HTC Indredible Arrives In Warehouses


Good news and bad news at the same time folks. The HTC Incredible, which saw no love as it was expected to during CTIA, has already begun arriving in warehouses. According to the following screenshot leaked on AndroidForums, 156,709 Incredibles are “On Order” but as the tipster states, they’ll stay in that classification category until they’re actually ready for purchase.


The bad news? Those precious little Incredibles are sitting there all prettied up with 2.1, ready to go, and they’re not shipping to stores this week. That means we’ve at least a little bit to wait…

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  1. Where is the warehouse located? I’ll get my SCAR w/ scavenger, stopping power and ninja pro and extract the incredibles.

  2. pencil me in

  3. I guess this means that Verizon may release the Incredible close to Christmas. Keeping inventory in the warehouse is a great business stategy and profitable move for Verizon………………..

  4. ((facepalm)) I really really really really need a phone right now. I’ve been waiting for like half a year now. I’m dieing a little inside every day I have to wait for this thing!

  5. it’s spelled “dying”, so maybe you should remove your face from your palm and try using a dictionary.
    please tell me you are like 7 y.o. and not a twenty-something.

  6. @ Calvin: You probably should lose the stopping power and go with cold blooded pro to be completely off the radar. Thermal imaging security cameras might ruin your day.

  7. @Calvin – switch to a silenced P90 in addition to that cold blooded… in the event you need to discharge the weapon, the spray and pray that the P90 is capable of will save you the time of having to look down the barrel… and the remaining security guards won’t see a red blip on the radar from the noise.

  8. @calvin …. just pull a bf:bc2 hagard and blow the thing to hell, then grab the incredibles, wait for the hippie pilot to rescue you, be sure to kill the guy who claims to know “nothing about the device” because he really is a traitor and working for the other side. then when that is complete, stay away from airports as they quiet possibly could be testing the worlds largest EMP/nuke.

  9. I am holding my excitement until April 1st has past

  10. whats the indredible?

  11. April Fools!??


  12. I guess the Incredible is better than a Nexus, but I have Evo envy going on right now too much to get excited about any other phone really. :(

  13. @fmmmllllll I am on the same page as you buddy. I don’t know how I will survive till the release but I know I will. The problem is that I will have to wait at least one more week after release for it to get reviewed and compared to the N1. I want to make the right decision and get the phone thats best for me.

    Praying for a release early next week..

  14. COMEON VZW!!! Im wetting myself over here for this!!!!!!

  15. Incredible… every “source” is un-credible. The name is incredibly stupid too. And Incredible is just a VZW Nexus One from what I can tell. Leave it to VZW to postpone anything/everything for as long as they can in order to make a buck.

  16. Guys-I spoke to a manager in the VZW store. He said not to expect the Nexus One or Incredible for at least 6 weeks to 2 months. June 1st would still technically be “Spring”. I sincerely hope that he is wrong.

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