Verizon HTC Incredible Coming In Two Weeks?


incredibleSome inside Verizon and HTC sources through DailyTech have said Verizon will begin to get the HTC Incredible in stock within 2-weeks – GREAT news for Verizon customers. The phone is a powerhouse Android that even outclasses the Nexus One. Similar in specs to other upper echelon  Android’s with its 1GHz processor and Android 2.1, but the Incredible also enjoys an upgrade to an 8MP camera and an FM tuner.

The HTC Incredible COULD be the reason the Nexus One for Verizon hasn’t popped up for availability although it was announced as an option day 1. The fate of the Verizon Nexus One remains unknown but I wouldn’t be surprised if it launched in conjunction with the Incredible.

Along with the keyboard wielding Motorola Droid and Devour, and the smaller and more compact HTC Droid Eris, the large full-touch screen Incredible provides yet another alternative to Verizon customers and it could very likely become the most popular handset for the carrier. Accomplishing that will be a difficult task though, as an unprecedented advertising and promotional campaign helped Verizon and Motorola sell more than a million Droids in the first 74 days it was available.

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  1. The front of that phone looks so awesome but then you flip it over and it looks so ‘unfinished’ and ugly lol

  2. Honestly, after all the negative press about the Nexus One, and it’s 3G an screen issues, I would rather have the Incredible. Great specs, 8mp cam, and if the price and battery life are decent, it will be my next phone on Verizon.

  3. if this is true .. and i would LOVE to get some official announcement .. my 10 day old Droid is headed back to the store. i like the droid … but i LOVE the HTC form factor.

  4. I feel like this is a better option for most people. After the issues the N1 has had I worry that I would get a faulty product and be SOL. At least if I purchased this phone thru Verizon I could take it back if any shenanigans ensued. Plus, its freakin incredible. lol

  5. ugh i can’t decide between this and the nexus one!…what do u guys think?

  6. Cool! now just give me a release date for the N1/Incredible and then I can make a decision on which one I’ll get. I returned my droid months ago and have been using my old razr. I’m ready for a new phone already.

  7. HTC Incredible All The Way

  8. @Elden
    I’m in the same boat, don’t know if I should go for N1 or Incredible…?
    Something about the N1 keeps it at the top of my list
    We need some help!

  9. What actually is the difference btw this and the Desire?

  10. what make you think this phone won’t have the same problem the N1 have/had,HTC and Android!! they did build the N1. Same specs with more rom and bigger screen but still the same materials. I chose the N1 only to be sure to get my updates in a timely matter and if this phone have sense ui on it that won’t happen.

  11. The Incredible has more ROM then the Desire!! 1G to 512MB

  12. Forgot!! and a much better camera!

  13. @cmherron…yeah i think im leaning twords the N1 cuz google will take care of you and you’ll get everything 1st..instead of having to wait for the carriers to test everything out…and @gad theres actually not really a difference at all except this has a 8mp camera and the desire has 5mp…and this is being released in the US and we don’t even know if the desire will be yet

  14. Does anyone think the Nexus one will be delayed now, from the rumor date of March 23rd? And yes…does anyone have any insight as to which one a person should chose?

  15. Um, the Incredible has a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, but it’s underclocked to 768MHz. That hardly outclasses the Nexus One.

    As for the N1’s touchscreen issue, note that the Incredible will probably use the same one. The problem has been proven to be with the hardware, and I doubt HTC will have switched parts already.

    Also be aware that the Incredible will have the Sense UI, which will delay any Android updates. The Nexus One is pure Android, so any new versions can be pushed sooner.

  16. I think the biggest difference is the update times, as the N1 would receive them first, and the Sense UI on the Incred. I have seen the N1 in action and I like it, I am afraid that the Sense UI wont be as nice. Again…any insight?

  17. Excellent news, My contract was up as of 3/15 and I have been waiting for “THIS” post right here. I was going to jump in the DROID or even the ERIS, but I think im going to wait it out with my Q9c.

  18. I like the way people complain about the Nexus having 3G issues. Dont believe what you read all the time. I’ve had the Nexus for a while now and not one problem with 3G. The people that complain about 3G coverage need to let us no what state and city they are in. im in CA and no issues. Love my N1.

  19. For everyone wondering about this versus the N1,
    The Incredible has the same Specs as the N1, plus an FM Tuner and an upgrade to an 8 mp camera. It has a slightly different form factor, and runs the HTC Sense interface, which in my opinion is far better than stock android. It will also be available in Verizon’s own stores versus Google’s online store with horrible support. So, for me, Incredible all the way.

