AT&T To Get Sony Ericsson X10 at End of July


Engadget Mobile has received word from a “trusted source” that the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is currently scheduled for release at AT&T during the 30th week of this year. This week falls during the waning days of July and the start of August. Of course, this isn’t set in stone, but the existence of an 850/1900 MHz 3G version of the X10 definitely lends credences to AT&T getting Sony Ericsson’s Android 1.6 device.


Hopefully the x10 on AT&T may come with an updated version of the OS, as a phone showing up with 1.6 during a summer filled with Android 2.1 phones will have a lot to compete with, especially with AT&T most likely receiving the Samsung Galaxy S and Dell Mini 5 in advance of the X10 dropping.

[via Engadget Mobile]

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  1. And let me guess AT&T is going to cripple this phone like they have with the motorola backflip? tsk tsk poor android phone.

    Android doesn’t belong on AT&T. They are Nazi’s with pure hatred for Android.

  2. 2FR35H
    atleast it would give ATT customers more options… whats wrong with that? saying it doesn’t belong on a carrier is just dumb

  3. I have to side with too fresh on this one. AT&T has this remarkable gift to totally destroy a phones form and function right out of the gate.

    AT&T can even ruin a wet dream with all their bloat-ware. Unless AT&T can stop doing that, you’re better off just getting an unlocked Android phone and using that.

  4. this thing will be so crippled it’ll need a wheelchair to get around.

  5. “Totally destroy” is such a load of ….
    “better off just getting an unlocked Android phone” Yeah… right. I would have been better off getting (read paying for) an unlocked phone why? To avoid the bloatware? That cost/benefit equation is way out of whack. My Backflip was essentially free, it was a upgrade I ran through Wall-Mart, no shipping, no activation, no charge. So yeah, I COULD have paid $500 or so for an unlocked phone but all I would have gotten would have been no bloatware and an easier time sideloading apps.
    Evidently, I’m an idiot for thinking I got a great deal on a pretty nice phone because AT&T puts some carp on it…
    Oh, and the comparing AT&T to Nazi’s is lame, childish and just plain wrong. But then maybe you “l33t haK3r” types are just too cool to totally understand….

  6. The X10 is too little and WAY too late, AT&T better have something else coming from the Android camp before June or I’m either jumping ship or getting an unlocked N1 and jumping ship to the EVO 4G eventually (or some future phone on T-Mo when they deploy 3G down here)… I guess that’ll be one advantage of getting the N1, leaves me free to upgrade phones and/or switch carriers within a year if I want to.

  7. Launching it that late is going to do AT&T no good. The HTC Evo will already be out, which is light years ahead of the SE X10, which from user reviews, isn’t all its cracked up to be.

  8. Launching in July? That is ridiculously late. There will be so many new entrants to the smartphone space that this phone might fizzle right out the gate. I’ve been waiting for this phone for quite some time but pushing back the launch to July is absolutely ridiculous from a strategic perspective.

  9. I cannot believe this phone isn’t coming to a U.S. carrier until July/Aug. That is really messed up when the rest of the world is getting it now. I’ve been waiting for the X10 to come for three months now. Hearing about all the other countries that are coming out with it now, made me think it was just a matter of weeks for us to get it. Now I hear they are talking more months!! That is pretty crappy in my opinion. It really pisses me off.

  10. @jeff;
    Dude,some of us out here were waiting for this p.o.s.a lot longer than that,but I understand your frustration.Myself,I have given up.the fact that my g1 is still truckin after two years of serious duty impresses me,but the mothership has been taking an exponentially increasing turn for the worse of late.Incredible or Evo,here I come.

  11. Just get the Samsung Galaxy S when it hits AT&T around the same time. It is going to be THE Android device to get (well, that or the Evo 4G). With Android 2.1, a 4″ Super AMOLED screen, 16 GB INTERNAL memory, WiFi N, a bunch of other crap including OOTB DLNA support, not to mention a much thinner and lighter profile than the X10, the Galaxy S is going to blow the SE phone out of the water. It took them too long to get it to market and they put to much focus into their swoopy contact interface instead of focusing on how to slam the best internals into a beautiful package and keep the price reasonable.

  12. I gave up waiting on this phone Looooong ago.

    Too many better 2.1 build phones already out waiting to be release.

    S/E took way too long to release this and it’s still only running 1.6 with a possible DEC release for a 2.1 update.

  13. The real question is where is the HTC android phone for AT&T ? .. is there no Desire for one ?.. last I heard was May/Jun

  14. Nice. Xperia X10. It’s only 6 months behind…way to go Sony Ericsson!

  15. wow, if this was a year ago it would’ve actually been worth a shit

  16. For AT&T folks, the Samsung Galaxy S will kill this phone. It might have had a chance it they released it after the Droid, and before the Nexus One, but now? It’ll be dead in the water. Why buy an outdated phone right out of the gate, when you can have the latest and greatest from Samsung?

  17. AT&T is about as interested in Android phones as most of us are in paper production and the pulping process. They have their flagship device, the iPhone, that people will continue to buy due to lack of knowledge and research because it is the “me too” phone. Someone said that the iPhone is for metro-sexuals who want to be in the “IN” crowd. I couldn’t agree more. Anyone with any iota of free thought and an inkling of tech savvy will research their options and make an informed decision. Which is probably why Google is reporting 60k+ Android device activations DAILY during their last earnings call.

  18. I think the X10 could be more appropriately described as “A Dollar Short, and a Day Late.”

  19. waste of a perfectly good Android phone….X10, we hardly knew ye….

  20. Wow….is sony ericsson really that stupid? Guess they are not really looking to make any money. Complete fail.

  21. Okay so I’ve waited for the mini five/streak for s very long time, I’s it best for me to get the streak or the samsung device?

  22. This news sucks @$$!!!!!!!!!!
    (Tmobile-customer) my nexus leaps over this freaking late fone.!!!!!!!

  23. The HTC Evo 4G will utterly embarrass the X10 and it is coming out in June!

  24. more crippled crap for AT&T?

  25. everyone here are idiots

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