Vodafone’s HTC Magic Now Features Market App Promos – Does Yours?


While on my occasional browse of the Android Market I noticed something that hadn’t appeared before – on my market at least. There were promotional images for some apps. So I’ve done some digging and it seems others with the Vodafone UK HTC Magic are having the same thing happening for them.  Here’s an example of  before & after:


Nothing major but interesting to see, I know some other Android phones already have this but it’s good to see it has just appeared. I would think though this is just for devices with 1.6+ so sorry cupcake users.  Has your phone market just got this? I didn’t notice any other additions though , do you?

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  1. Confirmed: Android 1.6, vodafone IT

  2. I have had this on my android market on my droid. i think the market is like that for 2.0 and up only because i have a friend with a hero and another with a G1 that have a different UI in their Market app and they also do not have some apps that are availabe in my market such as homerun battle 3d :)

  3. I have a Milestone and I´m in Argentina.

    Since yesterday I got this page on my Market.

    It´s a little oversized for the display, I think.

  4. I have been seeing this market with CyangenMod for at least a few months now, definately pre 2.0 as he’s still rocking the 1.6 base.

  5. I see them since yesterday on my T-Mobile G1 in the UK, running Android 1.6.

  6. Ive just looked and its like that now. score….?

  7. I have a G1 1.6, T-mobile US, been like this for months.

  8. It’s on my UK unlocked Milestone (2.01) as of today.

  9. I am seeing those on my milestone too

  10. I have this.

    Nexus One

    bye ;)

  11. I’ve seen this for a while now, I actually don’t remember if they were there when I updated to 1.6, but I think it was almost that long ago.

  12. This has been on the Droid from its launch.


  13. My Droid Eris has had it since day one… Nov 6th

  14. I have something similar to the top bar that shows about 10 featured apps that can scroll left to right on my HTC Eris running on the 1.5 cupcake.

  15. Got it on my UK Vodafone Magic.

  16. I noticed this today on my Nexus one on Vodafone, never seen it before, seems kinda random as I installed the nexus one update the day it came out and nothing changed then

  17. Ditto with Leo C,

    “G1 1.6, T-mobile US, been like this for months”

  18. Got it on my HTC Tattoo in the uk with vodafone

  19. HTC Magic on Vodafone AU, I got this update too. I’ve got a rooted phone and am running Dwang’s Donut ROM, so my phone actually can’t get OTA updates. I assumed it was an official Google update to Market. I don’t have any new APKs in /data/app or /system/app so is this just info the Market service sends to the Vending app, and everyone has it now?

  20. this has been on my droid since day one

  21. I have a G1 t-mo UK, had it for a few weeks now!

  22. Always been like this on my Nexus One using T-Mobile.

  23. I’ve seen this on my Droid (VZW) for quite some time now…

  24. Have it on my Nexus One on Tmobile US

  25. this has been on my tmobile g1 for forever (usa)

  26. I noticed it a few weeks ago on tmo G1. Wasn’t always like that.

  27. Yeah, I also have this discovered suddenly, without update (!) on my G1.
    So Google has the ability to change the market app on their servers, without changing the app on the device. Nice, but they really should improve it more often.

  28. As this has already been seen on 2.0/1 is this Vodafones way of saying their cut down version of a Magic isn’t going further than Android 1.6?

  29. Got it on my unlocked tmobile g1 running on a vodafone sim!

  30. Behold II running 1.5 on T-Mobile (US) and it has been like this since launch. Also got the new MyTouch 1.2 last week running 1.6 and it came like this out the box. I thought this was standard across the board for Android Market.

  31. This is news? Ive had this since I cant remember when last year…

  32. yeah i first noticed this two or three days ago on my vodafone magic.

  33. UK G1 with T-Mobile – seemed to pop up a couple of weeks ago. Not quite sure when.

    Not sure if i like it either – does eat up quite a bit of real estate, and doesn’t seem to be random either as it generally only shows up certain apps.

  34. I’ve had this on my moto droid 2.0.1 since i purchased the phone. This isn’t anything new to the droid customer family, i don’t think anyway…..that’s how i purchased alot of my apps. Saw them advertised there and jumped on them.

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