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logo_2010-Super-BowlThis year’s SuperBowl had a few ads very relevant to phone lovers and Android lovers specifically. But since the SuperBowl is all about ads (and football), we thought we would embed this neat little HULU widget that allows you to watch every single advertisement shown during the big game!

Included of course are the Motorola Devour Ad, Google Search Ad, and Boost Mobile:

I was pretty disappointed by the commercials this year. Dorito had a couple goods ones early on… but then I started wondering how/why they spent so much money on the SuperBowl once the fifteenth ad aired. The Google Advertisement was pretty good… although I’m still a bit surprised they had one in the first place. I would have like to see some sort of “in game” sponsorship where, when they mention stats or information on a player, they say – “We Googled it and” etc…

What was your favorite commercial?

PS: Thoughts on the Motorola commercial are coming up in the next article!

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  1. HATED the Audi commercial with the “green police.” Too close to what will probably some day happen with the “progressives” in charge!!!!

  2. HULU cannot be used outside USA. So… no luck for us..

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