Moto Droid Running On “Official” 2.1 Update?


Big props goes out to our friend Chas who sent us this video this morning of a Motorola Droid running on the “official” Android 2.1 update. Apparently, Pete over at Android Overdrive got a hold of what he is reporting to be the official 2.1 Droid update. Chas says:

Developer for the Droid, Pete, has managed to get a hold of the official 2.1 Droid update from Verizon. Still having trouble making a working ROM but it will be ready soon.

Pretty interesting stuff! Pete reports in the forum that he has had it running for 3 days now and has no bugs to report. There are also some discussions about this being an earlier build of the upcoming Official Verizon 2.1 Update. I suppose only time will tell if this is a leaked version of the official update or an earlier build. Either way, this is pretty cool and should quench your thirst for some Moto Droid 2.1 action, at least until the official update is pushed. Anyone gonna jump the gun and install this “official” update? Let us know how it works for you.

PS: There are a bunch of folks talking about this in the AF Droid Forum

[via Android Overdrive]

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  1. That doesnt look good at all. i have custom rom that looks way nicer and has pinch n zoom ive had it for weeks now runs solid. go to market and download smudater worth the five bucks to have an app do everything.

  2. o yeah the custom rom is 2.1 based just fancied up more.

  3. Doesn’t look all that exciting if it is the 2.1 official release. I guess I wait for the bugless beast 2.1 version .. at least then we’ll get 5 home screens.

  4. Bad timing on the SholesMod Updater recommendation.


  5. not the official or leaked release….

  6. All of you have missed the point. With this developers will be able to cook up some much more stable 2.1 roms for the Droid than have been available up until now. So, for those of us with rooted phones, it is exciting.

  7. is “smudater” speled right? why is it that i can’t ever find half of the apps i hear about on this site in the market? what about “beebplayer” the free app for loading bbc stuff. i can’t find that either. this website has typos all the time speel chek, use it

  8. 2.1 has been running on the Droid for some time. I see nothing in this that says it’s an official release or that it is different than any other release.

  9. Looks like the camera hasn’t improved much. It’s really maddeningly hard to take pictures when the time between button press and the shot is some random interval from 1 second up to 3 or 4 seconds later.

  10. This reminds me of when everyone was waiting for 5.0 to drop for the blackberry storm. All of those in the loop had already had a functional leaked version that there was no anticipation for the officialversion. I still think the official version from VZW will be good but that is it.

  11. the official android 2.1 is supposed to have 5 screens, natively. it only appeared to have 3 on what this video showed. also, i didnt see any “rolling” application screen, which was stated to be part of the official update. looks like i’ll be waiting, but until then, home++ gave me the 7 home screens i wanted, and dolphin browser gave me the pinch to zoom feature. the rest is just extra bells and whistles that i can wait for. nice try, pete.

  12. “i got a feeling”, really?!?!

  13. are we getting 2.1 this week,today is friday week s ove???Right???

  14. This 2.1 release is awful, I’m not looking forward to it at all. Why do you call it Android 2.1 if it doesn’t even look like the N1 2.1??? They should call it Android 2.0 1/2

  15. What’s up with the firmware view it says
    Firmware Version
    2.1 update1????

  16. This is a leaked version of the official update from january 22 the one that never got released the man demonstating this is a developer and I believe he is the developer of bugless beast so have some respect do your research and if you are just assuming don’t comment this guy pete has ways to make this leak a very cool rom for rooted droids

  17. Further more this leaked version in no way is an indicator of what the official OTA update for moto droid will have or not have they have reasons it wasn’t pushed ota in jan. Some of those reasons are clear in the video. That’s why the firmware version says 2.1 update one because it wasn’t ready for us when the real one gets pushed from VZ I’m sure it will be great imo but we have yet to see and hay PETE THANX FOR ALL YOU DO FOR THE ANDROID OS COMMUNITY

  18. It’s an incorrect belief that the official update will include the flashy UI of the Nexus One. The actual update will really only be a change to the core of the OS. The Nexus One uses a completely different launcher than stock ROMs do much like HTC’s Sense UI.

  19. Umm… its been rumored for WEEKS now that the DROID 2.1 update doesn’t get soem on the N1’s features because they might be exclusive to Google phones… like the 5 homescreens, new app drawer, live wallpapers, etc. Plus, if you actually are a REAL phandroid and have the Android SDK and have used Emulator, you know that 2.1 only has three homescreen, etc. Just making a point…

  20. So are you saying that we definitely WILL NOT get the live wallpaper and the launcher on the moto droid… EVER?

  21. The lil wayne mix tape track was more interesting than the video.

  22. Any one have a anwser??

  23. I dunno if richard is trying to say “update one” is because it’s a version of 2.1 for the DROID, but I’m pretty sure “2.1 update 1/one” Is the update that gave the N1 all the multi-touch functions (maps, browser, etc).

