Nov 11th, 2009

As reported last week here on Phandroid we had gotten word of another Android Powered device set to launch on Verizon’s network. We were able to bring you some basic pictures and specs then, now we can not only give you some much better pictures but some actual hands-on videos.

Video from Phone Scoop

As you can see, the device is THICK and it has A LOT of buttons on the sides, but outside of that I am intrigued by this device. Why? Because the keyboard looks absolutely fantastic, the screen is right on par with the Moto Droid (which is very nice) and has other features that really excite me…

For those of you too lazy to watch the video – or simply cant at work – let me break down the two coolest features discussed in the video:

#1 – Video Calling. Now, I am holding my breath here a bit until I get to actually see it on the device, but the Saygus representative was VERY confident in the product and that has me excited.

#2 – You can use the Saygus Vphone V1 as a wireless access point/router. The actual specifics aren’t broken down yet but the actual capability is fantastic.

The final point made in the video is a potential price plan – $400 retail and $150 with a contract. When compared to other Android Devices the $150 price point is very competitive.

In conclusion, I can say confidently that the VPhone has me excited – I wont brand it a total game changer yet, but it has the features to help propel it to the top of its class as no other device currently being offered teams the 480 X 800 Display with what appears to be the best in class keyboard, wireless access/router ability and finally video calling. You may have to sacrifice some “Sexiness” but you may get more bang for your buck.

[Phone ScoopTalk Android]

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