Apr 11th, 2010

With all the buzz surrounding the HTC Incredible and everything that it’ll bring with it, it’s easy to forget there are other phones out there needing some loving, too. The hottest phone set to come out this summer, Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G, will come with a healthy set of accessories for its owners to play with on or soon after its release.


Besides your usual “one size fits all” assortment of add-ons (bluetooth headsets and headphones, car chargers, etc), the EVO will enjoy its own selection of specialized accessories to make your life esaier. A car mount will be particularly useful when using the latest Google Maps that comes standard with turn-by-turn directions. An HDMI video dock will make it even easier for you to watch all of your high definition video content on any external source with an HDMI-in port. There’s even your obligatory assortments of cases and screen protectors that will serve their purpose in customizing the phone how you want to.

Courtesy of engadget, point your browser here for the full slideshow of product features, details, and accessories to whet your appetite and, if you’re anything like me, you’ll get a kick out of the fact that an iPhone and matching case were used in one of the slides. Surely the marketing gurus at Sprint didn’t forget that, besides the fact this is indeed an HTC phone and not an Apple phone, there aren’t any Apple products near close to being launched on Sprint (or is there?)

Ponder that one for yourselves, but we’re just going to keep focusing on the EVO and everything that tags along with it.

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