HTC Desire on Telstra Gives Aussies GPS Connection Issues


Telstra just dropped the HTC Desire on the Australian masses last week, and it looks like the handsets aren’t without some Telstra-specific issues. Several users over at Whirlpool have noticed GPS connectivity problems with their new Androids. Both Telstra and HTC had little to say on the issue when contacted by members of the forum.


Reports indicate the problem may lie in the ROM installed on Telstra models of the Desire. Flashing the ROM with a generic variant seems to clear the problem right up.

Any new owners of an HTC Desire in Australia experiencing this issue? Sound off below.

[via Android Australia]

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  1. There seems to always be a problem with HTC phones recently. Whether its the nexus’s 3G issues, or this. I hope they improve their manufacturing quality and eliminate these silly problems. Android needs HTC

  2. I just picked up a desire last week and have no problems. Of course I bought mine off eBay and am using it on Vodafone so that’s probably the explanation.

  3. hahah, its probably the crap they include with the phone. Telstra releases some really buggy stuff on their handhelds, i am not surprised one bit.

  4. I’m experiencing the issue. Telstra have said a patch will be released (as well as a new Full ROM) on the 30th April. I’m waiting for this.

    The fault manifests itself as a lack of suitable connection, like the GPS Receiver is partially deaf. It can only see a few satellites and hardly connects and uses them.
    If you leave it outside for 10 minutes it will get a lock, but as you walk near it, you lose the lock.

    Some users have tried stock HTC Roms with good success, but have had issues with MMS and other services.

    The Telstra ROM contains a few items that can not be removed and apparently the fault (settings) snuck into the final build.

  5. @Boxy The Desire and the Nexus One are nearly the same phone… Memory is partition (slightly) different, and the Desire has a touchpad and better buttons, but beyond that (and Sense), there isn’t much to differentiate them. Probably share much of the same internal design.

    The Incredible strays more from either and it’s actually seen some improvements over either, better touch sensor being the most noteworthy… Altho the 8GB of built in-storage is also nice (but that needs work, software-wise, so it can be used by apps).

  6. Got mine from the UK (therefore stock unlocked) and must say GPS works fine. At the very least, it works a whole lot better than on my aged N95. I’ve got it on Voda, but I also have a telstra sim which i haven’t tested on it.

  7. I want gps n I need setting up for deaf I need relay communication for me cuz I am deaf

  8. Lucky I went for the Nexus One :)
    No problems on that with Telstra NextG.

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