HTC Incredible Equipment Guide Leaks!


As if 205 pages of HTC Incredible information isn’t enough, we’ve got one more page to provide a little icing on the cake – introducing the HTC Incredible Equipment Guide (click to enlarge):


As if dropping one bombshell wasn’t enough, this 2nd Incredible update ALSO comes from AF member/guide Anonimac, who we can safely say is today’s Phandroid hero. While Apple’s iPhone OS 4.0 event gobbled up more attention than we care to admit, these two Incredible gems deserve a TON of attention as Verizon customers are early awaiting this HTC Superphone’s arrival.

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  1. very nice actually, looks like this is what is to compete with EVO4G…

    8mp camera, 512/512(conflicting with the 8GB internal memory ALSO mentioned), WiFi N (that is a plus) updates FROM Google… i don’t see anything to dislike about this phone… finally you guys get what you’ve been waiting for!!!

    i just LOVE the caption that says “Unapproved access, your ID has been captured and sent to corporate security”
    LMAO someone is in deep shit nowwww

  2. The only similarity this has to the EVO is Camera, Processor and Memory. I started to wait and see what the Incredible had but now that ive seen this list…Evo has all this PLUS bigger screen, Front Camera, 720, HDMI out and some mo junk..Dont see phones comin close to that for at least another Year. I cant Pass that up. Happy For VZW people tho.

  3. So desire has more ram?the only thing worse is the camera??

  4. I think the 8GB internal memory is the SD card it ships with.

  5. I dont get it..it says “Removable Memory – MicroSD” 3 times. 1 says up to 16gb, and the other says up to 32gb. Which is it? I also thought it was confirmed to have 512mb of internal memory. Is this real??

  6. I’m really excited for the Incredible but I just can’t justify paying Verizon more for data+voice than I currently do with T-Mobile so it looks like I’ll be switching to Sprint when the EVO comes out.

  7. Hey does that bluetooth phonebook access profile mean you will be able to at least dial the phone completely from bluetooth?

  8. Ahhh nevermind…found the answer. :-(

  9. I thought it’s interesting to see that it says easy access to Twitter (Google Twitter App?), and then how it conflicts itself by saying Max 32GB, but also saying 16GB Max. Also the dimensions of the camera Resolution deems to be very wide screen. But the highest resolution is actually a 6.4MP, while the step below is a 4.0MP. So how are they claiming it to be 8MP? Moto Droid is truly a 5.0MP. And it comes with 8GB of internal memory? Sweet. But no MicroSD Card Included.

  10. “Unapproved access. Your ID has been captured and sent to corporate security” uh oh

  11. it says Google experience, as well as Sense UI. I thought the two were mutually exclusive, confirm/deny.

  12. What are those resolutions for?

  13. For europe this phone probably wont come out, so desire is probably a justified phone right now…

  14. @dandroid — Google experience I believe in the feature of having Google search built in. Look at the AT&T ‘droids, they do not have “Google experience” on them, and they use Yahoo! search.

  15. how much is it gonna cost per month with data plan

  16. i have personally held one of these in my hands about a week ago. I put it side by side with my droid overclocked to 1.2GHz with memory tweaks. I must say the incredible was still a good bit faster. Playing video is where it blew the droid away. it seeked near instantly, and loaded everything very fast and smooth. Screen was large and bright, and after about an hour of goofin off on it the battery life seemed half descent – alot better than i had expected. The one i held was black with red accents, and it looks VERY nice… the back of it has some nice lines to it instead of simply being smooth, which i liked the look of very much! Camera lense is comparable to the palm pre plus (play with one at your local verizon store as it is nice) and produced large high quality pictures, resembling a point n shoot handheld instead of a cell phone. Overall I was impressed, and i talked alot of trash on it till i got to actually play with one for an extended amount of time. Launch date is aimed to be end of april, near the 28th if not mid may. I *believe* it actually had 8gb of internal memory, and the one i was showed had a 16gb card in it. cant see why it wont support a 32. Backup assistant is a bit of a stretch, but would be nice for people coming from basic phones.

  17. Monthly cost is going to be $29.99, same as the droid n other smartphones (on top of your minute priceplan) $120 a month for unlimited everything, $70 a month for 450 minutes with one of these.

  18. Just read most of the 206 page user guide. The Phone looks pretty good but some questions/concerns/comments still persist.

    – Didn’t see the Photo/Video Gallery app mentioned like the one that is now on android 2.1. Looks like phone comes with a less-slick app for this. Bummer.
    – Didn’t see any mention about the clock/news widget like the one for android 2.1.
    – Is there a scrolling 3D application gallery like on the Nexus One?
    – I hope that the phone comes with a black colored back (not the ugly orange back shown in the leaked photos)
    – Spec mentioned that the phone supports tethering…really?
    – Phone uses different gestures to unlock phone (swipe down rather than left to right like the Droid 2.1).
    – Only one mention of the optical trackpad. It is used for camera shutter release. What else can it be used for?
    – Pinch zoom supported in browser, photo viewer and desktop. Gr8!
    – Audio player app seems less capable than one supplied in android 2.1 (no tabs at top)

    I am hoping the phone demos well once it comes out.

  19. I want the galaxy s, that and the evo 4g are superior so im not going to waste my money on this phone, why cant verizon get one of the big boy phones(as in a phone with scary features) im not one to settle, and isnt the processor going to be underclocked for battery? Yeah waiting for the galaxy s or s pro! Come on V!

  20. I didnt see any mention of the FM tuner… I thought the stuff yesterday said it had one?

  21. I can’t wait for this phone!!! I was waiting for the Nexus One to come to VZW but I am not a fan of the track ball. It just seems so “Blackberry” and even they got rid of the track ball. Been running Android 1.6 on an HTC Touch (VX6900) that was a Windows Mobile phone originally and I’m happy with it which is why I haven’t upgraded to a Droid or Eris. Been waiting for a phone that truely impresses me and this is it. :-)

  22. @Shaun: There is a section on the FM tuner in the guide. While a neat feature, I haven’t had much luck with FM tuners lacking a nice, long antenna. I expect to get 2-3 stations where I live, if I stand still… outside… on a clear day.

    I hope it works well, but it is not an important feature for me.

  23. The specs say the screen size is 3.7. The EVO is 4.3. I would rather have the larger screen size and a 4G ready device.

  24. for all those people compairing the Incredible and the evo remember one really iportant thing, though they bith come with sense ui on android 2.1, only the incredible is”with GOOGLE”. this means you get the full GOOGLE EXPERIENCE with and only with the HTC DROID INCREDIBLE. if you are really familiar with a android phone then you know that it is a deal breaker…. or should be, if your phone is not “with google” expecially since the incredible alson has the Sence UI.

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