Personally I enjoy using VZ, they have the best network in the country and customer service. On top of this, Sprint/T-mobile have poor coverage in this area so I’m naturally limited to AT&T and VZ. And for personal reasons I dislike At&T

  78. I have been with VZ for 16 years, yes they are pricer, yes it sucks but you know what i love them i have never had a problem anywhere with anything. yes i give a little more for it but it has never failed me and I can count on it working anywhere. Ugh people you cry wolf go switch and see VZ is worth it

  79. Let’s get the freakin’ network rolled out first and then worry about the contracts they’re going to propose. Till that happens I’m not in the lest worried about what VZW is going to be offering me on 4G!!

  80. I’ll never go back to Sprint. I left because their customer service sucked. I had identity theft and someone added 8 phone lines (you’d think they would have emailed or called me). Then, their fraud investigation department wasn’t coordinated with their billing department and they were acting like I was supposed to pay over $1000 and I left the day my phone was cut off…all this of course after I made a slew of calls over a couple months to try to resolve it. So I walked down the street and opened up my Verizon account. I’ll pay more for better customer service.

  81. I appreciate, cause I found exactly what I was looking for. You’ve ended my day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

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