  20. The 3G issues with the Nexus One are not the fault of the phone. Its a problem with the 3G coverage of AT&T. I can’t wait to see how this phone performs on Verizon.

  21. is there any way to get rid of the sense UI though? it’s so ugly.

    the clean design of the N1 interface is what I’m looking for.

    although i guess i could be talked into the Incredible with an 8mp cam.

    Rocco- hows the touch on your N1- any problems?

  22. Right, my N1 works flawlessly @ TX

  23. BMORE!! My N1 works great even with the new maps 4.1 update.

  24. I’m sticking with the N1. First off, I question the claim that the Incredible is a superior piece of hardware. An 8mp camera over 5mp (I believe) is really not a particularly useful advantage. It really only makes a difference if you’re printing massive images, and the problem with camera phones isn’t sensor size, its the plastic optics. If it had glass optics, yeah maybe. But you’re forgetting that the N1 has a dual microphone system for reducing noise. This is useful every time you talk to someone. And I also don’t know about you, but I don’t want HTC sense. I’m not knocking it, but I prefer an authentic Android experience.

  25. @nickchop – see this is what worries me as well. I think I want the actual andriod software w/o sense…if this means that I have to keep a charger at home and at work..so be it. I think the only thing that worries me though is Application space. The Incred looks like a monster for space when compared to the N1. If I want to download a lot of apps, say 16-20 or so…will they all fit on the N1? Im not so sure…

  26. Yeah, my friend convinced me to dump my iphone (thank God). I’m thinking of the N1 because just like Elden wrote, you will get all the updates right away from Google. You never know if and how long it will be before any network carrier will hold off on giving you the latest update. Plus, you give and take. For example, with the N1 you get the full processor speed (1Ghz), whereas the Incredible it’s programmed lower at 768. Of course it has the fm tuner, but you just have to decide which is more important to you. Hoping the N1 for Verizon really does come out Tuesday!

  27. Will this phone have the free turn by turn navigation like the n1?

  28. Has anyone heard any more news about the Dell Streak (mini 5)? With my big *** hands I need a big phone.

  29. I love HTC’s form factor. The advantage of getting a N1 is that you are pretty much guaranteed updates. The N1 is Google’s baby. They will take care of that phone. HTC branded phones…eh….not so much (i.e. Droid Eris, MyTouch3G)

  30. I, too, have been long awaiting the release of the Nexus One on Verizon. But now with the Incredible on the way, it’s “Nexus Who”? They appear to be similar in most ways, but the Incredible boasts an 8 megapixel camera — not to mention the advanced UI. Aw, Diggy!

  31. I think the incredible will definately be incredible! I can’t wait to get it! it will be perfect since my two years contract expires about the same time when the incredible allegedly comes out.

  32. I will give it few weeks before I get it. I would like to see the ratings before i get it. I want to know the GOOD and the BAD.

  33. I still have some reservations:
    1) Will it have the same screen as the N1? (aka one that has multitouch issues and breaks in your pocket…) @whoever said it has a bigger screen: where are you getting your info?!? lol
    2) Does it have an underclocked snapdragon or is it that they’re using the low-end snapdragon model used in the Acer Liquid?
    3) Is the optical trackball actually better than the physical one?
    4) Can I live with the infrequent updates that is bound to accompany Sense?
    5) Does having an 8MP camera slow it down substantially when trying to take pics quickly?
    6) Can I put up with whatever the heck they did with the back of the phone?
    Conclusion: My main concerns are #1 and #2. If the Incredible has a different screen than the N1 and it has the mid-range snapdragon (underclocked) I think this may be a win. Otherwise I may see if T-Mobile has enough coverage in my area so that I can grab a Supersonic.

  34. I’ll wait until both the N1 and Incredible come out and get fully reviewed. I’ll see if the underclocking of the Incredible really extends battery life enough to live with the slightly slower processing speed, but I suspect that I won’t really miss the extra 232MHz. I’ve waited this long; an extra week won’t hurt.

  35. @Daniel- I’m with you. I think that waiting until both are fully reviewed is the road that I’m taking as well. Till then…

  36. If the N1 is only available full price through Google and the Incredible is discounted through Verizon, a lot of people will have their mind made up by their cash on hand.

  37. @Josh
    The Nexus just came out on AT&T.. do you have some knowledge of 3G issues with them on AT&T ??

  38. well from everything I’ve read the nexus one doesn’t use all of the available ram because the current Linux kernel doesn’t support it. So, that extra ram in the Incredible will go to waste until google updates android to the latest linux kernel and considering that droid eris is still on 1.5 that could be a while.

  39. I have a n1 and i have had no 3g problems. I keep it in my back pocket most of time and my screen is fine. from what I’ve read you can basically “turn off” the Sense ui through the system settings.

