Dell Aero Disappoints, Seeks Redemption


Epic tech fiend Joshua Topolsky from Engadget got his mittens on the Dell Aero and the outcome wasn’t good. He immediately noticed the software keyboard was one of the worst ever and his analysis continued down that slippery path. AT&T bloatware, lack of Google applications, weird home/back button, medium speed UI… he simply wasn’t digging it and seems to think AT&T/Dell are just positioning it as a decent feature phone:

Not the types of things AT&T or Dell wanted to hear from the Aero – their first American Android. Both parties reached out to claim the device might not bbe pre-loaded with Google apps but the phone does have Android Market. Not to mention, the version tested probably was a beta and doesn’t represent a final product. Fair enough, but I’m not sure how much or if the device will actually improve before launch day.

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  1. Maybe Dell should stick to pc’s :D

  2. The main problem here seems to be that AT&T and Android are like oil and water — they just don’t mix well.

  3. webby, dont be stupid. that does not make sense.

  4. I agree. Other than the home button (WTF?) It’s not actually a bad device. But no default google apps is kind of a stretch. I personally only care if it is locked down like the backflip. It prevented the backflip from being a nice phone too :/

  5. Dude, you’re getting a crappy phone! (Sorry, had to go there)

  6. everyone should start complaining about the way at&t keeps murdering Androids on their Facebook page. That’s what I do. Inform all the NON-geeks about what att is doing and keep people from buying these B.S. phones…

    Then maybe they’ll stop and actually give us what we want. A real Google experience phone, with decent specs. I’ve seriously just about had it with ATT, it just pisses me off because all my friends and family have them so it’s cheaper for me to stay with them. Unlimited Mobile 2 mobile (att)

  7. @elijahblake
    Just sign up with Sprint and you can get unlimited mobile to mobile on any network. Easy fix.

  8. Sorry, but there’s no good reason to stay with AT&T. You guys need to vote with ur wallets. That’s the only thing carriers recognize. Sprint has amazing plans with unlimited calling to mobile numbers regardless of carrier. Plans start way less than AT&T. You could have the Evo 4G and unlimited mobile to mobile and data for around $80 a month.

  9. Looks like they tried to make it look like Windows Vista.

  10. Haha and there’s another painful reminder why I’m leaving ATT in a few weeks… (I had soo much hope for Dell, too bad)

  11. Respond to AT&T by getting an N1 on T-Mo, a DROID on VZ, a Moment on Sprint, etc. I have an Eris on VZW and love it. I can install from APKs, have Google search, have the standard 4 buttons under the screen, etc.

  12. Regardless of whether the problems mentioned are fixed by launch or not, I expect this phone to be about as successful as Dell’s MP3 players. Anyone remember those? Didn’t think so.

  13. This is no surprise to me when you guys said this phone carries “AT&T bloatware, lack of Google applications”. AT&T is going to have a real problem pushing Android phones to true Android enthusiast watering down innovative OS like this with restrictions (like the iPhone) just isn’t smart let alone genuine to it’s customers! I explain a little more in my recent post here http://thetrendaholic.com/2010/03/29/why-you-should-consider-t-mo-over-att-when-it-comes-to-android/ <==== Check it out

  14. looked quite quick to me.

  15. @elijahblake

    T-Mobile has a $60 a month Unlimited plan.

  16. ATT needs to step up to the Android plate and let it rip. They are no longer iPhone exclusive and if they keep locking down Android its not going to help them compete.

    Which brings me to a thought, maybe ATT is purposely keeping Android locked down so people to buy them to fast. Why you might ask? Because their network can still barely handle the iPhone explosion, imagine if they let Android explode on their network..

  17. I discussed this directly with AT&T today…

    The reps response: “Everyone Wants an iPhone” – yes that is a quote.

    I proceeded to tell her, well I don’t, I want a phone that is actually better than my 2-yr old G-1.

    I would switch (again), but my Hubby insisted on getting a Backflip, so he is in contract now.

  18. “Not the types of things AT&T or Dell wanted to hear FRO M the Aero”

    Unless the phone is self-aware and reviewed itself, I think what you mean to say – Not the types of things AT &T or Dell wanted to hear ABOUT the Aero”.

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