Android Market: 50,000 and Climbing


When we saw that the Android market enjoyed over 9,000 new app uploads last month, it was apparent that a growth spurt was imminent and that we’d see the app count continue to rise at alarming rates. Now, thanks to estimates by AndroLib’s market-probing analysis, we can safely say that the Android market has reached 50,000 apps.


Whether or not you treat this as a milestone (due to the fact that a lot of apps aren’t worth much) is your own prerogative to play with: we’ll just take solace in the fact that Android is housing so many developers just over a year and a half since the OS appeared on its very first piece of hardware. I’m glad to see the Android market continue to grow, personally, as many developers realize that there’s a potential install base there that isn’t to be ignored.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Huzahh! I wonder how many of those new adds are those damned “touch her hipline/sexy girl pictures” apps. God I hate those things. I can sorta understand what Jobs is saying when simply going to “just in” in the games section inundates you with a ton of soft-core porn “apps” you have to dig through just to find an actual new game release.. Id like to see it gone. Aside from that the market has been exploding with quality content, noone can say we dont have quality 3d games for android anymore. Android FTW.

  2. @Legion; I’m not sure what you’re talking about, I’ve just looked and I can’t find anything of the sort!

  3. @Legion
    I hear what your saying, but to remove those from the market denounces everything Android stands for. Perhaps an adult section needs to be added to the market just so they have a place to be categorized but still exist and still be allowed in the market.

    Just think, when flash comes to android, every single flash game in webbrowsers will be remade into apps and the market will explode overnight.

  4. Use a website that ignores those type of apps. Like AppBrain(my favorite!). They grey out and truncate all those submissions. I’d like to see what AppBrain puts the tally at…

  5. @Ryan

    A porn section would help BIG time, i was checking it right now and saw 12 releases of the same porn app, each with a different model. thats 12x the spam for an app that i wasnt even gonna get…

    Definitely add a sub section for porn, so people can still dl them… Without overflooding the apps/games with it.

  6. @Legion
    I completely understand! Perhaps we could move all of these apps to an ADULTS ONLY section.

  7. old news, but you probably should mention that this is a collective number worldwide and not in just any one country.

  8. @James I didn’t find a real need to include that information as I would think people would realize that America or England aren’t the only two countries in the world.

  9. I’m sure Apple encompasses all of their App Store numbers from other countries into one big ball, as well.

  10. Its kind of funny that on the graph the line hasn’t reached the 50,000 app mark.

  11. Coolish. Now all good ol Android needs is to allow saves on sd card bigtime

  12. Unless you are stuck with a HTC magic with 1.5

  13. Most the new apps i’ve seen are those stupid adult books priced around 6-7 bucks, one person added around 1,700 in a few days…. quality apps are needed, not the same stupid app, one after the other.

  14. I agree with post #11 (Mensah). The more quality apps are available in Android, the more people will be affected by the limited installation memory space on the phone.

    Plus, more elaborate games and programs are likely to be larger in size, even if their data and graphic files can be stored on the sd card.

  15. the android market should have an ignore developer option that way it will ignore the developer and filter all those spam apps that they make and just make an ignore list where you could take them off if you want

  16. or a filter that blocks apps with certain words like “porn” or “adult”

  17. if google cant do it then maybe a developer can that would just make a mirror app to the android market but with filters

  18. This is GREAT news it shows how Indie developers are able to compete with big companies. Sure, the apps might not exactly be high quality but there surely is a large number of innovative apps.
    But seriously, there should be an adults section that can only be toggled in the settings. I hate those dumb apps, anyone who wants to see hot women on their android device is better off going to the internet

  19. 80% of those seems to be Puzzles…LOL

  20. its funny to see apps competing with each other (beautiful widgets and weather widget donate come to mind) then the 50 task killers out there LOL

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