A Zombie Apocalypse on Your Android [Live Wallpaper]


My heart has a huge soft spot for zombies — just the kind of moist and tender spot that would make it the perfect snack for the living dead — so when I heard about the Pixel Zombies Live Wallpaper I couldn’t help but immediately assume it was the coolest Live Wallpaper ever. And you know what? I don’t care if you don’t think it is the coolest because it has zombies and Android and nuclear bombs, so you simply can’t argue this one with me. If you have ever played with an online zombie apocalypse simulator you’ll get the gist of this one pretty easily.


You get red dots representing zombies, blue dots representing the zombie hunters, and green dots representing sacks of delicious walking human meat. And on top of getting to watch the dots battle it out for survival with running population statistics, dropping a new icon on the screen acts as a nuclear bomb that will wipe out the sum total of little pixel zombies. An awesome added touch that makes this Live Wallpaper more than just a background simulation.

I’ve always thought Live Wallpapers were one of the niftier features in Android 2.1, but if you have only checked out the stock options you may have overlooked them as just fancy animated backgrounds that eat up system resources. Thankfully, a few new Live Wallpapers such as Pixel Zombies have surfaced in the Android Market that really showcase how fun and interactive the feature can be. Now if we can get a George Romero widget I’ll be all set. Download it here.



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  1. Totally useless waste of CPU cycles.

    And totally awesome.

  2. Is there something complicated to the QR code? Wouldn’t a generator site like work?

  3. You can use this to generate the QR code URL. All you really need to do is stick that market URL in the proper field of the QR code location.

    So, for this app, the URL for the QR code is:×230&chl=market%3A%2F%2Fsearch%3Fq%3Dpname%3AhaydenTheAndroid.liveWallpaper.pixelZombies

    For it would be:×230&

  4. Not showing up in my Market. Droid 2.1 non-root.

  5. QR Codes and links dont work yet. You will have to do a manual search for it on the Market App. Search for “Zombies Live” and you will find it. Its a paid app – 99 cents.

  6. Looks like Daniel beat me to the Submit button….both services work well. My apologies to both of you…there were no replies when I began my post. (A 2 yr old climbing over the back of your chair has an interesting way of dragging down one’s productivity…. ;)


  7. Um…not showing up in the market for me. Droid 2.1

  8. @JeffDenver
    The link provided and the QR code I generated from worked fine for me.

  9. Jeff:

    I just tested my method (didn’t try Daniel’s), but using the ‘Barcode Scanner’ app on my HTC Incredible with 2.1….it translated the QR code…and then after clicking on ‘open browser’ it went straight to the market and displayed the Pixel Zombies’ game. So…yep, QR codes work just fine with URL’s (market or otherwise) and I’ve used them in other url based ways as well.


  10. this makes me think of the future possibilities for live wallpapers. Such as interactive games, widgets, and more. This wallpaper makes touching the home screen a game that can influence human to zombie ratios. A natural, but awesome direction for live wallpapers.

  11. QR codes don’t work for me, nor does a manual search. I’d guess it takes a while for the app to propagate out into the market for different regions.

  12. Not seeing this on the Hero (1.5) Market. Seems to have vanished?

  13. How do you do the nukes? I see it in the screenshots, but I cant trigger them myself.

  14. @MR_COATES
    ofcourse you don’t, live wallpaper works on 2.1 only :/

  15. Barcode Scanner would not recognize the QR code but Google Goggles did.

  16. Can’t get to download it on my N1 with Froyo 2.2

  17. @JeffDenver “dropping a new icon on the screen acts as a nuclear bomb that will wipe out the sum total of little pixel zombies!”

  18. Another fun live wallpaper is “Fireworks” by Bobby Jaeger. It’s interactive, and who doesn’t love Fireworks?!?

  19. its not in the market on my droid 2.1 =o(

  20. this is retarded.
    why so many countries can’t purchase apps?
    and sell them…

  21. Just downloaded this (99 cents), on my Nexus One 2.2 Froyo. I LOVE IT. Very fun and interactive. Made my co-worker a bit jealous as he was running off his mouth and high fiving everyone to how cool his iPhone is.

    To the developers if you are reading this, make it so I can drop a nuke by double tapping the screen (like the Nexus wallpaper and how if I touch the screen it shoots colored Nexuss’). 5 stars!

  22. its not in the market on my droid 2.1 =o(

  23. So much win. Amazing idea.

  24. Still not in my Market. No QR code or link or search works. Droid 2.1 non-root in NYC.

  25. zombies

    so are pirates.
    thank you pirates of the caribbean.

  26. this is great. you don’t have to put a new icon on the screen. just tap and hold an existing one as if you were going to move it and then release it into its same spot to activate the nuke.

  27. I cant find it :( n i really want it (Moto Droid 2.1 non-root)

  28. used google goggles and found it but it sayed it couldnt be found

  29. Makes me sad Verizon disabled live wallpaper in the 2.1 update for Droid Eris. That is what happened, right?

  30. This is frickin awesome. Love dropping the nuke.

  31. Wallpaper is not showing up for my 2.1 droid.

  32. Also not in my market. I’m on Cyanogenmod 2.1 for G1. 2.1 stuff normally shows up for me.

  33. Hahaha, this is sweet. :)

  34. Finally showed up in Market. I like the update “v1.0.1 – Possible fix so Droid owners can find it in the market”. Well it worked! Nice work. Definitely worth a buck!

  35. Got it on my desire and its good.

  36. As of last night not showing up on a Hero 2.1 update. Tried link and multiple manual searches :(

  37. If you’re looking for more zombies on Android, check out Dead End, a zombie defense shooter!

  38. I’m using the HTC Hero with the 2.1 android firmware but I am unable to get it set as my wallpaper. There is no options available for it when attempting to set it

  39. Cassdroid is right! They do Rock!

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