Flash On Schedule to Arrive on Android Before Second Half of 2010


An interview with Fox Business recently twisted Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen’s words concerning the release time frame of Flash 10.1 for mobile devices, or so Adobe says. The original report indicated we wouldn’t be seeing full-blown Flash for Android until the second half of the year. Adobe says that’s just not true and Narayen’s words were taken out of context, confirming that Flash 10.1 should be available before the end of the this year’s second quarter.


The confusion arose over an issue of semantics, with Narayen meaning the first new devices with built in Flash support wouldn’t hit the market until the second half of the year, while Flash would be available for already capable handsets well before and without delay. If the announcement of a beta is any indication, than this would seem to be the case.

Is Flash support too little, too late in combating growing support for HTML5? That remains to be decided, but this at least clears up the question of release date. Now I will hand it over to the comments where another Flash vs. HTML5 battle is sure to ensue.

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  1. They’re probably saying that now to try and combat HTML 5. One place I must say Jobs is right is on Flash. Adobe’s developers suck on this project. They can barely support anything besides Windows 32bit and even then its a resource hog. I guess those that like Flash games will keep hanging on to Flash but I’m 100% for HTML 5 for video. I really hope Google open sources their newly bought codec as rumors say they will. Its easy on the cpu to compress and decompress and everybody will be able to use it as the HTML 5 video codec without fear of patent infringement.

  2. HTML 5 will win but it will be nice to have Flash until the time when everything has been converted to HTML 5.

  3. Its pretty hard for Adobe to defend flash for mobile as a viable product till they actually produce a viable product. How long have we been seeing demos of flash 10x for android!

  4. “HTML 5 will win but it will be nice to have Flash until the time when everything has been converted to HTML 5.”

    could not agree more! I could care less what tech is used in the future as long as it works, but for now, everything is on flash, so if i wanna watch hulu i gotta have flash, and until they along with many others change to HTML 5, i will still use flash as well.

    of course the EVO is supposed to ship with full flash as well and that will be in summer so “well after 2nd quater” is kind of a stretch since the EVO is expected to hit before then

  5. Everything is on FLASH, HTML5 is unimportant at the moment since nothing is using it. FLASH will still be necessary until they fix HTML5’s poor optimization. And even then, HTML5 may win, but its useless until websites reprogram for it.

  6. My view on the whole HTML5 and Flash. Since Steve Jobs is anti-Flash and Pro HTML5. HTML5 will win. As far as whats better I dont really care everybody has there opinion just like they have @$$holes. Everything in the computer world just like anything else for that fact has there pros and cons. I personally thing its nice that soon android will have the option to view Flash games, websites.

  7. once Android and Windows mobile 7 support flash, it’s pretty much force Iphone/Ipad to support the current world standard as well. which instead of killing flash, it will make them even stronger. Yeah yeah yeah Jobs is just a person, a lot of people just blindly follows what jobs said without thinking. If Steve Jobs is so great, it will kill the world standard OS already, Windows..but so many attempts, it still failed.

  8. Why do you guys think Steve Jobs hate adobe?
    cause its a brick full of piece shit.

  9. Yep, it’s announcment season.. search “flash goes mobile” for more of the same announcement claptrap that’s been adobes game for years. They can’t keep up with the advancements in the tech, and the minor differences(fragmentation) that make it SO hard to port desktop apps/web flash content to a mobile device. If your platform supports win32 with 1GB ram and 1.2GHZ processor with win2K, you can support the lions share of the worlds’ desktops(flash 10.1 for windows). If your platform only REALLY works on.. a nexus1.. you’ve made a lot to do about a mere drop in the bucket. Certainly, iphone apps only run on iphone–but they never promised you a desktop experience on your mobile, they promised to transform your mobile experience. They certainly did, those who have some appreciation for the android initiative should send a little jobs’ way.. Awesome h.264 on youtube, lubetube, iphone saved pandora (the app we all want to multitask so badly.) The webkit browser (yeah I tried opera, thanks anyway..) There’s always been room for archos in the world of ipods.

    meh.. they’ve been playing this game since the first treo got on the mobile ‘net.’ We all immediately went to our favorite site–said hey crap nothing works.. and adobe said “no problem, we’re working on that..” that was flash 7.. See, if adobe/macromedia had just been honest and said “NO, no desktop experience on your puny handset” the world could have dev’d around flash(read, advertisers would still be landing views).. Every site would have a well thought out mobile site. Instead of mobile flash, we needed “mobile: not flash!” The desktop version would be far superior and stable. They spent so much trying to not let the mobile market slip through their fingers.. they lost sight of their core: awesomely impressive web apps like hobnox audiotool. (whom, last I checked.. some time ago.. were waiting for adobe to implement advances and fixes to known issues so they could continue to grow the site and push webapps to the max…)

    ANYWAY… I’ll keep hope alive, there’s nothing wrong with level headed hope and faith.. so here’s to sprint making good on their promise to put 2.1 on hero someday (uhhh second quarter, for sure this time) and 10.1 following it.. it’ll all work perfectly for all the stuff I currently NEED flash for.. and android and iphone will exist in symbiotic harmony, linked through creative app devs who will be given every features and API available to iphone devs.. all in a handy easy to follow and flow dev UI. Yep, keeping hope alive here (but level headed enough to not take their word for it..)

