May 21st, 2010 publishUpdated   Jun 1st, 2010, 6:35 pm

In a move all too similar to Verizon around the release of the Motorola Droid, AT&T will be upping the early termination fee for its smartphone devices effective June 1st. The new fee will be $325, with $10 knocked off for each month you manage to stay in-contract. Pundits are already questioning whether the move indicates the fear of early cancellations from iPhone users when the next generation of the device is announced, citing the centuries old rumors that Verizon or some other carrier may pick up the handset.


While AT&T doesn’t currently host the large variety of Android devices that other carriers offer, there are a few heading their way in the near future, and we are assuming this news applies to those handsets as well. Looks like $325 and up is going to be the new norm if you want to cut ties with your carrier before your contract expires, so unless you are made of money or don’t buy your phone on contract, if you’re picking up a phone on AT&T anytime soon make sure its a good one.

[via GigaOM]

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