Apr 19th, 2010

An interview with Fox Business recently twisted Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen’s words concerning the release time frame of Flash 10.1 for mobile devices, or so Adobe says. The original report indicated we wouldn’t be seeing full-blown Flash for Android until the second half of the year. Adobe says that’s just not true and Narayen’s words were taken out of context, confirming that Flash 10.1 should be available before the end of the this year’s second quarter.


The confusion arose over an issue of semantics, with Narayen meaning the first new devices with built in Flash support wouldn’t hit the market until the second half of the year, while Flash would be available for already capable handsets well before and without delay. If the announcement of a beta is any indication, than this would seem to be the case.

Is Flash support too little, too late in combating growing support for HTML5? That remains to be decided, but this at least clears up the question of release date. Now I will hand it over to the comments where another Flash vs. HTML5 battle is sure to ensue.

[via Engadget]