Mar 30th, 2010

Epic tech fiend Joshua Topolsky from Engadget got his mittens on the Dell Aero and the outcome wasn’t good. He immediately noticed the software keyboard was one of the worst ever and his analysis continued down that slippery path. AT&T bloatware, lack of Google applications, weird home/back button, medium speed UI… he simply wasn’t digging it and seems to think AT&T/Dell are just positioning it as a decent feature phone:

Not the types of things AT&T or Dell wanted to hear from the Aero – their first American Android. Both parties reached out to claim the device might not bbe pre-loaded with Google apps but the phone does have Android Market. Not to mention, the version tested probably was a beta and doesn’t represent a final product. Fair enough, but I’m not sure how much or if the device will actually improve before launch day.

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