PayPal Becomes An Additional Payment Option For Android Market


There’s some good news for our phans who can’t use Google Checkout in their countries (or aren’t particular fans of it): PayPal has found a way to incorporate its payments system with Android and will soon be offered as an option in the Android Market. They expect the service to be ready in Q2 2010 (i.e. within a few weeks) and will support several countries starting out, including the United States, Australia, Canada, France, UK, Italy, and the Netherlands.


The news comes to us as PayPal’s Benelux Country Manager Dennis van Allermeersch announced it in a meeting at the company’s Amsterdam headquarters.

“We have found a way, Apple is OK with it”.

Granted there are no hooks or catches, will you guys switch over to the new method? Is Google Checkout treating you just fine? Do you just hate PayPal and want nothing to do with them period? Let it all out below.

[Thanks, Gadgets DNA]

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  1. ““We have found a way, Apple is OK with it”.”

    Uh…..why did he say that?? Ill be using paypal most likely.

  2. I’m glad of that because I dont have a credit card but I do have a paypal account.

  3. Cuz it’s coming to iPhone app store as well, google the quote

  4. “Cuz it’s coming to iPhone app store as well, google the quote”

    I still dont see what that has to do with it. Apple doesnt own paypal.

  5. of course apple is ok with it, those guys would do anything to make sure the audience can shell out their money the easiest way possible.

  6. Seems to me it doesn’t matter if it has to deal with the iPhone or not, why would the editor include it for an article about the Android Market? Doesn’t have any relation.

  7. I’ll stick to using Google Checkout instead.

  8. Which ever is intigrated and easiest to usr

  9. I like paypal and would rather use it, however there are a couple requirements. First, paypal should be able to work with the 24 hour refund policy most apps have. Second, I hope that paypal would require the user’s password each time to purchase an app unlike google checkout, I hate worrying about letting someone use my phone and them accidentally buying an app off the market.

  10. Glad there is Google checkout. I will never use this. Sorry guys I have had too many paypal horror stories not a one for Google Checkout.

  11. seems like they’re unaware that Australia is a continent and not a country

  12. This is exciting news. I’m curious if it will be transparent for developers, or if additional arrangements will have to be made to receive payment.

  13. Excellent! I’d rather NOT use my credit card if I can (that being the problem with Google Checkout), and PayPal gives me that option by being hooked to a little bank account used just for that. No delay, no interest to pay. Done. (yes, I know: no interest if you pay it all off at once, but I’d rather not be bothered being billed for purchases of $.99 or so, thank you.) And I gotta agree with everyone else here; it may be the only quote you could get from PayPal, but since it’s about the iStore, who on this site cares, really?

  14. Australia isn’t a country? Really?

  15. @pede7
    australia is both a country and a continent. dumbass

  16. I don’t care if apple is “ok” with it or not. Apple can eat $#!T for all i care.

  17. I actually got a paypal debit card so I could spend my paypal money in the market.

  18. Australia is a country, Australasia or Oceania (depending how old you are) is the continent.

  19. It does not make sense to introduce this in countries where you already can get paid apps, such as the US, why not focus on the counties that can not get paid apps at all??

  20. @Peter: Totally agree. What’s the point? Bring Paypal payment method to countries that Paypal works with.

  21. Finally, I will definitely be using Paypal as I can use different cards not currently supported by google checkout. This will definitely increase the revenue from the market.

  22. Depending on how it works (ie its essentially the same for the user) I’d swap to paypal. I can then leave the money in there to build up and use it to pay for things which is something I cannot do with Google.

  23. Umm, why not in Germany? Can’t see any reasons for this.

  24. why the hell would ANYONE want to do business with paypal? how stupid do you have to be?

  25. If paypal allows me to provide a coupon code to people, so I can give out a paid app for free, I’d totally use them.

  26. If this means I can get paid apps here without rooting the phone or hunting down each from the dev’s website, I think this is a great idea!

  27. *here=Hungary

  28. This is awesome I hate not being able to buy apps since I don’t have a credit card. Btw apple sucks

  29. I just wondering if monthly subscription will be available in Paypal for Android.

  30. My debit card won’t accept payments in Euros through Google Checkout, so hopefully this will resolve that issue. For instance, I couldn’t get Twidroid full version earlier because of it.

  31. @Peter – Here (in the Netherlands) you can already get paid apps on the Marketplace by using Google Checkout, but that means you have to have a credit card and that’s the problem. It’s not as common over here to pay with a credit card and it’s one of the reasons why my brother can’t get paid apps from the Android Marketplace for example. A payment option that does not require the use of a credit card, like Paypal for example, means that a lot more people over here can purchase apps from the Marketplace.

  32. I’m sure this will boost market buys!
    You don’t often own a credit card if you are under 18 here in Germany, well generally germans don’t own them often, as they are not often used.

  33. “seems like they’re unaware that Australia is a continent and not a country”

    “australia is both a country and a continent. dumbass”

    i thought smart people used android…

  34. I hope that means Market will come to my country at some point. Actually GC accepts payments from Latvia (I payed for an MMO game with it), but Market is now availabe :(

  35. @Chris above: If you call your bank you can get them to allow debit card purchases for overseas transactions, I did it to buy PolarBit’s games from the UK, which were in Euros.

  36. This would be very nice for the Netherlands since creditcards are uncomen here and Paypal is widely used!

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