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HTC Legend Announced, Makes Extra Sense

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  1. Depending on whether Vodaphone actually release the nexus one I’ll maybe settle for this… Although I’m not too big on T-Mo UK My Girl friend is on them and I’d rather be on a different network so one of us has reception if the other is in a blackspot…

  2. Given that anyone with a G1 contract from T-Mobile UK will see it expire on March 30th at the earliest. I think this is a smart move by T-Mobile. With the N1 going to be on Vodafone, this puts them onto a level footing for the end of contract upgraders.

  3. I’ll be getting one. Out of contract now – and I was waiting for the SE Xperia X10. Not waiting any longer for a phone with only Android 1.6 on board.

    SE – you *really* need to get your act together. The X10 should have been released pre-Xmas.

  4. As Darrell said, it would have been very surprising if they hadn’t got something soon. For me it’s a toss up between getting this or moving over to the dark side *coughiphonecough*. Looks like this is as close as we’re going to get to the Nexus over here in the UK.

  5. I really don’t like T-mo and I owe orange money from a previous phone before I lost my job etc.. so I’m really hoping carphone whorehouse or somewhere similar offers this with other unofficial carriers like they already do with some of their other phones in stock.

    I REALLY want this phone!

  6. No problem whatsoever with T-Mobile UK. Been on them Since November 2008 on my G1.

    Speaking of which, my 18 month contract is up April 22nd so I’ll almost certainly be getting the Desire then if it’s a free upgrade deal. Unless an even better Android phone comes out between now and then!

    And I think I like this more than the N1. I prefer hard buttons to soft buttons, I don’t use my phone for calling much (yes, I just said that!) so I don’t really care about the noise cancelling microphones. I think HTC Sense is pretty decent-looking, although I’m likely to have a go at rooting anyway. Plus Cyanogen seems to want a Desire so if he gets one he’ll likely be making a CyanogenMod for it anyway.

    Ticks all my boxes and comes about the right time as Darrell said.

  7. I fully agree with Alex, re: didn’t care about noise-cancelling feature. That’s because I am deaf. I like the sophisticated visual information, including slick SMS text messaging and internet, etc.

    I wonder if any apps can be saved onto a Micro-SD card, instead of internal memory. That would be awesome. Agree?

  8. I’m getting it!

  9. Why are they ignoring North America?!

  10. @Alex, I got my G1 on T-Mobile in December 08 and apparently I can upgrade 15th March. Admittedly this phone isn’t out until 26th March, but you might be able to get it before April.

  11. Any chance of T-Mo USA?

  12. @Riley and Kevin
    Those are my exact thoughts as well. I would be nice for T-Mo USA to launch a superphone that you can go see in stores and doesn’t carry the same “difficulties” the N1 does in terms of acquiring/retaining it. In terms of superphones I know that there is the HD2, but I’d feel like I was short changing myself if I were to get one of those.

  13. yeah I saw on that you can pre-order from all major Uk networks, but I favour T-mobile cause I used them before for pay as you go and they have the best internet usage prices and 1GB usage instead of most other networks 500mb usage for £5 extra p.m.

    I do wish HTC could have introduced a successor to the G1, I want the Desire’s specs with a slide out qwerty keyboard;(

  14. I wouldn’t bother with this guys T mobile uk suck big time they are so far behind when it comes to updates etc etc it’s untrue

  15. I can upgrade on the 21st feb from my g1. my wife has had a g2 since it came out and so far we are really unimpressed. i too am considering going to the i phone dark side, but i quite like being differnt. i don’t want to be one of the 200 people who have an i phone in my office. i quite like being one of two (the second person got the g1 on my recommendation).

    i also have been unimpressed with t-mobile, they are hughly incompetent. With the time delay i might be jumping ship unless t-mobile can offer me something really special.

  16. “my t-mobile” says I can upgrade on 15 April, I just hope there’s enough of these in stock by then. If they don’t offer me a free HTC Desire with a tariff deal better than their standard tariffs… I’m afraid its off to the O2 shop for a shiny white iPhone for me.

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