Samsung Galaxy S Goes Up for Pre-Order on Amazon Germany


If you live in the land of good beer and lederhosen clad wenches to deliver said beer, you can now pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S on Amazon.de. Samsung’s take on the uber-phone will set you back 649 euros, but you will be one of the first to get what is surely one of the hottest Android phones of the summer, complete with a 4-inch Super AMOLED display.


No specific date of release is given, and I don’t spreken ze duetch to decipher what else the page says. I suppose that is what Google Translate is for. Nevertheless, this one has been quietly going up for pre-order with a pending release sometime in June throughout Europe. Still no clear word on when a US carrier will have this one.

[via oled-display]

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  1. comon t mobile heres is your chance to redeem your self.

  2. And even THERE…..all they mention is a 1Ghz Application Processor.

    So after all the hype about the Hummingbird process this past winter/spring…..they’ve wimped out and put a cheaper chip their product…….

  3. Its not that bad a price for the device.

  4. Does anyone know the processor/gpu? I read somewhere that the gpu would be SGX540, which might be better than the one possibly going to be used on the next iphone and is better than the one in the ipad. What i don’t get is why make a phone like that and NOT chuck in hdmi out and only give it 256mb of ram. I think im going to have to wait until 2012 to buy a good phone. I want a good gpu,hdmi out, front facing camera and physical keyboard(will be ok without). I think i might end up getting a tablet or something,expecially if im going to end up having to spend 700 euros/860$.

  5. “And even THERE…..all they mention is a 1Ghz Application Processor.So after all the hype about the Hummingbird process this past winter/spring…..they’ve wimped out and put a cheaper chip their product…….”
    -Marcelo L

    The Hummingbird processor is still in. Just because one site only said “application processor” instead of specifying the exact model doesn’t mean anything.

  6. I stand corrected. It will have 512 ram, even though until yesterday the world thought it would have 256. Thats what gsm arena said anyways. They seem to have a pretty full review http://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_i9000_galaxy_s-review-478.php

  7. the 3.5″ screen size is too small. 4.3″ is too big….4″ will look just right

  8. I got HTC desire 2 weeks ago. This phone looks nice just no flashlight…. and desire will properly get Android 2.2 first.
    Super ambled looks nice.

  9. mmhh, I dont like the UI at all. Even though super amoled sounds nice

  10. Actually Nexus One got 2.2 first :)

  11. I will switch to T-Mobile if they get this phone.

  12. Our German beer wenches wear Dirndl not Lederhosen. Lederhosen is tradtional dress for men.

  13. phone looks awes’

  14. My best friend growing up works for T-Mobile HQ in Seattle and texted me the other day that one of his co-workers has the Galaxy S prototype for T-Mobile and it will definitely be launched later this year. I was really excited since I still have the aging G1 he hooked me up with a year and a half ago. However, the lack of camera flash kinda ruins this phone for me personally. He said they’re probably going to get an Evo-like phone later this year, too, so I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for that. While that’s just a guess though, the Samsung phone is definitely coming to Tmo.

  15. If T-Mobile gets this phone my entire workforce is joining the T-Mobile family. 12 of us. Come on T-Mobile, snag this phone.

  16. GSM Arena said this phone is at the top of the food chain of Android phones both performance wise and looks wise. They also say that the Nexus Ones AMOLED display doesn’t even hold a candle to the Galaxy S.

    @Marcelo L…..Do a little research and you will see that the processor is still a ARM Cortex A8 w/ a Hummingbird chipset. It would not be cheaper for Samsung to drop in a ARM Cortex Snapdragon. They manufacture the Hummingbird and not the Snapdragon.

  17. If support is going to be anything like the BH2, anyone considering this phone had surely better reconsider. Consider yourself warned.

  18. “the 3.5″ screen size is too small. 4.3″ is too big….4″ will look just right”

    My thoughts as well.

  19. Yah get this phone people! Then you’ll never see an update a
    t all like what they’re doing to the behold 2 owners. I SAY BOYCOTT THERE CELLPHONE PRODUCTS!

  20. Who cares about updates when we’ve got cyanogen on our side?

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