Motorola Devour Ad, Coming February 25th?


I was happy to see Megan Fox in a tub during the Motorola SuperBowl advertisement – trust me I was. But overall I was disappointed in the ad and I’ll tell you why after you watch:

Overall the ad was good. Hot celebrity. Funny approach/integration. But why would Motorola show a BRAND NEW PHONE and not even mention the name? Why would MOTOBLUR be the “product” they are trying to sell/push? If you ask me… it’s just confusing to consumers, not to mention it isn’t magnetic.

If I were directing this ad campaign I would have had Megan Fox mention the phone she was holding was the Motorola Devour instead of saying “He” and at the end I would have showcased all of the phones with MotoBlur. Just have each fly by for 1 second and use 5 seconds… still with the “Motorola.com” at the bottom, with the phone and phone names flying across the screen.

I don’t know – I just feel like Motorola spent a few million dollars and didn’t sell anything. I get the idea of “branding” and I know they’re big on MotoBlur but I feel like they could have better showcased their portfolio and explained that ALL these phones had MOTOBLUR.

What did you think about the Ad?

Oh yeah… PhoneArena is reporting the phone will launch on February 25th for “indirect channels” and in all sales channels no later than March 15th. That’s just an anonymous tip but since Verizon and Motorola have already made it official, right around the corner is a good timeframe guess.

PS: I like how PhoneArena said “too bad it doesn’t come bundled with Megan Fox.” We were all thinking the same darn thing.


Rob Jackson
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  1. In my honest marketing opinion I believe that their branding message would be a lot stronger if Megan Fox used the Motorola Devour as a vibrator. For example, someone calls her, she notices the phone is vibrating, she sticks it up her snatch.. GOLD! 5 MILLION DEVOURS SOLD ON OPENING DAY!

  2. ^ Oh yeah, that would go over well in a country which basically came to a halt after Janet Jackson flashed a half-boob.

  3. @Marvin
    You underestimate the power of the snatch. It’s not looked upon the same way as a boob here in the states. A snatch is much more respected on our airwaves.

  4. @jo high five

    they don’t have to show the snatch, just make it known where she’s putting the phone, like an implied snatch

  5. ugh, megan fox is so gross.

  6. Megan fox is hot, but that commercial totally sucked. they didnt showcase any thing about blur that make people want the phone and it didnt even say the name so how will the average consumer know what to buy? i realize blur phones are on multiple networks so thats why they didnt specify devour or show it was a verizon phone.But like rob said they could have flashed all the blur phones and at the end of the commercial showed all the network emblems that have them.

  7. 1) Blur is not a good thing. It is CRIPPLEWARE.
    2) The reason why the jackson-flash went over badly was because it was UGLY!!!

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