Cisco to Introduce Android Tablet?


The latest tablet rumor comes from the Cisco camp, with an insider tip appearing on CNET’s Buzz Out Loud podcast. A listener wrote in claiming the Cisco will be releasing a 7-inch Android tablet for the business market. Features would focus on productivity and include front-facing camera, dual microphones with noise cancellation, and advanced VPN support for remote office access.


Is cisco trying to go after Apple in the tablet market after having filed an infringement suit over the iPhone trademark? This one is about as big of a rumor as they get, but it isn’t too hard to believe Cisco would want to get in on the tablet game with all the recent hubbub surrounding the iPad and the rush to get competitor’s to market. Cisco has made no comment on the matter, and no additional details are available as far as release date and pricing are concerned.

[via electronista]

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  1. i can finally vpn into my porn collection using a tablet.

  2. i’m just kidding. i don’t collect porn. i only watch it. there’s a difference.

  3. vpn is already supported on cyanogen and most 2.1 devices. what’s so much more magically needed?

  4. Lots of tablets.

    By the end of 2012 there will be lost of tablets to choose from out there.

  5. @Matt
    Some PTPP settings are not supported, notably connecting to pfSense fails.

  6. You can’t connect to cisco ASA’s from an android handset yet. That is a deal breaker for our company, though not for me. Though i wish it had it because i could use my iPhone to connect and remotely administer everything under my control.

  7. At the end of 2012, we are all going to be dead, aren’t we? It’s what I hear :)

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