Galaxy S Coming to T-Mobile Too?


The Bluetooth SIG just gave its stamp of approval to the Samsung SGH-T959, which by previous model numbers points to a handset that will see it’s release on T-Mobile. The T959 will reportedly feature Android, the TouchWiz 3.0 UI, Bluetooth 3.0, and a 4 inch AMOLED touchscreen. So what could this mysterious device be?


One very real possibility is that T-Mobile will be getting their very own Samsung Galaxy S right along with AT&T. Of course, a further look at the listing with the Bluetooth SIG does raise a few questions.

While the model number is listed as the SGH-T959, further down in the design description the phone is referred to as the T939, the model number of the already available Samsung Behold II. A quick visit to the User Agent Profile for the T959 also lists an improper screen resolution. These two minor discrepancies could be written off as typos, so take them as you will.

Will the Galaxy S be seeing the light of day on multiple carriers or is this just a bit of wishful extrapolation? If the specs listed for the T959 are to be believed, it is a very real possibility. Now if we can just get this behemoth at a decent price point.

[via UnwiredView]

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  1. Oh man I hope so, I can’t afford the nexus one since I’m on a family plan. T-mobile needs some androids bad, not once device in stores running 2.1 except for the soon to be mytouch slide which specs suck.

  2. Europe, when?

  3. I see that there was reference made to At&t but it still doesn’t clarify which T-Mobile will be getting this, Europe or the USA? What’s the deal?

  4. I was gonna ask the same thing, Tmobile in the UK, europe?
    I dont even know if the usa HAS tmobile.

    In any event, it a bit irritating how many american journalists tend to assume usa unless specified… like they are the default country in the world or something (idiotic) like that.

  5. @OutstandingO: It’s T-Mobile USA. All Samsung Txxx phones come to T-Mo USA.

  6. @FT, Well that might be, but it does not explain why the listing doesn’t show T-Mobile USA’s 1700 and 2100 AWS frequencies!?!

  7. @FT didn’t know that. Good info. Thanks.

  8. I’m trying so hard to stay with T-Mobile. But there is no concrete evidence they are getting a 3.2 inch < screen phone. I gotta leave to Verizon to get the Incredible, have no choice.

  9. Woohoooooooooooooo about damn time!!!

  10. If it is truly the SGH-T959, then it’s coming to T-Mobile USA … and about damn time.

  11. Is this going to be another in a string of many rumors of high end Android phones coming to T-Mobile USA that end up disappearing into the mist? Of course it will, I mean we’er talking about T-Mobile USA here, they have to be at least one step behind competition – it’s their corporate policy after all…

  12. @fredphoesh
    Get off your european high horse will ya!!! Most people here in USA would be surprised if it does come here, hence the “….’bout damn time…” comments. Everyone here in the states know that USA T-mobile is always putting up crappy phones compared to it’s european counter part.

  13. @Jonathan Speed

    These Bluetooth SIG listings don’t always show all the features of the devices they’re presenting.

    Here’s a concrete example, the listings for the Samsung Behold II T939:

    No mention of AWS bands whatsoever. And yet the Behold II does have 1700 / 2100 HSDPA.

    The bottom line is: if you see a Samsung Txxx, it’s for T-Mo USA.

  14. i sure as hell hope its not coming to Tmobile!! sure, it runs android (kinda), but samsung has bogged it down with the UI.. when i first saw the thing, i thought it was Samsung’s new Bada OS..

  15. i know this is not going to be it but i just wish that this phone is that “rumored” Galaxy S Pro with physical qwerty keyboard…. but this is not going to happen is it?????

  16. Will I receive the phone in white.

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