Render Gives 360 of the HTC Incredible


With the leaks of the User’s Manual and Equipment Guide yesterday, we got our first substantial look at the HTC Incredible and its specs. Now we have a pretty little render of the phone giving us a look at the overall size and profile. The Incredible looks sleek and it’s red accents just scream of the Droid branding (however, it appears the phone will not have a Droid-based moniker as some speculated a name change would come).


No word on whether the above render is official or just the work of a fan with an incredible (oh HTC, how you make the puns too easy) amount of time, but it’s enough to pique my interest greatly. I am looking forward to this phone’s arrival at a Verizon store near me at the end of this month.

EDIT: Anonimac (our resident HTC Incredible hero) has drawn my attention to a posting over at AndroidForum that has these renders and more, be sure to go check it out.

[AndroidAndMe via MobileCrunch]


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  1. hot!

  2. Looks real nice! keep it up htc! :)

  3. Why the hell would they NOT give this phone a Droid branding? Seriously they are pushing the whole Droid ad campaign HARD and it is starting to stick. Why go with something different? Ugh…

  4. Not liking how the camera lens protrudes out like that. I like when my phones sit flat when I lay them down. That looks like it may be a little wobbly. Yeah, a little petty, I know. =P

  5. 1. I understand the Droid branding concept, but why not brand what it really is which is Linux!

    2. I agree about the red camera protruding thing because if it isn’t solid red, the paint will come off and why have a phone that bounces around when flat. Also, it would scratch easily and look like crap real quick.

  6. @Me, not really that petty. I feel the same way. While it’s not a deal breaker, I still would definitely prefer if it would lay flat. I hope the body shaping to make it look sexy doesn’t cause any issues either :/

  7. I agree with the protruding camera. I like the red, but why wouldn’t you make it flat? Hopefully this will be taken into consideration when Seidio comes out with a larger battery/replacement backplate. The other thing that I really want to see is the car dock. This is something that I will definitely be buying, so I’d like to see some specs on that and how it’s going to mount. Guessing we’ll have to plug the charger cable to the phone since I don’t see any contacts anywhere.

  8. well in the user guide there is a verizon logo where the htc one is in the render so perhaps this render isnt 100% accurate and you may still get your precious “droid” branding

  9. When cases come out, I am sure they will take care of the funky backing and the camera sticking out.

  10. This may or may not be what VZ comes out with. Comparing these shots to the UG, the VZ logo is missing off the front. Plus the UG states black (although that could be incomplete). We’ll have to wait and see.

  11. Can’t F*kn wait!!!!

  12. Why wont this come to europe?

  13. camera sticks out so that the speakerphone is not laying flat on a desk, so the sound from the speaker is not muffled if the phone is layed on a desk

  14. are any of these new HTCs (Incredible, Desire, Legend, etc) going to T-Mo USA?
    what about the Motorola Motoroi?

  15. This is the same phone as the HD 2 / LEO. I had the HD2 and took it back on tuesday. once you put on the HTC cases it comes with the phone will sit flush. the camera wont even bother you.

  16. eeerrrrrgh, this looks ugly.. The only useful thing on this thing is the 8mp cam!

  17. Excellent point SteveE, I didn’t even think of that. At first I was going to agree with the people complaining about the camera sticking out, etc, but cases will most likely fix the issue. Good call.

  18. Nothing to worry about – thaat 360-mirror ain’t even close to the desire …

  19. Anyone know what type of glass is on this device?

  20. I am done. Tired of the fake leaks from Verizon or HTC or wherever they are coming from. Is it really that big of a deal for Verizon to have an actual date as to when a new phone is coming out? Never mind actually release a damn phone, just give us a date. But whatever, it has become a joke. Adios Verizon, done waiting. Your service is good, but I’ll live without it. You big tease.

  21. To me, it’s not a pretty phone at all. But I’m still getting it for what it has internally. This thing looks amazing…on paper. Hopefully it’ll stand up in reality. Especially that 8MP camera!!!

  22. Its a rendering!Not an actual photo! Relax maybe it will be flat!

  23. Doo little…. the glass you were asking about??? Its the kind you can see through!!

  24. Is it going to have the gorilla glass like the droid ?

  25. It’s as ugly as the DROID, maybe it’ll be as awesome. Who really cares about an ugly Android anyway?

  26. @Darkseider
    Totally agree with the Droid branding! They could go with “Droid Incredible” “HTC Droid Incredible”…hmm just trying the ring of it to see if it catches. It looks pretty masculine like the Droid too…testosterone fueled manliness.

  27. yeah I’m totally going to call it the Droid Incredible now.

  28. The reason to drop the Droid branding is bc they do not own the name. Lucasfilm does, so they would have to pay them royalties or whatever…same reason the Voyager dropped that name and went to Envy touch

  29. These leaks are a joke. It’s become like Elvis being sighted at the mall. It’s a phone. Give us a real release date Verizon, or let’s end this affair already. This has become a joke of a way to market phones.

  30. I just preordered this from Verizon. The phone is called the “Droid Incredible by HTC”. The camera does stick out, but who cares. I have my Droid Eris for 6 weeks and now I’m going to switch and sell the Eris.

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