Samsung Galaxy S Heading To AT&T Confirmed By The FCC


Finally, AT&T is getting a phone that Android users can be proud of. We first reported on this last week where a case of “history tends to repeat itself” showed that the phone might end up on the biggest American GSM carrier. Even more confirmation comes to us today by way of the FCC. If you were blown away by the Samsung Galaxy S’s Super-AMOLED 4″ display at the International CTIA Wireless conference, and if you’re an AT&T customer looking for an Android phone that will actually live up to the OS’s standards, then look no further.


Recently, the FCC approved the phone and naturally brought to light some new details. Besides the outline picture of the device in question, it’s also revealed that the Galaxy S passed with AT&T’s specific 3G bands. I can already hear the mumbling and grumbling coming from all of you: I’m just as skeptical.

AT&T has the annoying habit of putting what I like to call “the chastity belt of technology” on their phones. We saw it with the Motorola Backflip and we’re soon to see it with the Dell Aero. I wouldn’t call this a “crippling” of devices but Android certainly doesn’t feel like Android when AT&T is treating it like Apple treats the iPhone. The only thing to do now is await more details and to see if the Galaxy S will get the same gutting “features” of its Android rivals.

Does this suppress any of your excitement for the Galaxy S? Or will you be happy to finally get a phone on AT&T with hardware that can hold its own against other phones? Drop your thoughts in the comments section below!

[via BGR]

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The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I’m extremely skeptical — I expect AT&T will neuter this phone as well. But I’m not terribly interested until they offer a phone of this caliber with a physical keyboard.

  2. I am very excited. Even if they do try to cripple it I am sure some one will figure out how to Root it and free up it`s potential.

  3. Finally.. what about the Nexus ? .. Where is the report on “Nexus on AT&T”,, I would be curious how it runs on their network.. are there dropped calls ? .. does the 3G work better than on T-Mobile ?.. Inquiring minds want to know.

  4. I’ll just be happy when AT&T has something more than the backflip. I’m sick of waiting for the x10!!!

  5. Oh, come on AT&T! I’m still holding out for an Android phone… I’m sure someone over at XDA will figure out how to root this baby fast!

    Nexus is available with AT&T 3G bands, but only at the unlocked price of $529.

  6. If I am correct AT&T CANNOT neuter this phone because it is a Google Experience phone. If some of the early shots are correct there is a “with Google” scrawled across the back of it. This by contract means it must deliver Android in full to the end user, Google, unsecure app sources and all.

  7. I’m disappoint.

  8. I’ve got an AT&T 3G compatible Nexus. I get 1.5-3.0 Mbps down in LA with none of the 3G issues the TMobile people are having. I do get dropped calls though like any phone attached to their network.

  9. @Darkseider I really hope you’re right. I’ve been holding off on getting an iPhone because I just really thought you’d be able to do more with Android and would rather support it than Apple (especially with their recent shenanigans with Adobe and Google), but I am stuck on AT&T (work pays for service).
    Saw this badboy announced at CTIA and have been hoping ever since it would come to AT&T, but then started hearing about the neutering of other Android sets like the Blur and my excitement waned.

    But I can hold out a little longer just in case, because this one totally looks worth the wait.

  10. @Darksider

    I’m still skeptical. AT&T has a way of ruining great things by the time they make it to end user. Guess we’ll have to wait and see. If it had been any other network I would have been excited.

  11. Again this is Google’s licensing of Android.

    There are three flavours of software that can be installed by a phone manufacturer:

    1. “No obligation” – Manufacturer can load Android onto a handset and restrict access to certain apps and games in any way it sees fit. It can’t, however, preload Google applications onto the device (Gmail, etc).

    2. The second version is similar to the above version except that manufacturers are allowed to preload Google applications onto the device by signing a distribution agreement with Google. About 12 to 14 handsets coming out this year will feature this flavor of Android.

    3. “With google experience” – Phones are physically distinguishable by the “Google” logo on the phone. They include a range of Google applications that the carrier and handset maker agree not to remove from the phone. The carrier and handset maker also agree not to censor access to the Android market.

    So again. IF I remember correctly the Galaxy S has “With Google” emblazoned on the back of it. Which means by these terms that neither Samsung or AT&T can muck with.

  12. I’m excited and will likely buy this, assuming trumping news of another awesome phone doesn’t come out before this one is released. I’ve been WAITING for phones to be released for so long… First the X10 got me excited, then I lost hope, then the Motoroi XT720 that was rumored for AT&T back in Jan. But nothing turned up. Then back to X10 excitement, now the X10 is trumped by Galaxy S.
    Anyway, Current excitement=Galaxy S.
    If I buy it I’m going to disable my Phandroid feed for awhile so I can enjoy it and not learn that an even better phone is coming in a couple weeks from that date :)

  13. Strange! On at&t’s website, there is no mention of getting a Samsung android phone. It just talks about a Motorola, HTC and Dell.


  14. How are you sure this is heading to AT&T. This could be exactly like the situation with the HTC Hero with AT&T bands last summer.


    This version of the Hero never made it to AT&T it went to Telus in Canada.

    AT&T/Rogers/Telus/Bell all have the same bands.

  15. You have to remember that most phones for Canada also clear the FCC because of roaming. This is why the X10 and Hero were cleared through the FCC on AT&T, the 3 major carriers in Canada run on AT&T’s bands (one minor carrier on T-Mobile bands)

    Both Bell and Rogers already carry Samsung Android phones so either could get the Galaxy S (or both)

    I wouldn’t get to excited about any phone poping up on AT&T bands because they could be going to Canada. Now if it was announced on CDMA or T-Mobile bands you can bet you will likely see it in the states.

    PS. The X10 launches thursday on Rogers so anyone who wants one bad enough could buy one.

  16. Google Experience phone?
    No. I think it will be an AT&T Experience phone.

  17. @Darksider
    I hope you’re wrong, if it’s a Google experience phone, then AT&T simply won’t subsidize it. End of story.

    It’s going to have Yahoo, or it’s going to Telus/Rogers.

  18. I have the HTC magic from Rogers Canada. Works great on ATT’s network.

    If this phone is being cleared for roaming in the US and actually being brought to Canada, the bottom line is that it has ATT’s radios in it. When it is released you will be able to buy an unlocked (and sadly unsubsidized) version and import it. Pop your SIM in, make sure all your APN settings are right, and you’ll be good to go.

    It will be a shame if it doesnt come to ATT US proper. But aside from paying for it unsubsidized, you can still use it on ATT’s network no problem.

    I am excite.

  19. i work for at, and i will b the first to tell you that their phone selection sucks, name one hot phone they offer, besides the over-hyped, played out i-phone, don’t worry i’ll wait………………………….. what i am trying to say is they need the galaxy s, they need a nexus one, they need a savior. every since i first read about the galaxy s i have been excited, wondering who would sell this rolls royce of a phone, now that i hear it is compatible with att, whether we sell it or not i will buy one no matter the cost, i am so tired of looking at my 9000 bold, it’s ridiculous, i think i will buy a nexus one until my savior is released though.

  20. Does anyone have an update/good idea on when the Samsung Galaxy S will be released and the price with a 2-year contract for AT&T?

  21. If AT&T does not get a FLAGSHIP Google Experience phone in the next 60 days, i am changing to Verizon for Spring. I would rather have an HTC Incredible or HTC EVO right now, since AT&T has failed to produce anything interesting. Holding on to the Iphone for dear life is pathetic.

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