Sprint Announces Nexus One, HTC Supersonic Next Week


Sprint has finally announced they’ll be getting the Nexus One from Google with availability, pricing and further details coming soon. This comes right after rival AT&T had a compatible Nexus One appear for sale on Google’s website. Oddly enough, this news could take a back seat to another Sprint Android Phone that is right around the corner.

supersonic-boomNext week at CTIA, Sprint is expected to announce a handset many people have been waiting for – the HTC Supersonic. It isn’t just highly anticipated because of its traditionally enjoyed specs like 4.3-inch screen, Android 2.1 and the like, but this could very well be Sprint’s first 4G WiMax enabled phone.

This would give Sprint, a carrier that many suggest is struggling badly, 2 rock-solid Android offerings on the cutting edge of the platform. But as we all know, what is on the cutting edge today often becomes old in a few months. But if you ask me, Sprint customers should be happy to have both of these devices as options, and for those who like to keep their phone around for 2 years plus? The Nexus One and HTC Supersonic will be your best bets on Sprint in terms of “future proofing” your mobile experience.

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  1. Your a little late to post this but no biggie. I am so close to turning in this 2yr old palm treo!!!!!! I live in a 4G market so I will be getting supersonic for sure.

  2. all google needs now is a marketing team…

  3. If I’m not mistaken, Google is now coming with a branded Nexus for Verizon and Sprint….
    It appears, they’re admitting their “unlocked” experiment failed….am I wrong…?
    Interested in your comments…

  4. this is awesome.
    I almost commited to the HERO a week ago..will wait untill these both drop.
    it would be very intresting to see if sprint copies verizon sales tactic by offering BOGO..helpfull for those on a family plan.

  5. I think “unlocked” is not feasible because it seems that each carrier’s technology is a little bit different. So “unlocked” seems truly pointless to me in the United States. You simply can’t use the same model of Nexus on even any 2 carries, let alone all of them.

    AT&T’s version works only on AT&T’s 3G? Give me a break. I bet the same will be for Sprint and Verizon, even though they both use CDMA.

    So it’s more like “a different version of the phone for every single carrier.”

  6. @knowdither,

    I believe you are wrong because there is no such thing as an unlocked CDMA phone (sprint, verizon…). Their phones are unlocked to begin with, but rather their ESN # is specific to a carrier. I think by unlocked google meant that it would be available on all the networks so you would not be tied down to one carrier as with the Iphone. Although it is true that you will not be able to take a N1 cdma to ATT since they are GSM.

  7. This is great news. Especially for Android. Having the N1 on more networks will really help its adoption.

    I switched from Verizon to Sprint to get the Hero when it came out. I’m very happy with Sprint coverage and their pricing plan is great.

    Now I just need to figure out how to justify the new phone when I’m only 6 months into my current contract…

  8. Can’t wait. My Pre is still treating me well but I am a compulsive upgrader and I have been looking for something with a larger screen. Wimax is the icing on the cake. I already use it in Baltimore for my home internet service so it will be great to have it on my phone too. Hope it doesn’t kill battery.

  9. Also, Nexus on all carriers is a great first step. When phones are on all carriers, you can choose based on price and coverage (like you should already) rather than on availability of a particular handset (like lots of us do anyway).

  10. 4G chipmaker, Sequans, is powering the Supersonic. Chip is optimized for handsets and is the most highly integrated WiMAX chip in the industry.

  11. the “unlocked” thing really doesnt work, becuase they cant get all the radios in the phone. but with a N1 for each of the big 4 carriers, it somewhat works in theory…

    want the backflip, go to ATT. want the droid, go to VZW, want the cliq, go to TMO, want the moment go to SPRINT.

    want the N1? pick a carrier and then get the phone that works with that carrier

  12. hopefully with all the N1’s out Google will put out some dang accessories and cases for it!! i need a decent hardcase NOT sold for $2.99 on eBay from China.

