The Missing Sync Gets Updated for Two-Way Calendar Sync


And now for some news about another option to sync your Android device and computer. The Missing Sync has updated to version 1.4, which brings support for two-way calendar sync between your phone and computer. This means any changes you make on your phone will now show up in your Outlook calendar or in iCal if you are using a Mac in addition to changes made on your computer syncing to your phone. The folks that developed The Missing Sync had to create their own Android calendar app called Fliq to achieve this.


The Missing Sync suffers from one fatal flaw where other solutions like doubleTwist easily take an advantage, in the fact that you’re going to have to drop about 40 bones to purchase the client. Or you could skip them all and just use a Google calendar synced to your phone automatically. Now that’s a thought.

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  1. Wow. $40 for something Google Calendar Sync does for free? Am I missing something? Why would you buy this?

  2. lol a $40 feature that is free from google… GO GOOGLE!

  3. I bought this because I could and wanted to see if the wifi itunes sync was good.


    Customer service is annoying, too.

    I bit the bullet so no one else has to. This thing sucks.

  4. Unfortunately Google Calendar Sync has some issues dealing with specific Outlook situations and therefore didn’t work for me (my company just switched to Outlook 2007 from Lotus Notes – which was even worse).

    But, now I’m using gSyncit ( that works well and does the job of getting the Outlook calendar synced to a Google Calendar (plus, it has more features than Google Calendar Sync, like syncing with a non-default calendar).

    If you want to keep your work calendar completely segregated from Google Calendar, though, it looks like you’ll have to go for one of these other syncing options.

  5. Wow, I’m amazed at how many Missing Sync bashers there are. Granted, I kind of choked at the price too, but I’m guessing the fragmentation in the platform has something to do with this, because Android is not just Android. There are variations not only between versions, but with customizations like HTC Sense UI as well, which includes custom mail/contact/calendar apps, meaning extra work to make everything work right. Anyway, there was no other Android sync solution that would properly synchronize my existing iTunes playlists to my Android phone (at least at the time it was, haven’t checked in a few months now). This allows me to maintain a single set of playlists for both my Android phone and my iPod Touch which, admittedly, doesn’t get hardly any use after I got my Droid Eris (still better for long trips in the car). Anyway, the Missing Sync is great, because it syncs way more stuff than most sync apps out there. Not just music, ringtones, pictures, contacts, and calendar, but also generic file folders of your choosing, and it also backs up your SMS/MMS messages and call log. I don’t know of ANY other app that can do all that. My biggest problem with it is that the WiFi sync is ridiculously slow for some reason, whereas syncing via a cable is very fast. I’m sure they’ll get that fixed in time. Oh, and when I posted a bug in their support forum (wouldn’t recognize iTunes playlists if you have your iTunes library in a non-default location), I got VERY fast responses, and the issue was quickly fixed in the next update. Bad customer service? Not for me. Really, the only glaring omission in this thing is a Market search function. Oh, and I will admit the user interface could use an overhaul (it’s just weird), but once you learn its quirks, it works quite well.

  6. I’m confused yet again. I’ve been using google’s Calendar Sync desktop app for over a year now. it sync’s all my outlook calendar appointments to my google calendar. why would i need another app to do this?

    Does this app offer contact sync? That would make it worth a few bucks in my book. Manually updating my google contacts to match my outlook contacts is pretty time consuming.

  7. If you have ever tried using the Google Sync and iCal, there is no question why we’re waiting for another syncing option, even if we do have to cough up $40.

    Google Sync won’t sync all of your calendars in iCal. You have to recreate all of your calendars and it isn’t seamless. Sure, you get what you pay for….free is free…but I’d be willing to throw down 40 bones to get a good sync since I’m stuck with the moto droid for the next two years. 40 bucks for the missing sync, if it works the way I hope it will work, is priceless compared to having to get an iPhone and AT&Ts crap service in order to sync to my Mac.

    Sure, the iPhone is supposed to come to Verizon now, but in the mean time, I have the droid and a lot of meetings that I would rather not have to pull out my 17″ laptop when I spent a pretty penny to have a cell phone that was supposed to eliminate that hassle.

  8. Perhaps a stupid question, but here goes-
    I have synced my droid incredible to our web server for outlook at work-this works. my contacts, calendar and email are all synced-to some degree anyway.
    Its not real time, and the biggest challenge is when I need to send a mtg update/request time change from my phone.
    I get a weird attachment-and can’t get the revised invite to go through-will an app like the missing sync fix this? Will it make my contacts easier to manage??
    Does it provide functionality similar to motoblur?? I loved that feature, but the phone was too bulky for me.
    Any feedback is appreciated!!

  9. I just dropped the $40 on it and let me tell you….it is BEAUTIFUL, baby. My iCal and address book are exactly the way I want them without the bullshit google cal that I had nothing but problems with.

  10. I bought this because I’m a muthaf@#$@ing millionaire. I got so much money, I pay 40 dollars for programs that do the same thing Google Calendar does for free. And that’s your girlfriend wants me.

  11. Nobody seems to care about privacy issues. I don’t like Big Bro watching me when I type on my cell phone. Do you?
    MissingSync doesn’t use proxy services – it puts all data straight into my phone. Pity it can’t deal with the default calendar, but I guess it had to be that way thanks to Google.
    BTW, I had Apple Address Book synced with google contacts and then with Android contacts – what a hell!! My contacts list was growing each time I did a single sync. From 340 I got 2800 in one day! That’s why I like MissingSync. No hassle anymore.

  12. I am following this thread with great interest. I am considering getting an Android phone but have concerns about using Googles Cal and syncing my iCal and Contacts. I use a Mac and am happy with the way iCal works. I am getting the feeling from the above discussions that if the bugs are worked out I should be able to ‘two-way sync’ my iCal entries and contact info between the phone (w/ the Fliq cal) and my Mac seamlessly? Is this correct? Pls share your experiences…


  13. What I can’t figure, if about a 1,000 years ago Palm could produce software that would allow a full sync with Microsoft Outlook, and I don’t mean only contacts and calender but the lot, why are we struggling in this day and age to sync Android phones with Outlook?

  14. I agree with the recommendation of gSyncIt. After struggling with Missing Sync for Android for several days (without any contacts or calendar items on my new phone) I finally downloaded gSyncIt from and it just works. I have all my contacts and calendar items on my phone now. Still too early to say it definitely works – I haven’t for instance updated anything on the phone and seen it move back through GMail to Outlook – but the start is hopeful. Missing Sync’s support team is good but the product is not.

  15. bought the missing sync for the wifi folder sync feature. It’s so slow that its unusable. A 1gb video file takes about 1.5 hours to copy. I’ve requested that the bug be fixed or they refund my money. We’ll see what they do.

  16. I just downloaded missing sync and it blows googles shitty sync services out of the water. For those of you complaining about slow syncing over wi-fi, are you really that stupid?? The slow responsiveness in downloading videos and files has little to do with missing sync and a lot to do with your slow ass Internet connections.

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