  40. Difficult decision: The Incredible, a superior phone
    with actual human support but a 2 year lock in on the cusp
    of 4G next year, or settle for the Nexus one to avoid
    longing for a 4G phone for many months after they become
    available. One suspects most of the bugs have been
    dealt with on the Nexus One, and being able to jump
    on the 4G bandwagon at the earliest opportunity might
    well be worth a tiny compromise.

  41. I intent to get the Incredible, root, overclock, and have basically a VZW N1 with an 8MP camera and Sense.

  42. My girlfriends mom is due for an upgrade and was all set to buy the N1 but I will have to point her to the Incredible now (depending on price). If you wait for the next greatest phone you’ll always be waiting. If big red has 4g ready to go in area you can always sell your N1/incredible and buy a 4g phone outright although it will probably cost you couple bills. It’s a though one though because at 4g speeds I could drop my ISP and use my phone as a router.

  43. I bet it’s an april’s fool joke.

  44. True. If you root you wont have to wait for updates and you can put the extra ram to use.

  45. “I bet it’s an april’s fool joke.”
    Might be, where is the fcc approval for this device?

  46. when does HTC make an android phone with a keyboard for verizon?

    Thats the day I switch…

  47. I like my droid but I hate the fact that I cant use the physical keyboard. I want the incredible for sense ui but the back of this phone is soooooo ugly. The nexus one has the looks but stock android seems a little boring. Y not just put sense ui in the htc desire form factor and color it shiny black. Now that would be incredible.

  48. Non of you guys are talking about the Desire, as if it doesn’t exist.It sure is coming out in a few weeks….Oh i forgot,Americans rule the roost on this sites. If its not been released over there,no one bothers.

  49. The back is just weird. Between getting an 8MP camera and more internal memory for apps, I would have preferred the latter.

  50. I think that N1’s 2 microphone feature is great… and it addresses a common problem of the main reason we buy phone… “To Talk”. It makes sure we hear and are heard… that would make a huge difference in selecting between these IMHO.

  51. I love my droid w keyboard.it is plenty fast.it is faster than the nexus right now running on t mobile as far as 3 g and on wifi it is only a whopping 2 sec behind.so SNAP snapdragon.it will take u 4 sec to catch my typing speed.you guys need to look at the big picture!

  52. I would like to know the incredible final specs and when its available in Europe for gsm networks. Is this information known?

  53. Both phones are formidable allies. Although similar in some ways, I like the hardware and Sense UI of the Incredible. The trackball on Nexus protrudes out too much. Sense UI is awsome and beautiful to look at, not to mention home screen looping. As for the clock, you probably won’t notice the diference if you were to compare both phones side by side. The fact remains that these two phones, along with the Droid ARE the most awsome phones you can get RIGHT NOW. A year from now will be a diferent story .

  54. Cool…but I wonder if are when the new droid is coming out. I must say that I do love the way this looks though.

  55. THe biggest problem is VODAFONE wont give updates you are always better with google because they have an interest in updating .Vodafone already have your money and are only concerned with selling the next one!

  56. Can someone explain to be me (briefly, if possible) what Sense UI is? How does it differ from “stock”?

  57. gad: Non of you guys are talking about the Desire, as if it doesn’t exist.It sure is coming out in a few weeks….Oh i forgot,Americans rule the roost on this sites. If its not been released over there,no one bothers.

    Why would ANYBODY talk about a phone thats unavailable to them? Stop being a dumb-ass, oversensitive F-nugget. O I forgot, anybody outside of America is stupid 3rd world hick. I’m surprised you even have a phone. It’s good to step up from throwing a stick with pictures drawn on it.

  58. @Gad, Thanks for the input on this conversation.

  59. does anyone care if a product is made in the usa anymore?

  60. ya sweet phone but come on now really Verizon can we please stop making phones for the devil.

  61. no cuz if it was made in america it would cost like $1500 for a phone because we cant find a way to pay like 15 chines guy’s to assemble 2500 phones a second for .15 cence an hour.

  62. Our work force needs to learn to spell and write correctly before we can trust them to design and build a phone.

  63. What a bunch of retards!!Don’t any of you have anything better to do, than be a phone company groupie? most of you. or should i say, your parents!! spend about twenty-four hundred US dollars on phone service a year. I can think of better ways to spend that kind of money. Text an Internet what the hell do you need it for? To prove to your friends and family that your intelect is that of a 3rd grader. Keep that money flowing into the pockets of the big 3 companies, they really love idiots like you. And please don’t argue that it is a socially acceptable ideal. It is not!!!!! RETARDS

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