Apr 25th, 2010

There’s some good news for our phans who can’t use Google Checkout in their countries (or aren’t particular fans of it): PayPal has found a way to incorporate its payments system with Android and will soon be offered as an option in the Android Market. They expect the service to be ready in Q2 2010 (i.e. within a few weeks) and will support several countries starting out, including the United States, Australia, Canada, France, UK, Italy, and the Netherlands.


The news comes to us as PayPal’s Benelux Country Manager Dennis van Allermeersch announced it in a meeting at the company’s Amsterdam headquarters.

“We have found a way, Apple is OK with it”.

Granted there are no hooks or catches, will you guys switch over to the new method? Is Google Checkout treating you just fine? Do you just hate PayPal and want nothing to do with them period? Let it all out below.

[Thanks, Gadgets DNA]

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