All 5 Major UK Networks To Offer the HTC Desire


I have a feeling the HTC Desire is gong to be big in the UK – We recently spread the word UK networks Orange and T-mobile will be stocking the Android 2.1 based phones and now I’m pleased to tell you O2 , Vodafone and 3 have joined the ranks offering it too!

htc-desire-pressThis means all 5 ‘major’ UK networks will be carrying it –  what a choice to have……..  Of course , if you don’t want to be tied down to a contract you can always purchase it sim-free and unlocked from eXpansys.

Some networks haven’t given exact dates yet but what we do know so far is that T-mobile is expected to be the first with an planned release date of March 26th with Network 3 dishing theirs around “spring time” . We can expect to see the HTC Desire with Orange and Vodafone around April & O2 is yet to give an date.

In case you don’t know the HTC Desire was codenamed as the HTC Bravo and is essentially the Nexus One but features HTC’s Sense UI and an distinct optical track pad for navigation.

Did we mention that some are customised? – According to Network 3 their HTC Desire packs in Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Email on 3 and Twitter as well as an Facebook app. We also know the Vodafone version has their own Vodafone 360 apps on their- which are currently available on the Android Market for free if you want to have a peek. I wonder what the other networks have customised their handsets with if any?

We haven’t had much confirmation of the Pricing yet (except Orange, who will be offering it free) but we’ll keep you posted!

With all these operators stocking the desire, lets hope to see some competition price wise.  Are you interested in purchasing a Desire?

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  1. This is great. The more widely available HTC phones are, the better the apps will become!

  2. *drooooollllsssssss* Too bad I live in the states!

    Is there a way I could purchase it from expansys (or another online site) and then switch the SIM card with mine from T-Mo?

  3. nope tmo US uses different signals then Tmo UK i believe.

    hope this is what we can look forward to in the states as well! all carriers having the bravo would be so nice

  4. wouldnt this be awesome if it happened like this in the states also?

  5. I really hope this is just forshadowing that the Desire will come to the US in the not so distant future.

    @John, more than likely you can buy the phone from the UK and use it on T-Mo USA freq. You just need to do your research before you purchase it. Ultimately if you can get it, you may have to decide if 2G, instead of 3G is sufficient for you since the bands are the same.

  6. the so-called “customization” by the carriers is exactly why I like my Nexus One better… carriers suck!!!!

  7. looking forward to it big tym

  8. I’ll be getting one

  9. If all UK carriers are carrying this device, there’s a likelihood that all US carriers will carry this.

  10. i desire this phone…

  11. god carl, this is the second article i’ve read of yours where you used the wrong there, their and they’re. also, you’re missing some commas in the article. it may be pretty grammar nazi-ish, but please please please check your articles over before you post. a professional article on a site should at least use the correct version of a word.

  12. @Phoenix, thanks for the suggestion.

    P.S “Carl” is suppose to start with a capital ‘C’ :P

  13. touché sir, touché. lol

  14. lol :D

  15. This means Nexus will soon get Sense’rized version of 2.1 as well thanks to XDA!

  16. Why don’t we get to see any answers to some really great questions I read or submit myself?

  17. Since it looks like we will never get the Nexus One selling over here, I might think about buying this phone instead.

    I don’t really care for HTC Sense though.

  18. It’s great to hear that 5 networks are going to sell this HTC Desire from 1st April (it’d better not be an April Fool’s Day!).

    One thing I want to be clarified concerning network’s customisation of the HTC Desire. Are they going to “remove” some and place “proprietary” network-related softwares in its place? I certainly DO NOT WANT any network brandings appearing on any of HTC’s UI Sense OS.

    Anyone agree?

  19. Why does Europe and Asia get all the coolest phones FIRST!?

  20. Dale, why not?

    It’s been a long time since USA always seems to be ahead. It’s always nice to see Europe coming first for a change.

    Of course, USA will still be ahead on SO MANY THINGS that Europe desires, but mobile phones, yes, it’s about time Europe stands a good chance.

  21. Will the Sense be available for “official” download to the nexus? I know you can flash your nexus’ ROM and all that, but I don’t want to hack …y 530 dollar phone. Does anyone know if the sense will ever be a LEGIT download to the nexus like as an upgrade?


  22. Since most U.K. contracts will be 24 months @ £30-£40 a month, the phone will effectively cost at least £720 on contract!! A SIM only, £15 a month deal means the same 24 months cost £360 plus the £400 for the phone. The only major advantage for a SIM-only deal is that in 2 year’s time, the Desire will be just another old phone. You pays yer money and makes yer choice! :-)

  23. Basically, both HTC and Motorola (about to launch 20 phones in 2010) are trying the brute force approach, its good in some ways, but i’d still rather see them concentrating on a couple of core phones ala blackberry.

  24. What about US?

  25. Is the voice recognition and the SATNAV app that is available in the USA with Google Android, software or hardware? In other words can these functions be updated later FOR the HTC Desire IN the UK or do you have to have a new phone with those abilities. These are the most important functions that I want in a handset, e.g. . Thanks.

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