Chinese iPad Clone Running Android 2.1


Just as rapidly as iPad competitor’s are starting to come to market, so are the blatant iPad clones, and it looks like both just can’t get enough of Android as their OS of choice. The latest clone that should be finding its way to China packs a 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor, 512MB of RAM, and a 2400mAH battery all under a 10-inch, 1024 x 600 display wrapped in one blatantly-accurate iPad casing.



Throw an Apple logo on the back of that and you might swear this one was coming right from Stevie himself. Of course, under the hood this tablet will sport Android 2.1. Don’t expect this to get a release-proper outside of China, though it may find its way to importers and eBay.

[Shanzhaiben via CrunchGear]

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  1. I’d like to see a video on how thats running. While I’m not an apple product person there is no doubt that the construction of apple electronics are not bad.

  2. i just searched ebay with no luck…as i expected.
    I did find a 7inch ipad clone running android but it was Version 1.5.

  3. Saw it for sale on

  4. Apple design + Android OS = Win!!

    If I was to import one of these, would I be able to access the Android Marketplace with it?

  5. Can’t wait to see this in action :D

  6. wonder how the one button thing is working with android

  7. This 10-inch flat-panel look at the configuration, with 1GHz processor. Standard is a 512M memory (128M-512M DDR optional), 2G FLASH memory (1-16G optional), 7-inch screen and 10-inch two specifications are 16:9 ratio, 7-inch resolution adopted 800×480, 10-inch resolution of 1024×600. Screen using capacitive or resistive screen, will follow the manufacturers to set. Software will be used Android2.1 system, and will support 1080P HD video playback. 2gb? melike hehe

  8. “Would You Buy It?”

    well if I was gonna by some sorta tablet it’s sure as hell not gonna be an ipad.. and it BETTER RUN FLASH

  9. “Apple design + Android OS = Win!!”

    How so? You mean a lack of features that should be standard somehow = win?

  10. this is actually the apad irobot – video review is here..

  11. It is a good news for all chinese

  12. If you are thinking of buying one read this first

  13. well that’s interesting. I’m quite sure it’s working ok, it’s an android after all (upgradable I hope) and probably a lot cheaper than the original Ipad… even if this is not a proper Ipad clone (macOs makes the difference and the overall quality )

  14. I hope it is coming soon. I can not wait to put my hands on this baby.

  15. Does anybody know where I can buy the above model Ipad clone at or who makes it and the model number.

  16. martin, why read it first, the link you posted, that ipadclone is way crappier

  17. But as see in,this one is android 1.5,the seller said,it can not be 2.1 to this rockchip.not know if later can updated.

  18. Apple not bad? I fucking hate apple BUT nobody I MEAN NOBODY touched their hardware.

    Apple = the best hardware

  19. Ii have bought this ipad with android 2.1 from china,Although this is a copy one, but the quality is ok and.worth buying

    I like to use its ebook function(alot better than reading in my HTC), skype, msn, webmail, youtube and some little games, also i like the Antroid Market software that could download freeware onine and install easily.

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