  13. Hopefully they wont announce now and release later on. They are after all known as the “Now Network” not the “Later sometime maybe Network.” I am in the market for a new phone by April 1st as are many people I know of who’s phone plans are up for renewal. If they wait, they will lose the hype factor. They are bleeding subscribers already as it is so maybe they can salvage some and gain a few more with the right move. Announce this phone and release it (not 3-6 months later.)

  14. Why is everyone ignoring the Samsung Moment? Just because it’s not as pushed as the HTC Hero, HTC Supersonic, or the Nexus one, doesn’t mean it’s a bad phone. If anything, the Moment’s specs are better than most Android phones on the market. I think if the Supersonic does come out for Sprint, Sprint will have 4 rock solid choices!

  15. Finally good news for sprint. But first things first, f*** the nexus one. Too many people have been asking when it be on sprint, and after so many month when some people really doesn’t give a damn anymore it happens. Good news though, the supersonic will finally be announced(hopefully), and it makes the nexus one look like s***. So who cares about the the stupid nexus one that why Google couldn’t patent the name, BITCH. We’re all intrested in the better phone, the wiimax SUPERSONIC, YEEEEAH BOOOOY

  16. I’m not in a 4G area as of yet, and I truly love my Hero, but I’m looking toward the future and the Supersonic sounds too good to pass up. I like the N1, but the screen size is what’s fueling my decision…

  17. Android is continue to expand quickly.

  18. http://androidcommunity.com/htc-supersonic-shows-up-in-an-inventory-listing-20100318/

    Inventory listing could be photoshopped but looks like a legit print screen

  19. Great news, having only one Android phone could really hurt Sprint.

  20. Turning out to be a good week for Android news, all though…N1 on AT&T – FAIL!!! Actually looking forward to CTIA next week also. Perhaps Sprint can come out shinning for a change. Supersonic & N1, thats good news.
    Oh, and before I forget all you N1 nay-sayers – N1 sales are down because they launched on T-mobile…seriously?!?
    Once the device is being sold on all carriers then you can begin to count, they won’t reach iPhone numbers – but they will climb. SuperSonic on Sprint makes for an awesome spring!! =)

  21. @ Brad Dudley… One Android phone? Sprint already has two… Hero and the Moment. Both are great phones. Moment has better specs but Hero has HTC Sense which is more than enough for most people. Still, both are starting to be a bit dated and Sprint desperately needs to keep up on the power android phones to compete.

    It’s a shame really… They struggle so hard but truth be told, they’re coverage and quality is just as good as Verizon. Customer service is great and prices beat all competitors.

    Glad to see the Supersonic coming soon. That’s definitely what I’m going for. Could care less about the N1 at this point. Was going to jump ship for a carrier with a better phone (probably Verizon) but Sprint’s customer service saved me easily. Glad I held out because the Supersonic combined with Sprint’s coverage and pricing…. Can’t be beat.

  22. Lovin the SF2 “sonic-boom!” reference…

  23. Biggest problem with the N1 is lack of plan flexibility. If the Sprint version offers a family plan I might check it out, but I’ll wait and see what the Supersonic plans are like first!

  24. You can get all the flexibility you want if you buy it unsubsidized. That’s what I’m thinking of doing.

    We will have to wait until LTE comes out in the US to get a true unlocked phone. Should finally be able to happen…

  25. Guile and Zangief FTW! Oh yeah, cant wait for the Supersonic. I still have the Instinct.

  26. I guess I thought “unlocked” would be a little more flexible. It seems that currently, the Nexus One site offers two GSM versions in the AT&T phone and T-Mobile phone. So, 2 SIMS that don’t work on each other. Then, as more carriers come online and primarily those on the CDMA network (Verizon and Sprint), then those Nexus phones will need to be carrier specific. I’m only half complaining. I like the idea of being able to choose BEFORE-HAND, but I’d like a little more control after-wards, and to be able to switch carriers at will … which is what I think of when I hear the word “unlocked”.

    Am I missing something?

  27. Well I will like to have any of those I got the bb tour rite now I guess I’m waiting on the evo for sure I hope price don’t become to high

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