Apr 12th, 2010

Finally, AT&T is getting a phone that Android users can be proud of. We first reported on this last week where a case of “history tends to repeat itself” showed that the phone might end up on the biggest American GSM carrier. Even more confirmation comes to us today by way of the FCC. If you were blown away by the Samsung Galaxy S’s Super-AMOLED 4″ display at the International CTIA Wireless conference, and if you’re an AT&T customer looking for an Android phone that will actually live up to the OS’s standards, then look no further.


Recently, the FCC approved the phone and naturally brought to light some new details. Besides the outline picture of the device in question, it’s also revealed that the Galaxy S passed with AT&T’s specific 3G bands. I can already hear the mumbling and grumbling coming from all of you: I’m just as skeptical.

AT&T has the annoying habit of putting what I like to call “the chastity belt of technology” on their phones. We saw it with the Motorola Backflip and we’re soon to see it with the Dell Aero. I wouldn’t call this a “crippling” of devices but Android certainly doesn’t feel like Android when AT&T is treating it like Apple treats the iPhone. The only thing to do now is await more details and to see if the Galaxy S will get the same gutting “features” of its Android rivals.

Does this suppress any of your excitement for the Galaxy S? Or will you be happy to finally get a phone on AT&T with hardware that can hold its own against other phones? Drop your thoughts in the comments section below!

[via BGR]

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