  24. I hate pete so much! He takes other peoples work and returns no credit. Then he asks for people to donate when he has had no innovation. Leaking something doesnt make him a dev either… creating something new and good does. If you want to find a good rom from a bunch of REAL devs go to the sholesmod. Its the best rom you will find. Not Petes copy and paste shit roms that suck my cock. Bugless Beast is not bugless at all and all hes contributed is notifications and wallpapers! And you people think HE deserves your money not the people whos work hes used. I respect him because i couldve done the same thing, just take out experimental things and include the work of other people then take credit and all the money with the praise of the people. The thing is since he has no real dev abilities if other people dont release their stuff then his rom will be left in the dust. So suck my dick Pete.

  25. FWIW, I talked to a VWZ rep today in store, and they don’t have a date for the 2.1 OTA Update. He did say that it was supposed to be released “last month”. I just can’t figure out why it is taking so long. I am probably going to eventually root…time will tell.

  26. @ICON map has pinch zoom in 2.0 in case you haven’t noticed ;)

  27. Wow!!! peterpan has a nasty mouth. Takes away from a solid site.

  28. When the Droid 2.1 info was posted on the Moto site early, it said nothing about 3D Wall Paper, 5 Screens, or the Launcher being replaced. I’m guessing these are all 1 app anyways, you get all of it or none.

    And if this guy received the official update, could’t he have just snatched the update file before it executed and distributed that? Then no custom ROM needed?

  29. I completely fail to see the excitement and controversy over the possible pending release of 2.1 for droid. Mostly, what I’ve read were a lot of people bitching about only having 3 home screens. I run android 2.0.1 and I have seven. Its called gde. Shell out three bucks or get home++. Home++ is free and will give you more than the stock three home screens. What I laugh most about, however, is people sniveling, bitching, and whining about that fucking pinch-zoom feature. So what? YOU BOUGHT A DROID, NOT A GODDAMNED iPHONE! If pinch-zoom was that all-important, why did you buy a Droid? I mentioned dolphin browser to someone before, and I was informed that I was an ‘idiot’ because 2.1 would allow pinch-zoom outside of the browser. I couldn’t help but laugh, here is some mental midget calling ME an idiot because I didn’t care about system-wide pinch-zoom and owned a droid. Why, WHY, I ask would you buy a droid knowing it doesn’t have pinch-zoom, then run home and complain about it in every forum you can find? If pinch zoom is seriously that important.

  30. DJ, this post of yours… well, it sounds like YOU are the one bitching and whining. You don’t have anything positive to add to the post nor do you cite anything specific that you want out of the next build. The reason most of us are so patiently waiting for this update is that developers will have a solid (as solid as it can be) build on which to create. Granted 5+ screens is not, should not, be a deal breaker on a great phone but if want it, then having it as a part of a feature rich OS, not another resource heavy program/app that will cost us extra, is a good thing. As for pinch/zoom… we don’t think we are so juvenile to want what the iPhone has, no, I believe, like many others, that gesture support like pinch/zoom is a more accurate way of zooming in and out on a touch screen. If my Droid is already better than the iPhone then getting pinch/zoom will only make it better. I’m sorry someone called you simple, I can tell by your writing style that you are not that.

  31. Apex, my post was cut off. I wasn’t bitching and whining. My point was simply that these forums are chock-full of people who complain about pinch-zoom, and three homescreens,etc. Personally, I have no problems with my droid at all and looking at the release notes, there really isn’t anything on 2.1 that I found that I either didn’t already have or want(thanks guys, we can get goggles whenever we want for free). Flash support is really the only worthwhile feature I noticed. Live wallpapers, while certainly not a deal-breaker, would have been interesting, if superfluous. No, I don’t stare at my screens and yes I am aware of battery usage. I am speaking for ME, NOT the android community at large. I am sure this post will be taken out of context (again). I’ve explained myself as adequately as possible. Let’s hope motorola manages to get 2.1 out before Adobe get flash player ready, which I personally would be shocked if Adobe pushes it out in Q1. I’ll remain hopeful, but not holding my breath.

  32. For anybody looking for smupdater, it has been rebranded as dmupdater and can be found at droidmod.org.

  33. yeah, i saw all the pretty beels and whistles and guess what, you dont have them.
    I saw adobe come up with some magical bean that sprouted shock player. you got no bean.
    I got a lot of statements from a company that sold us out, anyone that bought a droid when the android was being developed got ripped off by motorola, like it or not. verizon sold us second rate units and gave away the gems (android.)
    There probably isn’t a 2.1 and if there is dont ever expect anything else. i am sure it stops there because verizon is moving up the communication line beyond 5g.
    in 2 years you will have remembered all these empty statements with no product and remembered what the brass ring was. i should have known better. i look in the mirror and think, “SUCKER”. to hell with motorola.

  34. That’s an older video. I saw that one back in January when Motorola jumped the gun on the first “update”.

  35. I have the new 2.1. My bluetooth now works in my 2008 Nissan pathfinder. however, it keeps disconnecting and connecting and some times I have to connect it manually. Problem needs to be fixed

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