Apr 7th, 2010

A post over at AndroidForums has an image suggesting Verizon will be launching “New devices ‘really’ soon.” Could this be the beginnings of what will eventually end with the roll out of the much-awaited HTC Incredible? Word on the street is the Incredible will drop on April 29th (or the 25th depending on your sources).

Below you can find the image in question:

HTC Incredible Launch

Have to admit, we were a little skeptical at first when seeing the image (having seen a few shops in our day), but a source confided to Android and Me that the Incredible will arrive on the 29th. The conflicting (but earlier date) of the 25th is also being tossed around over in a lengthy HTC Incredible thread at AndroidForum, and this makes sense when considering Verizon’s tendency to release devices on Sundays. A corporate e-mail seems to corroborate this earlier date, something worth getting excited about.

This is great news for Android fans looking for more choices on Verizon’s network. Even in spite of rumors that Verizon may be getting some version of the iPhone, if the Incredible and Nexus One show up on Big Red any time soon it will have some pretty hefty competition.

[via AndroidForums]

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