Samsung Galaxy S Headed To AT&T


With a little bit of Pee-Wee-Hermaning (Connect the dots, la la la la), it appears as if we’re learning the Samsung Galaxy S – one of CTIA’s shining stars – might be headed to AT&T! As luck would have it, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group has an entry for both the Samsung Mobile Phone GT-I9000 and the Samsung Mobile Phone SGH-I897. The specs/description for each are remarkably similar/identical:


Mmhm. And we already know that the GT-I900 is the Samsung Galaxy S. So how does AT&T fit in? What the heck is the SGH-I897? Greg Kumparak from MobileCrunch does a fantastic job explaining the dealio there:

It’s all in the model number. As far back as we can remember, Samsung models beginning with SGH and ending with 7 (like the Propel [SGH-A767], Propel Pro [SGH-i627], Mythic [SGH-a897], Impression [SGH-A877], Eternity [SGH-A867]) have all gone to AT&T. Couple that in with the fact that it’s a GSM handset with EDGE bands (3G radio bands weren’t disclosed) that play friendly with AT&T, and it’s all just coming together too perfectly.

AT&T folks have reason to be excited… but you better temper those expectations – we know how AT&T backflips their Androids up until now. But still, even handcuffing the software can’t hold back an awesome piece of hardware like this.

[PhoneScoop via MobileCrunch]

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  1. In other news, AT&T neuters the Galaxy S.

    Seriously, any Android phones heading to AT&T is pretty much a death sentence.

  2. Well if they the the GalaxyS tmobile better get the galaxys pro

  3. I’m convinced that tmobile isn’t gonna get anything worthwhile and I’m on my way back to Verizon once the next batch of Androids drop lol.

  4. SGH-I897 = Samsung Moment 2?

  5. Well, now I’ll have to start waiting on another handset, since this looks like it is going to the one carrier I absolutely refuse to buy from…

  6. with the nexus one the only worth while android in tmobile they better try to get a similar or better phone then the htc evo 4g. even if they can only run in 3g. to compete with AT(wortheless)&T.

  7. Don’t tease me like this.

  8. The Galaxy S is a phone with eyebrow-raising specs, but a major concern is whether it will be plagued by the same issue that crippled the iPhone’s full potential – a bloated 3G network.

  9. Nice. Very cold indeed. This may be the droid I am looking for.
    In October, AT&T salesdrone (sternly): WE DON’T SERVER THEIR KIND HERE!!! You’re droids. They’ll have to wait outside.
    March 7th looking at backflip: These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. Move along. Move along.

  10. LOL@ star wars reference LOL

  11. @boostedscooby
    T-Mobiles 3G network is going to be faster than Sprints Wimax aka 4G. Not sure where the complaints are. They are currently testing it out but the guy who tested it liked what he saw. There is an article around here that tells us about it.

  12. YES! that means rogers/bell/telus/etc :) :) :)

  13. I’m w/Matt.


  15. Oh My GOD! Poor phone. Its not out yet and they are getting crippled already. Like the moto backflip.

  16. I can’t wait to see how AT&T fucks up the Galaxy S.

  17. Why cant verizon get this kind of android phone, i wanna take the android jump and the galaxy s is exactly what i want but theres no way in hell im leaving verizon for at&t, and dont say the droid, the keyboard is useless and i hate the android typing keyboard, i like to type one handed for txt and swype is exactly what i want, plus a phone that records hd and has a decent music player that sounds good cuz i use my phone as an mp3 player, and the droid sounds horrible, the galaxy s has an equalizer and virtual 5.1 surround sound, plus the screen is amazing, hopefully verizon gets the pro cuz that would be GREAT! Come on samsung why throw a quality phone on the same network as the iphone, not smart business against your biggest competitor, seriously!

  18. And the nexus 1 is just a faster droid with a worse touchscreen, so no thank you verizon, and the incredible is nothing next to the s, and i dont mind the tw 3.0 interface cuz HELLO if it works and does things better than other phones who the hell cares what it looks like, it looks easy to use and has better features, end of story

  19. They need to release it on a better network.

  20. I believe the Galaxy S is a “Google Experience” phone due to the Google logo on the back of the device and because of this AT&T can’t neuter it. There are the 3 tiers of Android devices the top tier which carries the Google logo by contract must have Android intact with the ability to install apps from non-trusted sources as well as all the Google goodness as well. So if it is indeed going to AT&T it will be a “full” android experience.

  21. T-Mobile isnt getting anything =(

  22. congratulations android! i’m loving my moto droid experience every day. as a consumer, i must warn you, if you don’t spruce up your media player before windows mobile 7 comes out, i will jump ship and see what’s doing on the miscrosoft end of things. for me, a top notch music player is essential and this is where android is completely lacking.

  23. If you’re looking for a top notch music player, just download wikitunes from the Android market. It’s free and works great!

  24. This has me annoyed. I want a good Android device, on Tmobile. I have a G1… thinking I may have to change carriers when my contract is up. Tmobile is cheap, but their hardware is crap. :-(

  25. also don’t forget the DLNA support

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