FREE HTC Desire On Orange UK Starting April


orange-logoTake the Nexus One, make some minor style/spec adjustments, put it on Orange UK and sign a service contract and what do you have? A FREE PHONE! That’s right: Orange UK just issued a press release stating that, starting in April, they’ll be offering the HTC Desire for free on contracts with certain monthly price plans.

The press release also lists the HTC Desire as an “Orange Signature Device” and I’m wondering if that indicates a certain level of exclusivity… or what the deal is there. In any case, check out the press release and then try to remain calm until April.

Orange UK continues its Android rollout with the HTC Desire

  • Orange to retail the HTC Desire free on selected consumer pay monthly and business price plans from April
  • The HTC Desire will feature Qualcommm’s superfast Snapdragon 1GHz processor and Google’s Android 2.1 Operating System
  • An Orange Signature device, The HTC Desire is the first of several Android handsets to be unveiled by Orange in 2010

Orange today announced it will be launching the much anticipated HTC Desire, the next Android device to be ranged by Orange in the UK. Available this spring across all Orange consumer retail and business channels, the HTC Desire will be free on selected consumer pay monthly and business price plans.

Offering a rich, intuitive browsing touch interface and premium design, the 3G+ enabled Desire is the latest device to feature Google’s 2.1 Android operating system, allowing users unrestricted access to thousands of amazing tools and applications which can be downloaded straight to the handset.

Created for those wanting an optimised mobile customer experience, the Desire comes equipped for users to make the most out of the internet. The device features the superfast Qualcomm Snapdragon 1GHz processor and as part of Orange’s Signature range, users will be able to access great Orange services direct from the home screen, including Orange’s own sat-nav product, Orange Maps, as well as Orange TV, Photography, Games and Orange Windows Live.

The Desire also comes with a choice of specially designed unique user interface options courtesy of HTC Sense and an integrated five mega-pixel, auto-focus camera featuring camcorder capability, a gravity sensor, A-GPS, a digital compass and 512 MB of memory with space for a 32Gb MicroSD card. What’s more, the 3.7 inch WVGA capacitive display features anti-fingerprint screen coating for improved smudge resistance and a longer lasting, clearer display.

Orange will be offering the HTC Desire for free to customers on selected pay monthly price plans.

Francois Mahieu, Director of Devices, Orange UK said, “We’re really pleased to be working with HTC to bring the latest Android 2.1 device to market. The Desire is a truly powerful handset which will allow consumers to get to grips with all the things they love about the internet.”

The HTC Desire will be available from Orange shops and www.orange.co.uk/shop in April 2010.

I can’t believe such an amazing phone would be free – anyone venture to guess the requirements to meet this free threshold?

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  1. It will be a £35/40 18/25 month contract :/

  2. In Europe this is nothing new. You can get almost any smartphone (including iPhone, HTC Hero, HTC HD2 etc.) for free on a two year contract from 30 euro/pounds p/m and up. that’s about 40 dollar p/m.

  3. Why are they ignoring North America?!

  4. As Peter says, you can get just about anything for free on a contract if you pay enough. I could get an N900 tomorrow for zilch if I was willing to fork out £40 pcm. If you sign up for an expensive contract and don’t take a super-fancy phone as a gift they’ll send you home with a games console or some free cash, even.

  5. At last something first comes to Europe before America.

    Regarding the “sensation” of having a free smartphone, read comment #2 ;)

    It’s just a common practice…

  6. Mobile phones are always free in the UK at a certain monthly cost. Normally £35 a month (18/24 month contract) for a decent phone. I managed to get the HTC Hero at release for free on a £25 per month contact (18 months).

  7. I’m thinking roughly the same as the Hero – I got mine on Orange for what should’ve been £35 a month for 18 months, but it turned out it’s actually £40 a month.

    But still, £40 a month, unlimited texts, 300 minutes, 500mb of internet usage. Not bad for a phone of this quality!

  8. Yeah, why is it so difficult for People in the US to understand this. Most phones in the UK/Europe are free with an 18 Month contract. We had the same AMAZED stories when the G1 was released.

  9. Yes free tones on contract. And sometimes you can haggle cheaper deals or after six months get £5. off. HTC Desire is also coming to T-Mobile in April.

  10. I’m moving to Europe. Here in Canada, our providers make us sign 3-year contracts to get any kind of reasonable (?) subsidized pricing… and it`s never free unless you want some starter flip-phone. We`re way behind up here… really sucks.

  11. Is there any chance this phone has the Live Wallpaper.I hope it does

  12. I have waited for this for a long time, ave been on a simm only contract with orange for ages now, bring on the Desire cos its what i desire!!!!!

  13. At present although the fact that orange is getting the HTC Desire is on their press site their customer service/upgrade lines only has stock info until March (although this will change next month).

    I was told the next phones they are getting are

    Nokia X6 16GB Nah!
    Nokia 5230 Nah!
    SE Vivaz Nah!

  14. Head on over to http://www.desirehtc.com/ and you will see that you can pre-order from all the major UK networks, maybe it’ll show other countries too.

  15. The Desire will hit the US in January of 2011 on the heels of the next great Android smartphone to be released in Europe, and we’ll get charged through the nose like it’s cutting edge technology. The only mobile markets worse off than here are third world countries. Europe, Asia, and anyone else who uses the 900/2100MHz UMTS bands are 5 steps ahead of the US. I hope LTE technology levels the field worldwide.


  17. gwgwgw – Calm down and act your age, not your shoe size. If you had even the sense of a bunny rabbit you would know that they do not believe it is free, but is paid for within the contract. To US customers though, our pricing plans here in the UK seem like they ARE giving it away for free by comparison.

  18. @gwgwgw. Honestly just chill out. I thought it was a pretty interesting that it’s been adopted so quickly by the UK networks, and seeing as expansys has the handset down at £439 sim-free including it in a contract is a pretty good deal compared to elsewhere. You shouldn’t get so pissy over an article anyway, and rather than “killing the writer” perhaps you should just stop reading the site if it frustrates you so much.

  19. hey all you guys out their paying £40 for a contract, you need to stop??? no lie, i pay £20 for 1200, min unlimited landlines, 1500 text and 500mb internet with orange. and i have been promised the new htc desire when it finally arrives?????? its simple, when you are due an upgrade dont take it, ask instead for better contract terms? think about it, you will be saving the phone company £400, so they will have a lot of movement with the price, around half. after the the 12 months you will be allowed any phone and you get to keep your lower price contract? clever eh? but it does mean no upgrade for 1 year

  20. oh ps. you need to speak to retentions as they are the only ones who can autherize such contracts? good kuck every one

  21. What’s with the Orange Maps? One reason I want to switch to Android is so I can use Google Maps for turn-by-turn navigation. No need for any special Orange apps here. Looks like it even costs extra if you want to use it (unless you pay silly GBP per month)

  22. Spoke to Orange today and apparantely the phone isnt available and isnt even showing on their coming soon lists internally. Could be as much as 2 months away!??!

  23. just called orange. they have the desire in stock and i’ve just ordered one!!

  24. Take care! Orange removed Google talk from the phone. I felt deeply disappointed with that, I was expecting to get a new COMPLETE phone, not whatever they want to give me. =(

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