Will the Samsung Galaxy S Arrive at All Major US Carriers by End of Year?


It was first believed the Samsung Galaxy S might end up as an AT&T exclusive. A filing with the Bluetooth SIG, however, suggested that the phone may be appearing on T-Mobile as well. Now there is speculation arising that the Galaxy S will make its way to the big four US carriers by the end of the year. Broadpoint.AmTech analyst Mark McKechnie stated recently that it could be on AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint by the end of June, and follow on Verizon at a later point in the year.


McKechnie, who based his prediction on word from internal sources at both Samsung and the major carriers, sees this as either a sign that the Galaxy S was not appealing enough to carry the weight of an exclusive on any network or that Samsung believes they have a phone with such appeal that they want it to be available to the most consumers possible. Samsung has yet to release a truly great Android device, or even make a huge splash in the smartphone market for that matter (though they rank second as the global supplier of cell phones), so they could be banking on the Galaxy S to be a break-out device.

Take this as industry speculation with only minimal evidence to support it, but the move may make sense during a summer dominated by handsets that could easily overshadow the Galaxy S. With the iPhone 4/HD and HTC EVO 4G seeing a release during the same period, having their latest smartphone on as many networks as possible may be the best way for Samsung to get their phone noticed. If this is the case, the Samsung Galaxy S should be a pretty strong contender as the rallying point for their smartphone market share.

[via Forbes]

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  1. I hope not in fact I hope its only a T-Mobile exclusive

  2. The more Android devices the better competition to weed out the weak & crappy phones, or at least make them cheaper. It’s a good thing.

  3. Wow…if this and the other story about the Xperia on AT&T (provided they don’t gut it and get it up to 2.1) come true then where will the poor iPhone hide? lol. And I’m sure there will more releases to be announced it really looks like this year will turn out to be all Android. The new iPhone will be lost in the overall shuffle and I love it. It means everyone will have to fight for their spot on top of the hill and we’ll see new features coming left and right.

  4. 2Fr35h-

    Why would you want it to only be on T-Mobile? Do you want it to be a failure?

  5. Hope it comes out for all the networks. I hope it’s not a TeenMobile exclusive phone. That would be risky for samsung.

  6. @mike

    Why would it be a failure if only t-mobile had it?

    T-Mobile NEEDS more exclusive android phones that has the kind of specs this phone has. T-Mobile needs higher end devices like the droid incredible that happens to be on verizon now…

    If its as good as a phone as it sounds it will be a success regardless of which carrier it lands to.

  7. @2FR35H why the fuk are some of you guys so damn selfish? why don’t you want other people to have the option for this phone? that way people can truly pick the network they wan’t no based on phone but network alone… freedom from carrier is awesome.

    nobody “NEEDS more exclusive android phones” they need to STOP making exclusive shit and make it public… could you imagine you friends walking around with evo’s n1’s and galaxy s’s, i might actually be able to use the video call feature if some people actually had phones that had FFC’s, but if they are exclusive how the hell is that ever going to happen…

    i say to hell with exclusiveness and i really hope broadening it to the major 4 and beyond is a new trend carriers start to pick up on sometime SOON

  8. I think this would be a great move. Device makers should get their handsets into as many hands as possible. Much like videogames and system exclusivity, I see carrier exclusivity going away, with only a few special devices holding carrier loyalties. This trend would be a win for both manufacturers and consumers. It would probably be good for some carriers (like T-Mobile) who can’t afford the cost of courting big-time exclusivity deals.

  9. Now, if this did come to verizon, would it be worth putting off the droid incredible? What do you guys think?

  10. I agree, I think this could be a great move if it’s true… Let’s just hope the phone doesn’t disappoint, if the newest incarnation of TouchWiz is more MotoBlur than Sense people may just end up ignoring it (less devs to help root it, less ROMs, etc.), that’d be a shame as the hardware looks sexy… AT&T and T-Mo both NEED a phone like this right now imo.

  11. @Covert

    Thanks you stole the words right out of my mouth. End exclusivity!

  12. @2FR35H ….uuh. T-mobile doesn’t have a higher end phone that is very, ver *like* the Incredible. Ever heard of the Nexus One? Essentially the same phone as the Incredible, only got a 5mp camera instead of 8mp, but you get a sleeker look, better form factor, noise canceling mic, and no proprietary Verizon and HTC bullshit like Sense UI. Oh, and it was available in JANUARY.

  13. I wouldn’t be worried about which carrier it goes to, but instead, I’d be worried about Samsung’s track record when it comes to updates and bug fixes.

  14. T-Mobile isn’t selling the N1. Sure, you can buy the bloody phone unlocked. I can either pay $530 for it (which I would never do) or $270 and destroy my grandfathered rate plan (which I would never do). The N1 is not a viable option for many T-Mo customers like myself.

    T-Mo needs to offer a serious Android phone. They don’t. Hopefully they will, or I will change carriers.

  15. T Mobile need a really goood phone that can be sold in the stores. The Nexus 1 is a sweet phone but it being sold over the internet. No hands on. T mobile did put Android on the cell phone market. They should have some of the best phones. The 3 phones that they do have are okay but there not the best. I just really wish that they would get a really kick butt phone.

  16. The only reason i would choose this over the Evo is the super amoled. 4g is just coming up so not that important for me. HTC please get super amoled soon.
    Does installing a new rom get rid of touchwiz? Bit of a noob when it comes to this.

  17. It has the specs, no doubt. But if they want to make a splash in the Android world, making the UI look like the iphone isn’t going to help. If I were to pick up this phone, priority 1 would be disabling the UI. If I had to root the phone altogether to get rid of that annoying UI, I’d probably just opt for another phone.

  18. I could be wrong, but from several different blogs that I’ve read, I believe that the touchwiz can be turned off. Also, from the videos that I’ve seen, Galaxy S only looks like an iPhone when the “application drawer” is open. When the drawer is closed, the wallpaper and widgets look like your typical Android phone… er… uh… with a super AMOLED display of course. :o) I really hope this phone comes to all carriers. Personally, from what I know of the two phones, I prefer Galaxy S over the Evo.

  19. well i know 3 people that had various touch screen samsungs and they all worked great for about a year and then started messing up. Puts little confidence in them for me

  20. Would love to have the pro version. Even without pro, I would probably hold off a couple of months for this phone on verizon, vs the incredible, which I currently plan to get.

  21. This may just be the phone I have been waiting on for my move to T-mobile.

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