Apr 6th, 2010

With a little bit of Pee-Wee-Hermaning (Connect the dots, la la la la), it appears as if we’re learning the Samsung Galaxy S – one of CTIA’s shining stars – might be headed to AT&T! As luck would have it, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group has an entry for both the Samsung Mobile Phone GT-I9000 and the Samsung Mobile Phone SGH-I897. The specs/description for each are remarkably similar/identical:


Mmhm. And we already know that the GT-I900 is the Samsung Galaxy S. So how does AT&T fit in? What the heck is the SGH-I897? Greg Kumparak from MobileCrunch does a fantastic job explaining the dealio there:

It’s all in the model number. As far back as we can remember, Samsung models beginning with SGH and ending with 7 (like the Propel [SGH-A767], Propel Pro [SGH-i627], Mythic [SGH-a897], Impression [SGH-A877], Eternity [SGH-A867]) have all gone to AT&T. Couple that in with the fact that it’s a GSM handset with EDGE bands (3G radio bands weren’t disclosed) that play friendly with AT&T, and it’s all just coming together too perfectly.

AT&T folks have reason to be excited… but you better temper those expectations – we know how AT&T backflips their Androids up until now. But still, even handcuffing the software can’t hold back an awesome piece of hardware like this.

[PhoneScoop via MobileCrunch]

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