European HTC Hero 2.1 Coming in April!


A member of XDA-forums “yrrep” has posted what he claims to be the timetable of Android 2.1 being rolled out to European HTC Hero’s AKA T-mobile G2.

Here’s a copy and paste of the supposed roll-outAndroid-21-Hero

This is the update schedule –

HTC EU (Nordic/Greek/RUS/UKR/SA) 2010/4/2

TMO – UK TMO 2010/4/16

UK/ES Orange 2010/4/16

TMO – DE TMO 2010/4/16

SFR signature Orange 2010/4/22

ZA(Vodacom) HTC 2010/4/22

H3G UK H3G 2010/4/22

HTC BE HTC 2010/5/4

HTC TUR HTC 2010/5/4

TMO – PL TMO 2010/5/10

TMO – HU TMO 2010/5/10

TMO – MK TMO 2010/5/10

And His source:

I was privy to an email at work…


You can call HTC direct, ask them when the update is due, and they will confirm… if they read their bloody emails!

Well he told me I could call HTC – So I did! 2 different operators have told me what’s on their system- obviously reading from the screen. I was told :

Unbranded HTC Hero , T-mobile UK & Orange UK:

Update available online from 16th April

Update OTA from 30th April

Network 3 UK (H3G UK):

22nd April – online

5th May – OTA

So one thing, HTC Hero 2.1 is CONFIRMED and it’s coming soon, very very soon – in April by the looks of it!  What info I was told over the phone matches what the XDA post said so I think it’s safe to say it seems like the real deal – the “Bees Knees” – the “mutts Nu……. Well you get the idea.

I bet this is very exciting news for European Hero owners living with the outdated 1.5 – except those who may mod. Roll on 2.1 and all your sweeeeeet goodness!

[Via XDA & HTC ]

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  1. April? I was hoping for March, since we were told 1st quarter 2010. I’m sure I won’t care once I get the update, but an extra 2 weeks seems like a long time from where I’m standing, especially since it’s already long overdue.

    I’ll be glad to wave goodbye to 1.5 and enjoy even some of the basic upgrades that came in 1.6 – better market for one.

    Any other users get way over-excited on February 4th when HTC listed a ROM update on their site? Anyone else sorry that they wiped their phone for it?

  2. Oh… so now April means soon? But better late then never.
    LOL, I guess we in CZE won’t get anything since the news never concern us…

  3. Any reason to wait for the OTA update? Will it mean that I won’t have to back everything up?

    Great news though, pity they couldn’t do it before the Easter holiday… nothing to do with waiting for the legend to be released first?!

  4. How about an update for the long suffering Telus Hero?

  5. I’m kinda starting to be angry… Norway – around 5M inhabitants, Hungary – 10M inhabitants, Greece – 11M inhabitants… Czech Republic – 10 M inhabitants.. Can anybody explain to me, WHY THE HEL is everybody ignoring us!?

  6. Still waiting on confirmation for Tattoo upgrade to 2.1

  7. Furret: Well maybe We(norway) are only 5M, but its nordic then you some more countries and we buy lots of mobiles, several a year god business for HTC ;)

  8. Maybe because in Czechoslovakia, 2.1 updates YOU.

  9. When G2 gets it, will G1 so too? Has same cpu and ram, only less internal space.. but fuck internal space!

  10. I dont think the G1 will be getting it.

  11. @Furret: Nordic refers to the ‘the Nordic countries’, which includes the following countries/regions: Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Åland, which includes approximately 25 million people.

  12. yeah does anyone know when the update for htc hero on telus (canada) will be released?

  13. Canada?

  14. What about in Asia? The place where HTC is actually based… When do we get our updates?

  15. I’m missing most of Europe from the schedule (FR, NL, ES, IT), wtf?

    Europe is like a zillion countries and only a few are listed, what use is a schedule like that?

  16. Hello,
    I have a HTC Legend since 2 days. Buy normaly in france, on Bluetrade web site. I don’t understand why you say it come in april :-) No sim lock. No brand sticker. I’m really happy. This is a realy good phone. Good screen.
    Bye bye

  17. any word on the hero in canada?

  18. Have just received correspondence from HTC in South Africa and they are refusing to confirm the 22nd April date for Vodacom in South Africa

  19. They are keeping us waiting, they didn’t give official date. I’m really pissed off!!!
    They already made sense with android 2.1 for Legend, but I think Hero’s customers are not so important for them.
    My next phone won’t be from HTC for sure, I hope more serious brands will make good androids.

  20. Today is 3 April 2010 .
    There is not any update on HTC web sites !!!!

  21. It appears it never materialised on the 2nd.

    Which makes me think that this information might well be wrong!

  22. I got the European HTC Hero but live in the US using US Tmobile.My question is when the European update comes out, how will I go about recieving the 2.1 update on the supposedly release date of the 16 April?

  23. above is lies emailed HTC here is response :
    Thank you for your email.

    We have no information at the moment confirming a specific release date of an upgrade to 2.1.
    Please become a member of the e-club on our website, then you will receive a confirmation via email when the upgrade is available.

    Once more detailed information is available on the expected release
    dates and which of the HTC branded Hero devices will be updated then a more formal announcement
    will be made.

    Best regards,
    Jozefine M

  24. Just been on phone to HTC as today is apparently the update day, they informed me that it’ll be conducted OTA from 30th april onwards but no clue as to when it’s online available, apparently that info hadnt been made available to the operator.
    Also, t-mobile have no clue whatsoever as to when the update will be out. so i’m guessing… another 2 weeks of waiting to see if it actually will materialise =/

  25. Just off the phone to HTC myself. They said the scheduled date is 5th July for Orange UK OTA.

  26. This thing is getting funnier each day. It seems like some sort of “Duke Nukem Forever”. They shouldn’t release dates and getting people all “hyped up” and then frustrated. Maybe it would be better if they would just say “It’s done when it’s done”.

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