Droid Incredible Mysteriously “Unavailable” On Verizon Website? [UPDATE]



We’ve received a few tips that when attempting to purchase the HTC Droid Incredible on the Verizon Wireless website, users were met with a screen stating the phone was currently unavailable. I decided to look into it for myself, and sure enough when navigating to the Droid Incredible splash page and clicking “Buy Now” I was met with the same result. The handset also appeared absent from the browsable list of phones. Sure, the Incredible has been suffering from some stock issues, but completely unavailable? Rest assured, this issue will no doubt be cleared up in short order, so if you are still in the market for the Incredible hang tight.

[UPDATE]: As pointed out in the comments below, we have confirmed that the lack of availability is just a minor hiccup in Verizon’s system. The SKU number was changed with the inclusion of a 2GB microSD card with purchase and a packaging change. All should be back to normal soon. We should mention that there are still some slight stock issues and the Incredible is back-ordered until early June.

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  1. Pulled for redesign?

  2. I just added it to my cart with no problems.
    The page prior to adding it said it would ship 6-15-2010

  3. Let’s just say that I feel incredibly lucky to have gotten one. However, is there something going one with the Inc that we do not know about? Some serious issues perhaps?

  4. yeah the issue is they cannot make them fast enough to meet demand. Maybe they got tired of having to continue to push back the ship date so they just figured they would take it off for a little while.

  5. just a sku change new packaging and 2gb card in box. all it is

  6. This is just a bad rumour!!!! I just looked up and it says will be shipped by 6/15!!! What’s going on guys?? Need a fact check!

  7. Hmm this does have me a bit concerned. I ordered mine from a Verizon store yesterday and was told it would ship out on June 10th. Now I’m wondering if there is an actual issue with the phone itself…

  8. I am on my 2nd Incredible since the release. Verizon and HTC have been no help at all. This phone has some serious issues. They can blame the Samsung all they want. I had a verizon rep and a store rep on the phone at the same time today and the store rep told me with the verizon tech rep listening that he wasn’t sure his store would ever get the phone in the store stock again. Now you tell me that theres not some serious issues going on with this phone. They even extended my 30 day no worry return till June 29th. Read all the forums people and see all the complains!

  9. Customers will lose faith in HTC fairly quickly if this continues….. first nexus touchscreen, then Hero upgrade, now this….??? I have a hero but never again from HTC and GOOD BYE Sense!!! It is senseless!!

  10. I will repeat myself.. Its a sku change from adr6300aw to adr6300aw2

  11. err adr6300vw to adr6300vw2

  12. You can’t purchase it from the splash site, but as of right now (5 p.m. ET), the Droid Incredible can be purchased from Verizon’s bc2 site.

  13. Frankly, I’m not sure what all the fuss is about. I’ve had the Incredible for several weeks now and it’s amazing. I’m not sure serious issues they are talking about? Stock issues maybe, but the phone itself? Nothing that I have experienced. Battery life could be better but beyond that, the phone is awesome and so fast and responsive and internet surfing is a joy now but maybe that’s because i was using a crummy Omnia phone before! I hated it with a passion.

  14. From information week (http://www.informationweek.com/blog/main/archives/2010/05/droid_shadow_ma.html;jsessionid=IBJ1DWRYI4CRZQE1GHOSKHWATMY32JVN)

    Update: Verizon Wireless responded to the Incredible’s absence from its site:

    The Droid Incredible is still available from Verizon Wireless. By the time you get this email, the device should be back up on the web site. We are now packing a 2G mini SD card with the device and requiring a new internal order number so the Internet team removed the old post to insert the new one…with a new internal order number. No one realized the stir it would create so apologies for not notifying you sooner but all is well in Droidville:) The Droid Incredible is still available…those who order today their phones will ship on 6/15.

  15. I noticed that earlier, but a rep actually emailed me just a few moments ago to confirm my Incredible is still due to be shipped by 6/3, just as it stated when it was ordered.

    The wait reason was still communicated as “Due to the high demand”.

  16. Other than not being in stock, I don’t understand what all the issues are either. Mine has been perfect since day 1. It’s basically a bigger, faster, less buggy version of the Eris I had before.

  17. I sure am glad I went in the day of launch and bought the first one sold from the local VZW store. They had them in the store 3 days before launch. I found out went in and asked them to put my name on one and since they own my first born due to the amount of business I do with them they did just that. They text me day before launch and advised they were opening an hour early for launch and I was there when they open the door. Sure would hate to have to wait until 6/15/10.

  18. I don’t know of any issues either, I’ve had my phone since launch day and I friggin love it. It’s by far the coolest thing I own.

  19. I preordered mine, it worked fine until last night when I lost the ability to call anyone, no problem with text or internet or even receiving phone calls, went to VZW store and they couldn’t figure it out either. Told me to take it to a store with a repair center…kinda pissed. Still love the phone though.

  20. No problems with mine had it since 2 days after launch. Awesome phone best i have ever owned for sure.

  21. Just got an email notification a couple hours ago that my new DInc shipped today.

    Am hoping it comes with the 2gb micro-sd card, now.

  22. dave when did you order yours?

  23. I ordered mine on the day it was released and received it 2 days later via overnight. Then a few weeks later I got a 2GB card in the mail with a note that said thanks for buying, we know you didnt qualify for the 2GB card but here you go anyway. Nice touch! (wirefly.com actually) There are no problems with the phone so stop inciting a panic already. phone is sweet!

  24. Inc rocks. All of you people spreading rumors are rubes and/or “other phone, fanboys”.

    To me UR just rubes.

  25. I’ve had the incredible for 3 weeks and have had no problems with it. Phone works great and is super fast.

  26. Bestbuy claims to have them…

  27. I went to get mine on launch day and they were sold out. Had it shipped the next day overnight with a 2GB sdcard and it’s been the best phone I’ve had. Does everything and I’m getting 2.5 days of battery life so I’m not complaining. My dad is dying to get one. He has his name on the list when they come in. There is nothing wrong with the phone other than HTC can’t make enough.

    BTW Bestbuy is also sold out. Nobody has this phone. Almost feels exclusive like the N1 cause only a few lucky people got them on launch.

  28. I ordered on the 10th and got conformation of shipping yesterday. I’ll have mine today. :P

  29. Incredible is the best phone I’ve ever owned. One note… I’ve had my phone over 3 weeks now and my battery life has actually increased. I guess it’s “broken in” now?

  30. @ DJ Lance Rock =

    The battery on a smart phone “conditions” as time goes on, (usually within the first couple weeks…) But I bet you’ve started playing with the Incredible less then when you first got it too.

    With the exception of the battery, this is by far the best device on the market at this point. There are no major issues with quality, it’s a good phone. It’s success is the only reason you can’t get it.

    I <3 Incredible.

  31. Bought the last incredible in Arkansas 3 weeks ago . Absolutely ZERO complaints about quality . Battery very questionable . Anyone know when the 2150 extended battery will actually be available ? Everything else about this phone rocks . It will fart for you if you ask it to !

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