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A member of XDA-forums “yrrep” has posted what he claims to be the timetable of Android 2.1 being rolled out to European HTC Hero’s AKA T-mobile G2.

Here’s a copy and paste of the supposed roll-outAndroid-21-Hero

This is the update schedule –

HTC EU (Nordic/Greek/RUS/UKR/SA) 2010/4/2

TMO – UK TMO 2010/4/16

UK/ES Orange 2010/4/16

TMO – DE TMO 2010/4/16

SFR signature Orange 2010/4/22

ZA(Vodacom) HTC 2010/4/22

H3G UK H3G 2010/4/22

HTC BE HTC 2010/5/4

HTC TUR HTC 2010/5/4

TMO – PL TMO 2010/5/10

TMO – HU TMO 2010/5/10

TMO – MK TMO 2010/5/10

And His source:

I was privy to an email at work…


You can call HTC direct, ask them when the update is due, and they will confirm… if they read their bloody emails!

Well he told me I could call HTC – So I did! 2 different operators have told me what’s on their system- obviously reading from the screen. I was told :

Unbranded HTC Hero , T-mobile UK & Orange UK:

Update available online from 16th April

Update OTA from 30th April

Network 3 UK (H3G UK):

22nd April – online

5th May – OTA

So one thing, HTC Hero 2.1 is CONFIRMED and it’s coming soon, very very soon – in April by the looks of it!  What info I was told over the phone matches what the XDA post said so I think it’s safe to say it seems like the real deal – the “Bees Knees” – the “mutts Nu……. Well you get the idea.

I bet this is very exciting news for European Hero owners living with the outdated 1.5 – except those who may mod. Roll on 2.1 and all your sweeeeeet goodness!

[Via XDA & HTC ]

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