MWC 2010 HOT Phones Available for Pre-order from eXpansy’s now!


We’ve seen some really interesting Android phones discovered this week at the Mobile world Congress (MWC 2010) in Barcelona – oh how I wish I could be there…..  Well to pile on the good news, some ‘Top picks from this years event’ are already available for pre-order from none other than popular online UK e-retailer eXpansys!

Yes, you can soon get your hands on some of the hottest and newest Android handsets out their including…..

A real good selection! Personally my favourites are the HTC Desire , the HTC Legend and Samsung’s Beam 8520 with it’s Super AMOLED screen and projector!  Summary of prices and status below:

HTC Legend / £399.99  / Due 12th April

HTC Desire / £449.99  / Due 12th April

Acer beTouch E110 / £ 159.99 / Due 17th May

Acer beTouch E400 / £ – TBA / Pre-order available

Samsung Beam i8520 / £ – TBA / Pre-order available

Sony Ericsson X10 mini / £ -TBA / Pre-order available

Sony Ericsson X10 mini Pro / £-TBA / Pre-order available

Motorola Quench / £ – TBA / Pre-order available

£-TBA = Price to be announced

As you can see some have not been given an price or release date yet so keep an eye out!  You’ll be glad to hear their all sim-free and unlocked! oh yeah – did I mention they ship internationally as well? Yep, that means anyone outside the UK can enjoy this treat too!

[Via eXpansys]

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  1. I want something along the lines of the Nexus, but with a keyboard!!!! PLEASE!

  2. Why does the USA have to wait so long to get these phones! And when they do, why do they get released on inferior networks like AT&T, tmoble and sprint! Superior phones should run on superior networks…. VERIZON! It’s like buying a top of the line TV and connecting it to rabbit ear antenas.

  3. @Salvador – Why spit out such ignorance? Verizon is definitely one of the biggest networks, but it doesn’t mean they’re superior for everyone. Maybe for some in some areas, but I was with them for a number of years and switched to T-Mobile and have not looked back. I pay almost HALF what I would for service if I were still with Verizon and Vonage (have digital home phone with TMO for $5/mo) with perfectly fine coverage and FAR superior customer service than Verizon ever gave me. I’m not saying TMO is Superior, or that Verizon was inferior as I was happy with them, but simply I don’t think my service is inferior and I pay a lot less money. Win-win for me.

  4. Question… If I purchase a Unlocked version of HTC Desire will I be able to upgrade the Android software to a newer version if it ever becomes available? or because the software upgrades are released through a cell phone carriers and since the phone is not under their contract I will be stuck with the OS version for the life of the phone?

    Any ideas?

  5. @jer. Cause tmobile sucks @ss and I am entitled to my opinion. It’s feels good to be American. I carry a tmobile for work along with my Verizon and I can compare them side by side.

  6. Hey im from Australia and the Sony ericsson xperia x2 isnt out here yet and i want it so im thinking of buying it off expansys. i have never used them before are they legit? and can i use that phone in Australia on 3?

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