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Considering that Phandroid – and our extremely resourceful sister site, AndroidForums.com – were the leaders in pre-announcement HTC Incredible news and information, we were surprised to see we were overlooked when pre-launch reviews started popping. Remember these?

  1. Check out this very passionate community of Incredible fans over at AF’s official HTC Incredible section.
  2. Here’s the massive HTC Incredible thread which that section houses: Over 800 pages across 41,000 posts which have been viewed 2.3 million times to date.
  3. From that thread, we saw new glimpses of the device in question in a more candid series of photos.
  4. From another thread, it was revealed that the device was being pushed to warehouses ready to be shipped.
  5. A bit later, the Incredible thread returned to glory with the leaking of a massive 200+ page user guide in PDF format, and we also learned about a concrete date on that very same day.
  6. Just hours later, it wasn’t to be outdone by the equipment guide.
  7. A bunch of other juicy pieces of information cropped up since then, and it all led up to the unveiling of a very official staging site for Verizon to promote the phone (with the final site launching just a day later followed by Verizon’s official announcement).


And much more of what happened in between can be had. The chronology speaks volumes for itself about Phandroid being the leader in HTC Incredible coverage, but we digress. The reviews are out and everyone is amazed: it’s almost as if the iPhone and iPad don’t exist. Almost.

Gizmodo praised the device‘s snappiness running 2.1 and HTC Sense (thanks to the speedy 1ghz Snapdragon processor it holds). Further, they called it “the best Android phone you can buy on Verizon, which, at the very least, makes it the best smartphone you can buy on Verizon.”

For those of you wondering about its camera, IntoMobile’s concluded that it’s “fantastic”. Thanks in part to its 8-megapixel camera equipped with dual-LED flash, they pretty much said it’s ok for you to chuck your standalone camera out the window (don’t do that, though, it’s bad for the environment. Take it to one of those techno-waste factories if you can).

BGR drooled over the battery‘s ability to stand up to a day’s worth of tasks even on the Incredible’s beefy processor and power-hungry screen, saying that they “got through the day with some heavy emailing, web browsing, and light phone calling with pretty much no issue”. Your mileage may vary, though, as other initial reports say otherwise.

SlashGear couldn’t keep their hands off of the Incredible‘s responsive OLED display, with its touchscreen being “both more accurate and less likely to miss taps than that of the Nexus One.” The screen is even easier to see with low brightness settings outdoors thanks to the ever-growing display technology HTC is beginning to adopt.

Engadget wrapped their review up, saying “it’s not just a very, very good Android phone (though it is); it’s also an excellent smartphone no matter how you cut it.”

As for Phandroid? We’ll keep our fingers crossed that a review unit will land in our lap shortly, but until then, don’t worry – we’ll stay on top of the coverage like red on an Incredible battery.

The device is out there, it’s being loved, and it’s waiting for your pre-orders to come dialing in (which you can do today, by the way). Read the full reviews for yourself for the in-depth looks at the phone and impressions from its users. Like any phone, there are a few flaws that have been consistently noted, but it seems like everyone can’t get enough of it regardless (as minor as those flaws sound).

Other Reviews:


Unboxings and Other videos:

Engadget tests the phone’s 640×480 recording quality:

Greg from MobileCrunch excitedly unboxes his new Droid Incredible:

Vincent from SlashGear cracks open his FedEx box to reveal a slick looking device. We are also treated to a tour of the Grand Canyon as he showcases the phone’s video recording capabilities.

Ewdison from AndroidCommunity ruthlessly takes a pair of scissors to his box to show off the phone, as well.

IntoMobile chimes in with their own unboxing:

Gizmodo has their own recorded video sample which you can find here.

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