    Adobe products like photoshop and premeire changed my life, I don’t want them to go out of business. But, nay-sayers take heed.. one name, as many letters.. Atari.

  10. It will take years for html5 to come close to the market penetration that flash already has so Jobs can go dive off a cliff for all I care. Flash is coming whether he likes it or not.

  11. This will be interesting — with all other mobile OS’s supporting Flash this summer, will sales of the iPhone OS (iPhone, iPad, etc) slow down? Hard to know…

    But I do know this: I didn’t buy the iPad because it didn’t have the “full internet”. I’m looking forward to the Android Tablets, which will support the “full internet”, including Flash and HTML5.

    That’s all I care about.

  12. How is this:

    The original report indicated we wouldn’t be seeing full-blown Flash for Android until the second half of the year.

    Any different than this?

    …confirming that Flash 10.1 should be available before the end of the this year’s second quarter.

    Did you mean to say “first” quarter?

  13. simple math,12 months = 4 quarter. that would mean every 3 months = 1 quarter. if flash is coming the end of second quarter that would mean June. the second half of the year would start in July and end in December. so we should expect flash around the time the ifan club get their 4.0 update.

  14. What about all the stuff that html5 won’t do. The graphs on for example. Flash is now, and will be for quite some time, a necessary piece of the total web browsing experience.

  15. I think that like many of us that is for example the first one really not what we want under one, that’s why if you see one option that never had in order for the end, therefore at the same time evenlly produced at first was out when Flash is under the same rule, at that moment HTML5 is the last Flash. That is how all that Flash/Html5 CR@P sounds to me!!!

  16. Thanks for the corrective article Kevin… appreciated.

    The video on Fox was pretty straightforward. First reaction was from Android fans, who are (understandably) anxious to have the full Web… they misread it as some type of change. This was a pretty innocuous error, though.

    It was only the next day that Apple-oriented sites picked up on it, and they’re the ones who really turned it into the false headline of “Flash delayed”. Shantanu’s words did not substantiate their headlines, but their headlines are what most people read.

    (Flash has always worked alongside HTML. The only thing different this season is the hype on WhatWG’s proposals for “HTML5”. These are working their way through W3C now, and implementations will follow. Adobe tooling will help bridge the differences in HTML implementations, just as other Adobe tooling helps creative people deliver to all types of media channels. The only “battle” is among those who need one.)

    tx, jd/adobe

  17. “My view on the whole HTML5 and Flash. Since Steve Jobs is anti-Flash and Pro HTML5. HTML5 will win”


    I guess not even 4% is Mac so why would Steve Jobs have any influence when it’s all pc users out there?

    As for mobiles, HTML5 is far behind Flash and it will take a lot of time to bridge this gap…if ever.

    I think Flash will keep on leading the way, and HTML5, as being the standard, will try to keep up with Flash.

    Standards grow slower than 1 company apps (Flash) so how can HTML5 ever become just as good as Flash?

  18. Funny to see people do a “HTML5 vs. Flash” discussion. The discussion is and will never be that. Neither will kill the other, since both platforms have completely different uses.

    A more accurate discussion would be: “HTML5 Video vs. Flash Video”. Video is the competition area, not the whole platforms.

    You can’t make a Flash site using HTML5, and just for the sake of video, web development companies are not just going to switch to HTML5 to do their advanced graphics, animations and user interfaces. Not to mention 3D.
    And HTML5 won’t replace video that is being used in Flash sites either, since you cannot contain such HTML in a Flash app.

    Many product microsites (which need to be graphically advanced) and even lots of corporate sites these days are complete Flash sites. HTML5 cannot and does not intend to compete in this area.

    And even if HTML5 “wins” (how the heck do you recon either will “win”??), if will not bring graphically advanced sites to your iPad, or your desktop for that matter.

    The world needs Flash. The world needs HTML5. Both will remain, only a fool would argue that. But what will be interesting is watching which platform will emerge as the weapon of choice for video.

  19. It’s funny to me that people don’t realize that Apple hates Flash becasue you can develop apps and games with it.

    There are already 1,000s of Flash based apps and games out there that Apple can’t get any money off of.

    HTML5 won’t do apps & games so they’re safe supporting it.

  20. This might be some news to android users. I just got news from a adobe presented in Sydney that a public beta release for flash is due on 16th may 2010
    Hope this will be a milwstoe we all have been waiting for

  21. Games that are designed to run on the phone will be better and faster. The biggest advantage of flash on the phone will be videos and website compatibility rather then flash games.

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